Isn’t it so crazy! When someone asks us about our schooling, we proudly say the name of our school. But have we ever spoke about the name of that school in which we get admission on the day we are born and are graduated at the time of our death? The name of that school is “THE SCHOOL OF LIFE”

As a student of this school, I have learned the most effective formula that is – “L 3 which means “Life’s – Lessons – Learned”. Yes, the day I started recognizing things/people the formula of “L 3was automatically generated for me.

Till today this formula helps me to grow better and greater in life. Many times I enjoyed this formula & many times I also complained. The reality is ‘this formula might forsake me but will never leave me’. In my journey of 27 years with this formula I always go through “A CLASS”; “A LESSON” & “AN EXAMINATION”, which always appears with new make-over & with life-time validity. I experienced the magic of formula “L 3in 3 places;

— Endless Classes: In the School of Life, every second appears with some other classes. And in every class we learn new lessons. Learning lessons in life goes continuous & we cannot be reluctant to it. It’s not like when we are too serious life teaches us lessons. Life also teaches us lessons when we have some cool moments.

2yrs back I went to a shop with my 5yr old niece to buy Kinder joy & in return I gave ten rupees note to the shopkeeper. Both the shopkeeper and my niece were staring at me with a surprised look on their face, my neice was smiling as well which told me that I have done something wrong. Then the shopkeeper smiled & said, Bhai, Kinder joy cost is Rs. 35/-

My niece didn’t utter a word but with her look she said, my chocolate cost is not rs. 10/- Later, I realized that this cool moment taught me a beautiful lesson – “Don’t underestimate kids. They know something which you didn’t know.”

— Pesky Lessons: There is a famous quote, which says this;

“Sometimes you must get hurt in order to know,

fall in order to grow,

lose in order to gain,

because most of the life’s greatest lessons are learnt through pain”

That’s true indeed! As a student of Life we always learn lessons and most of them are pesky. Life never says that we will learn lessons in ease & quite, it is only our mere blur imagination. Without a rigorous cutting a diamond cannot come into shape. Without a fiery experience a gold ring cannot come to market. Exactly like that, we human beings have to go through some pesky lessons in the school of life. Because we human beings are imperfect by birth, imperfect by nature, imperfect by thought & also lives in an imperfect planet. We always persuade to be perfect & God also desires us to be perfect as He is perfect. In order to go from Imperfection to Perfection we have to go through pesky lessons in life.

— Unwanted Examination: Like our formal educational standards, in the school of life we have to go through examination for a promotion in life’s experiences. Since my childhood examination is always the most unlikeable part of my learning and I know you will also agree with this. But the difference in examination between our formal education standards versus the School of Life is; fail in the formal education standard never gives you promotion but in the School of Life fail in the examination also gives promotion. It might not be virtual/tangible but it is experiential.

When I was child, I use to complain to my Mama when I feel hungry.

I used to tell her, don’t you know I am hungry!

Sometimes I tell God, how that would be if I won’t feel hungry!

In the last 6yrs on the road of many journey I did by examining to survive with hunger due to various reasons.

But as I passed the examination of surviving in hunger, I learned how to survive in hunger & how painful it is for them who are striving for food every day. Examination in the School of Life is Unwanted for us but it’s needful to experience.

Finally, the Endless Classes; Pesky Lessons & Unwanted Examinations in the School of Life can be attainable when they are dealt from the formula “L 3. Then only we can grow from Imperfection-Experience-Maturity-Perfection.


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s snippet!