When I joined the WhatsApp group there was a huge discussion on ‘Sholay’ going on and I was a surprised yet a silent spectator. Next day they were sharing pictures of all sorts of delicious food. Laughing and teasing each other. Writers were supposed to be the serious intellectual types. Right? But here everyone seems almost normal, I mean quite similar to me!

longscreenshot_2017-01-31-12-13-08Yes these were my first thoughts when I joined the Candles Online group. I was almost afraid to say something lest I look like a fool among all the scholarly kinds. I only knew them from the articles they had written. Some of these articles had profound meaningful thoughts, others had a solid backing of research and huge data.  How could I ever match up to them?

But as I got to know everyone I realised how wrong I was. These were such beautiful souls handpicked by Chiradeep, who never judged anyone. I was accepted whole heartedly into the group. Each and every member is so emotionally enriched, some of them have conquered huge personal tragedies and made a place for themselves in their domain. A motley group of varied age groups, diverse backgrounds, spread across the globe with a common aim – To churn out motivating, heart touching or rather life altering articles week after week.

Being a part of this group has given a new meaning to my life. Every week’s topic gives a new leash of life to my thought process. The way Chiradeep creates a healthy competition among us by ‘popular votes’ or ‘most viewed articles’ makes this whole process even more exciting. Each and every like and comment on my article puts me on cloud nine. So far the journey has been beautiful and I am sure it will be even better in the future. Thankyou fellow Candelians, you are my friends for life.

When we were kids and growing up in our native places life was very different. Festivals had a significance when the whole family used to get together and celebrate. We have memories of our childhood of various rituals and celebrations in each festivals. But now that we have moved away from our home town and living in nuclear families. We are so caught up in our routines that the sparkle in our celebrations has dimmed. I thought we were depriving our kids of some beautiful experiences and memories. With this thought in mind a few of our society members came together and formed a cultural committee. We started very small but slowly and steadily we grew. Now we are organising 10-15 events in a year ranging from the national holidays to the festivals lohri, Pongal, Navratri, holi, Diwali, Christmas, dahi handi, Ganpati etc. and also fun fair and sports events in the society premises itself. And our children get first-hand experience of how some of the major festivals of India are celebrated.

This PPCC group is like a family now. Sometimes we are haggling with the vendors for best price, at other times we are covering up for some last minute goof ups, collecting money from residents, arranging the catering, games, entertainers overall it’s an exhilarating experience.   We all are juggling this hobby along with our family and work responsibilities. What bring us together is the fun we have in the whole process. We laugh together, we fight and get upset too, we face criticism together. But nothing beats the adrenaline rush before the event is about to start and the immense satisfaction of a job well done after all the hullabaloo is over. Jhumur, Ritu, Krishna, Rajshree, Venkat, Ramesh, Riddhi, Sapna, Sushantu and Shubhomoy thanks for getting together and giving me a sense of purpose.


There are some people who are still such an important part of my life and they have been important since years now. These are the people I have bunked classes with, had samosas in the canteen, sang songs, and did crazy things in the name of combined studies. These are the people who know me more than me – because they have seen me fall, rise and grow over the years. These people are my “Friends forever”

And I told him “I miss being your friend! Can we also be friends?”

He agreed “Yes, we can and we should. We are friends first and spouses later”

I married my college sweetheart. Well, it wasn’t really all that sweet. We hated each other, fought with each other, cursed each other and finally fell in love with each other. Love was possible because all throughout the hatred, fights and curses – there was a little devil called Friendship existing somewhere deep inside which made us care for each other.

Over the years of marriage (almost 7 now) which was preceded with a long distance relationship – the friendship reduced over time. And it takes a lot to revive the old friendship – it is not impossible though.

Even though I value my husband a lot – I value the friend in him even more.

 “I love you both so much” I said and hugged them both.

These two people had just admitted their love for each other. Over the months of phone calls and late night talks – they finally accepted it. What was in future for them? Nobody knew at that point of time. But I was happy for both of them. After all, she is my sister – Preeta Bhatnagar and he is one of my best friends – Anuj Bhatnagar

Few years later, they both got happily married and now they have their two little cute sons. I so wish that they relocate to Bangalore. I will have my best friends living close to me.

While Preeta knows me as a little sister since childhood, Anuj knew me as a close friend in college. Well, what else can I ask for, when my family has my best friends?

 “I think it has been 15 years. No.. Wait, I think more than that”

“Anyways, I have stopped counting the years now. It doesn’t really matter”

Yes, we stopped counting the years because people usually got surprised when we told them that we have been friends for more than 15 years now. Not just – stay in touch friends, but real friends. There is nothing absolutely, nothing under the sun that I cannot tell her. She has been there with me through thick and thin. We have had our own share of bad times but we never stopped trusting each other.

