As I took a look at my trophies, I put my hands up in despair. They had lost the luster. They were no longer the glittering trophies I had once been proud to put on display. I realized my old cleaning method would be to no good this time. Better to discard them all!

Before actually discarding them off, I browsed online for any guaranteed cleansing procedure. I picked out one of the methods to see whether it would work out or not. I started the experimentation. Lo! Behold! The shine was back again in minutes! And, I had categorized it as junk just a while before….

I was so happy. My trophies are back on display!!

I learned an important spiritual lesson from this episode.

Often as we look at our lives, we see how dirty we actually are. Our façade of goodness vanishes the moment we measure ourselves to God’s standards. There seems to be no hope. We feel like giving up. All seem to be lost.

However, God doesn’t give up on us!

He uses different procedures to clean us. Sometimes He treats us through narrow pathways, at times He permits us to experience pain and at times He takes us through strange alleys. But, He never gives up till we shine again! And after the cleansing process is over, we come out glittering again. God doesn’t render us useless and discards us all together. He continues to chisel us and polish us.

I was so grateful to God for teaching me this life lesson through a menial task.

No matter how low we fall in our life circumstances, the Almighty’s polishing hand is sufficient to transform us!