I experience comfort when,
I yearn for the place of my own,
I feel the warm,
of being grabbed in my mother’s arm.

The place where memories are established,
and dreams are never defeated,
The place where each other connects through a chain,
with love, care and affection.

The feeling of home is a blessing,
where an unconditional blanket of love acts as surrounding,
The feeling of home is like returning back to comfort zone,
when the world seems to be alone.

Staying away from my parents in a distant land,
I am unable to hold their hands,
No matter how much my heart aches in staying apart,
I”ll always embrace you in my heart.


Being a 90’s kid, I am fortunate enough to have spent those incredible times in the past. Now as I walk down the memory lane, I wish I could encounter a time machine to travel to those memorable days over and above. The topic “Nostalgia” has taken hold of back to that era.

There are lots of points to talk over on this particular matter. The most salient points which trigger my mind are:

  1. Telephone – Yes you heard it right, it’s telephone. Back in that decade we used to have a telephone of various colors which used to consist  of number keys and contained a spiral cord connecting with the receiver. We used to sit or maybe stand at a certain place and then speak with the person calling from the other side.
  2. Black and White Television – Yes, the black and white television used to add color to our life. Watching songs, movies, and other stuff in ‘Doordarshan’ with family was the best source of entertainment of our times. Staying away from my parents in a distant land made my heart full of nostalgia.
  3. Greeting cards – Yes, greeting cards. Do you remember creating hand-crafted greeting cards for birthdays, Christmas, new year, and so on used to feel so special? Nowadays, delivering a short message cannot be as special as it used to be. We felt joy in collecting and counting the number of cards each and every year.
  4. Playing Ludo : Don’t you find it boring to play Ludo on a smartphone? If you ask me then, oh definitely. I would love to play ludo manually instead. It’s so much fun looking at the expressions of everyone while playing. 

What to count and what not to. There are several points that are approaching my mind. Going to schools and tuition to study used to be far more fascinating than studying online. Going outdoors and playing any kind of sports was much more fascinating than playing PUBG. Buying cassettes to listen to songs on the radio used to feel so captivating. It sounds like such an interesting time. Isn’t it? 

“It’s not about old vs new, it’s about which feels better.”

I wish I could revert back to the retro world and start living once again.


We see things the way our mind have
instructed our eyes to see.

Muhammad Yunus

To achieve heights in life, we need to carry out smart work. The smart work leads to right mindset and the right mindset is the key to success. As we all believe inner thought is the foundation of success, so success can only be achieved if our inner mind shapes our skills well.

Some people believe success can develop through hard work. When I were in school I used to think alike. As I grew up, slowly and steadily life taught me that success is all about smart work and then hard work. Undoubtedly, hard work is essential for growth but only hard work won’t draw to success zone.

First of all, you require to fabricate your mind. If you won there, then you have already travelled halfway success. Mind games play a vital role in desiring success. The negative thoughts will try to diminish your belief and thoughts as negativity act like silent killers to success. All you need to discard them with positive approach and it will surely lead you boosting your confidence. Successful people don’t implement discrete activity, they function in a different fashion.

This escorts me to the tagline of TAG Heuer, “Success. It’s a mind game”. This ad inspired me the most as it focuses on the sportsmen’s spirit and the fear that going through their mind in the Olympics,1995. Though TAG Heuer progressed to a better tagline in 1998 but “Success. It’s a mind game” is the most memorable and popular one. Successful people only mould the world by leading the crowd rather than standing in the crowd.

As said by Swami Vivekananda, “Take risks in life. If you win, you can lead and if you fail, you can guide”.

By Deena Bhattacharjee


The snow has put autumn to sleep
luring people to the
shop of antiques
to greet the Christmas’s bliss
bidding adieu to
autumn departing in divine abyss
as if a pleasure to remember
that comes with each December
Gathers a choir of red Robin
sitting on the dusty hemlocks
singing a mystical winter song
While the flock of Bohemian
teases the pansies and willows
spread across the snow banks
for trespassing their winsome land
A gem of a nature
for some an unwanted stranger
A muse to the lost
amidst the snow frost
A shroud for the dead,
while a scenery for the painter ahead.