My heart melted when she prayed for me every time I struggled in life. My BFF she is since we were 13 – Hina Tandon Kapoor. Now she is in US and I miss her so much.

“I am so used to living with you; I don’t know how we will live with our respective husbands”

And she just gave me a funny smile as though I just told her a joke. It was the year 2010, when I was preparing for my marriage. I had been living with two of my college friends since last 7 years. First 3 years in college as hostel room-mates and then next 4 years in Bangalore while working together.

She is the quietest of all and has been there for me since ever. She has seen me in my struggles and supported me endlessly. Nirmala Goswami Sachan is her name and I miss her terribly now since she is happily settled in US.


I thought our friendship will go hazy after marriage, but I guess it’s not easy to divest yourself of this kind of friendship. We make several friends throughout our lives, some come and go, some lose touch, some fade away as we grow older, but friends like these are a gift from above. No, I am not talking about the best friends we make, but I am pointing the ones which are in the family. And, I am particularly talking about the beautiful relationship – sisterhood.

“For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather;

To cheer one on the tedious way;

To fetch one if one goes astray;

To lift one if one totters down;

To strengthen whilst one stands.”

        -Christina Rossetti

I am fortunate to have my cousin sisters Kuljeet and Prabhjot as my best friends. Since childhood, we were just ‘the inseparables’. Since we were in different cities, we used to eagerly wait for vacations and festive holidays, to be able to spend time with each other. I even used to cry whenever it was the time to bid them adieu.

Our endless talks over our crushes, most awaited photoshoots (in the era of non-digital cameras), under-the-quilt ludo games, last-minute make-up fights over the mirror, secret trips to movie halls, singing sessions…the memory list just fills the heart with joy, making me as nostalgic as ever.

After Kuljeet got married, our trio group was reduced to duo, because we used to meet once a year and there were no smart phones with messenger applications. Our lives got busier, and I was supposed to get married the next. As I chose love over arranged marriage, there was a lot of hullabaloo in the family. My sisters too had to give in to the family pressure, asking me to reconsider my decision, though I did not. Similarly, at the time of Prabhjot’s choice of husband, we were giving her lectures. I thought, “This is it. Our lives are going to change now and probably we are not going to be the same old best of friends”.

But, as I stated above, even if the circumstances set you on odd lines, friends like sisters find a way to get even. After so many years, even after having our kiddos, we are the best of friends, because it is the ‘family ties’ after all! No matter how hard you try, your sisters are able to sense that something is certainly wrong with you and they are always there for you, pampering with their love.

We fight and we tease each other

We laugh and we dance together

With tears and hugs, our love is inevitable

Because we are the inseparables!


It was a superb 14 days journey for all of us, the authors and the readers. I personally enjoyed these two weeks reading and commenting. My co-authors have come out with such fabulous articles that we received a lot of feedback as well.

Let’s revisit all the articles one by one as I evaluate all with the little wisdom that I possess. 😉

Aastha – How do we perceive ourselves? Do we really know the real we? Knowing our own selves is really very important for us to live a purposeful life. And Aastha wrote it beautifully. A truly inspiring piece it was.

Kalpana – The policies formulated by any government of any country would only be successful if it is ably supported and accepted by the citizens of that country.  She also gave two very apt illustrations as witnessed by her in real to support her motivational call for all of us.

Prabhjot – “Think big and choose bigger problems.” What an eye opener it was? It changed my perspective as it did change others as well.

RajnandiniTrust me, it’s a joy to rediscover the child within you.  And she was right. Actually it is so important to find the child in us to have a fruitful and meaningful life.

Ruth – Her introspection throws a light in the darkness of this world when she said, “The spiritual gifts of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, KINDNESS, PATIENCE, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS, SELF-CONTROL is what God wanted me to cultivate.”

Saakshi – “I can proudly say I am Shopping Free.” Her confession of how she got rid of the shopping addiction was hilarious and quite interesting.

Thaddeus – His conclusion speaks everything about what he intended to convey: “May each reader be inspired to value their loved ones enough to share the truth and to discern when to withhold it.” Unless we discern and distinguish between the falsehood and the truth and understand the skill to present the truth then we will fail in our avenues.

Preeta – “Inspirations are everywhere around us, we just need to come out of our shells.” Somehow this has become my favourite line for complimenting beauties around me… 😉 But she made her presence felt on the stats of this site. It was one of the most inspiring articles of the week. 

