“It’s a creative topic. I’m sure others will write. Not sure, how good I’ll be with this…”

“I will most definitely write for this topic…. Tomorrow night I will send… Love this topic…. BTW”

These were the two messages I received from two of my co-writers in the beginning of this week when we just started to discuss on the topic “Hobbies”.  Both of them didn’t write this week. 😉

“Why are you capturing these pictures… what’s the use of it?” Somebody commented while I was eagerly trying to take some pictures.

One of my sisters said the other day, “Yes Dada, I carry my camera wherever I go… .” And I told her that I do the same as well because that’s my passion, my hobby. 

Do you see the contrast in the statements above? Some people like photography and some don’t, for those who aren’t interested, it may look like madness ….

We are very much bored, much stressed during the weekdays and the very moment we find some time, our hearts point us to something we would love doing. Painting, singing, reading, sports, talking or just sitting alone in solitude.

Whatever it is, a hobby is something we feel good doing , that gives us pleasure, keeps us happy and engrossed.

Hobbies actually don’t require so much of our creativity, but our interest to flourish them and to satisfy us only. You don’t need motivation or someone else directing you to get into a hobby.

The web definition of hobby is – 

“A hobby is a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one’s leisure time.”

Currently, being a smart phone holder I love to capture really anything that catches my eyes. I love photography and capture amateurishly.

So today on the last day of this week I would like to share some of my amateurish photographs with little insights to each of them instead of an official “FINAL NOTE.”

1. PEACEFUL: Look at the goats… WOW! I know we can’t sleep like this but at least stay peacefully with each other…right???


2. NO WORRIES: We were on our way to a village in West Bengal and I captured these two girls, going hand in hand to their schools… They walk long everyday, alone yet without even worrying a bit. 

 No Worries

3. PATHETIC: This picture makes me feel so pathetic and ashamed. Look at her age. She should be playing with her grand children but no she didn’t have that opportunity. She is earning her bread even at this age.


4. DELIGHT: That word is really absent in today’s world… Just look at the kid and the way she smiles… She was so happy to be part of the drama. 


5. CALM: This is one of my favorite capture. When I captured this sun I didn’t close my eyes or felt difficult to look at it. If a blazing sun can be this calm at sometimes then why can’t we? Not sometimes but always calms in every situations… Difficult doing than saying though.


6. ROMANTIC: This one is my personal favorite. If I look at both the Moon and the tree I feel there are two lovers talking with each other hiding from all. 



All these unusual pictures that I have captured are very precious to me and amuse me whenever I see them. A beautiful hobby to adopt.

Keep searching what interests you and work on it. You will never be bored again.

Stay blessed!!! 


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