Saniya Firdaus


Once in a blue moon
Once in a blue moon,
I find myself with his sweet and sour memories,
Which gives me a little pain but a great pleasure,
When I want to keep it forever,
It becomes null and void thereafter.

Once in a blue moon,
I think about my childhood
Why there was no desire,
Only existed pleasure and pleasure.
When I want to fill myself as a child,
Everything nowadays goes wild.

Once in a blue moon,
I search for the radiance of my soul,
Which is a part and parcel of my body as a whole.
When I want to feel its presence,
Everytime I confront with the lovely imbalance.

For once in a blue moon
I want my ambitions to be fulfilled,
For once in a blue moon
Uniqueness occupies my mind
And subject me in a softer wind.

Lopamudra Pal

Lopamudra Pal is professionally working as a teacher. She is an enthusiastic writer, painter and vlogger. She loves to spend time in nature and with her family. She is always open to new and creative stuff. Reach out to her on Instagram, HERE.


Earth, a divine fragmentary
astronomical object with a leap year in February
comprises of lakes and valleys
testifying the bloody war of glories
flowering fields with past miserable stories
swirling wind, swaying trees, running streams
reminding Newton’s monotonous theories.

Mind is a fecund location
where thoughts drizzle with temptation
but there’s a strange sensation
of escaping to a new world, a new destination
unescorted by manipulation and discrimination
just a modish world of fascination
against all accusations and suppositions.

In a utopian world full of ease
where perfection will be at its peak
with no hovels, just perfect mansions
nice and unique
only new moments, memories and happiness to seek
So, let’s imagine peace where doom will be at our services without displease.

Far from reality
a planet undefined
a place with no science,
no secret grand design
just an appetency of mine
due to barbarity of time
A new Planet, a new music, a new shrine.
Planet Gaia, would be its name
a flawless dwelling for human kind.
It’s a dream that I see
every day, every night and every time.

Saniya Firdaus

Saniya Firdaus is an intern in a Software Company, but as far as her passion is concerned she dreams of becoming an author, a poet, a limitless bird. Reach out to her on Instagram, HERE.


Hey stop! You don’t know that you’re a girl.
You cannot fight,
fighting back is not your right.
You cannot raise up your voice,
as the society has not given you the choice.
Though you’re born and brought up in a shell,
yet the society will never listen to your yell.
The dress code you wear,
sends a monster within to plunge into the depths and stare.
The way you speak,
seems to be the advantage of being so weak.
If you move with a ‘un tatouage’ and ‘rouge sang’ lipstick,
‘Look! she is characterless’, according to society’s strategy and tactics.
Not only you, many are out there, who are probably so scared.
This is how society slams girl’s character blindly through their vision,
by pouring artesia drugs instead of anesthesia like a poison.
Whether it’s temple, road, bus or even house,
the act of enormity for women have no pause.
Whether she is on her monthly cycle or normal days,
they tries to attack her in several ways.
Men full of lust desperate enough to grab and force on God’s creation,
by making her the victim of vexation.
By making her a mere toy,
they uses her for joy.
Her consent get scatters,
and her pleas doesn’t matters.
She feels them as masters,
powerful enough to give their orders.
Being someone’s son, father and brother,
they outrage her instead of being their protector.
Without shyness they perform so disgraceful activity,
by making their mother’s existence  filthy.

Don’t be a victim of your fear and soulful cries,
rather develop your faith and trust to arise.
Lift your arms more,
save yourself and learn to fight to endure.
Educate yourself as knowledge only delivers light,
it’s time to stand up and fight for your rights.

Deena Bhattacharjee

Deena Bhattacharjee, a 23-year old Bengali girl is born and brought up in Jamshedpur famously known as Steel City. She has done Masters in Chemistry from Central University of Jharkhand and presently involves in writing. She is the author of the book, “The Soulful Words“. You can contact her on Instagram – HERE.