Aparna – “Go beyond what is expected of you and create the difference.” She suggested to leave the self-centeredness and go the extra mile helping people. 

Sony – Hers was quite similar to Preeta’s. She said, “I hope this world extracts positivity of all kinds and minimize the effect of negativity.” It was her hope to bring the positivity from all negatives. 

Kuljeet – Her green eyes literally shook everybody, not in fear but with lots of fun and the readers relating to the experience she shared. “Let it be a small achievement, I try to celebrate it. I don’t need to prove anything to the world.” These lines made me realize that I am on the right track because I never think my achievements are small even if its negligible. I celebrate and enjoy everything that I do. And we all need to do the same to stay away from the “GREEN EYED JEALOUSY AND ENVY”. 

Avinash – “Shall we put a full stop to hypocrisy? Is it not possible for us to LOVE others with pious heart?” This article again quite similar to Kalpana’s. He urged his fellow citizens of his beloved country India on the occasion of 68th Republic Day.  

Chiradeep“Susceptibility follows deprivation, temptation follows vulnerability and devastation follows the temptation.” Looking at the present scenarios around me and within me I thought of writing this article about how our hearts go through deprivation and how important it is for us to counter it to safe guard ourselves.  

I hope you all enjoyed reading all these articles and learning from them. Get inspired and keep inspiring…

Stay Blessed!!! 



I am very scared of this word, ‘Deprivation’. Susceptibility follows deprivation, temptation follows vulnerability and devastation follows the temptation.  So you can understand how dangerous deprivation is…

We have seen children, deprived of food, that are tempted to steal it when the opportunity arises. People who are deprived of sex are susceptible to just anything to gratify their desires. People, who are deprived of love, cling to it when they receive it suddenly. Moreover, when our heart is deprived of something… then it is very difficult to calm it down.   

My wife is deprived of mother’s love as her mom left her when she was just a kid. So when somebody gives that motherly love to her, she feels great. And when she sees others having that love from their childhood her eyes fill with tears in agony.


The favourite organ of our body… which pumps out blood through the veins of our body… which also pumps out the emotions in different times.  It feels, it beats, it flutters, it stirs, it sinks, it succumbs, and it reacts responding to different circumstances and causes from outside.

Have you seen people waiting for their lost love? They knew they have lost their beloved yet they wait for them in vain.

Have you ever seen people getting close to their friends more than their spouses, when the spouse is supposed to be their closest friend? 

Have you seen girls and boys falling in love with married man or woman even though they know that it is just impossible? I remember once I read in the newspaper which says, “A girl committed suicide when she came to know that famous Pakistan Cricketer Wasim Akram is married.” Wasim Akram was a very handsome man and was the heartthrob of many girls all over the world… But committing suicide for him being married made me mystified. I could not even believe that. It was really difficult for me to understand the mind and heart of that girl.  

The Scripture says, “The heart is deceitful above all things and utterly wicked. Who can understand it?”

So true!

Sometimes I wonder about my own heart… Forget about others, even I sometimes get bewildered about how my heart reacts to certain situations that I face. My vulnerability and susceptibility caused by various deprivations sometimes make me struggle hard in my day to day life. It worries me and alarms me to the highest extent.

In Bollywood movies we come across so many connotations to the word HEART… like –

‘Dil tho bacha hai’ – Heart is Childish

‘Dil tho pagal hai’ – Heart is Crazy

‘Dil mushkil hai’ – Heart is Complicated and so on…

Ancient Hebrew used the term “heart” to mean the inward motivations which control a person’s words and deeds. And we all are aware of the fact that it is really very difficult to handle the matters of our this “Inward Motivations“. 

Few days ago there was an article published on Candles where the writer said something about HEART:

It can not only be full of self-deceit, but can also be brimming with ideas to ensnare others. While we need to accept this undisputed truth, we also need to acknowledge that we can choose not to allow ourselves to wallow in this fallen state forever.

That is absolutely right!

We need to choose better things for our heart because the Scripture says: 

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life”

We can’t afford to let our heart move towards destruction as our life depends on it’s smooth functioning (both physically and emotionally). When we are hungry, sick, weak we are asked to eat well, check our diets, eat healthy and more… In the same way we deliberately need to feed our heart with good food. We can’t let it stay deprived and weakened. If it is weak, deprivation will creep in… and we already know, “susceptibility follows deprivation….” and blah blah blah…  

I remember few months ago in the year 2016, I once asked Aastha to keep a check on me in one of the matters concerning my life as I kept sharing stuffs. As a good friend she did keep a check on me for sometime which smoothed my life to a great extent. 

