From times immemorial Man has been working blood and sweat to accomplish goals and objectives. These goals and objectives are specific in nature for each individual and general in other cases. We all try to put in our efforts each day regardless of the overpowering changes in our surroundings to achieve the desired purpose of action. In a nutshell, I have observed none of us contribute any less to our society. You may agree with me when I say that the course to the finish line is a rugged one. Hurdles and obstacles stand in our way day by day to make our journey difficult. These inflict pain and cause stress which decelerates our undertakings. We get de-motivated.

One such notable hurdle is the constant clamour of pessimistic people who try to hinder our activities in every way possible. We find these beings everywhere. In our social life, our professional sphere, personal space and anywhere else where we step into. These people are characterised by an air of acute cynicism constantly disparaging or distrusting motives of others. But today I’m not going to discuss pessimistic people as we all are aware of their existence in our lives. What I want to offer as a piece of proposition is how to put to rest the words darting out of The Cynics.

‘Actions speak louder than words’. The best possible way is to work your way in Silence to Silence the clamour. We have been made aware of this proverb innumerable times in life. When you want to take up a new venture you get discouraging words from people to not try out a new thing. When you suggest a solution to your Boss regarding a problem you are encountered with shortcomings of your solutions by your colleagues. Sometimes your goodness and diligence is overlooked as people are busy trying to pinpoint your glitches in work. Sometimes people care for unnecessary details and you are derailed from your path because of it. There can be many such instances. But how are we treating these entrapments is the real deal.

When I had got my first opportunity of performing on-stage, there were people who thought I was incompetent at this particular form of dance. I was conceived of a conventional person and less flexible. I was laughed at in class and also overheard that I was not meant for this. But that did not stop me. I listened and used the words for my benefit. Gradually I learnt and lived the art form, gave performances and am still continuing with it. Similarly, in the B.Ed. course I was told I was not fit to be a teacher regarding some unnecessary glitches yet I worked my way in silence and bagged wonderful comments during classroom teaching practice. I was also complimented to be a diligent worker. However, some people will continue to find faults even if you give your 100% as that is in their being. The words may wear away but action never fades. Actions shout out loud establishing your worth as a person in this world that thrusts its slanderous attack on you at the drop of a hat.

So, work persistently, being oblivious to unnecessary blabbering, bitching, and hurly-burly and put a silence to the doubts that hinder your success.