What is your take on deprivation today? How well are you managing your heart’s matters? If you have a friend or close relative take him or her to your confidence and pour out your heart’s matter, ask him/her to have a eye on you in regards to your actions. But we all need to realize that there’s nobody who really can guard or check our hearts other than we ourselves. We need, ourselves and God to sit together and have a board meeting concerning our heart and the deprivation we are going through. 

Keep thinking as you read and never forget to give your valuable feedback… 😉

Stay Blessed!!!


Is India changing today? Yes, India is. Since a decade or so, overnight changes are taking place in India. I mean in the lives of Indians, changes are happening at a faster pace. There are thousands and crores of stories to prove it, but months back while doing online research I came across the NDTV Classics special report on Aviation industry covered on December 2006. In that report, the story of Air Deccan Airhostess Chitra, a 19-year Sindhi girl from Darbhanga, Bihar actually dragged my attention towards the study of changes happening in India. While her interview Chitra said, “All my friends came by flight to give an interview but I went by train”, even in the next interview Jet Airways Airhostess Neha Oberai also quoted that, “many girls who join this glamorous job have never flown before joining this job”.

These two sentences of the two young Indian air hostesses are enough to say How lives are changing in India! How fast people are moving from marginalizing to the middle class and from the middle class to the elite class! How my country India is growing! In this rapid national growth, the Big Question is HOW FAR WE CAN KEEP OUR STEPS ON THE UP WALKING PATH OF CHANGE > GROWTH > DEVELOPMENT???

Is there any loop in our up-walk/in our thought?

Do we need some more Add-ons to our growth?

What about the sustainability of this growth?

As you keep thinking, I want to brief you with couple of ideas:-

In the September 2016, there was a post going viral on Facebook. “A dog pissing on the national flag of Pakistan”, one of my old friends tagged me with that and immediately along with me few other Indian guys objected her and deleted that post from our Facebook pages.

Being an Indian let’s think is it the right thing we do?

Can our soldiers on border ever allow such kind things to happen?

How can we forget the Godly principle with a tagline of “religious nation”?  

Yes, globally we are known for being religious, but it’s so painful that we forget the eternal principle to “love your neighbour as you love yourself”.

Being deep-rooted to Culture & Mannerism we proudly say Basundhara Kutumbakam which is also one of the National Identity we Indian hold. It means “we consider people irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion, Language and Nationality as one FAMILY!!!” The first and foremost attribute of a family is “LOVE out of Pious Heart”.

Being an Indian let’s think are we getting side tracked from our Culture and National Identity?

Are we not living a hypocritical life?

How can we give a pious talk and walk just in opposite to it?

The heart of every growth is the ‘LOVE’ towards it! As we vigorously strive for the national growth, my appeal to each INDIAN is – “Shall we put a full stop to hypocrisy? Is it not possible for us to LOVE others with pious heart?”

Respect begets Respect!

Love begets Love!

Don’t forget! Stay Blessed!



India turned into a sovereign democratic republic on the 26th of January, 1950. That is a significant date in the historical backdrop of India as well as in the cutting edge history of the world. On that date one-6th of the global populace, living in India got to be distinctly masters of their fate and embraced a democratic form of government with all-inclusive adult establishment and control of law.

India’s flexibility was an immediate trigger for the procedure of decolonization. Also, India’s decision of majority rules system significantly extended the democratic territories in the world.

India had made considerable progress from that fateful day in January 1950. The nation has advanced tremendously in many fields of the human attempt. It is most certainly not conceivable to describe in short for everyone of the accomplishments of the nation amid the last sixty-four years. Subsequently, I have chosen to concentrate on just those accomplishments which are persevering in nature; which are transformational; which have influenced the lives of a great many Indians and which are applicable and critical for the world.

Democratic Government

Image result for democratic government indiaThe preeminent accomplishment of the nation during this period is the presentation, sustaining and thriving of vote based system in India. Whenever India turned out to be free in 1947 the land was degraded poor; 83% of the populace was uneducated; average life expectancy was under 30 years of age, and there were various divisions in light of casts, creeds and languages. Also, there were more than 500 states in the nation which were governed by kings and princes who owed constancy to the British Crown before the liberation of the country. Because of the partition of the country into India and Pakistan and due to incidental destruction and mass relocation of countrymen from one a part of the country to the next, the law and order and security circumstance in the recently independent India were extremely indeterminate. To bring democracy and lead of law in the nation under these desperate conditions was a display of confidence from the founding fathers of the Indian Republic.

Numerous political leaders and critics in the world, including Sir Winston Churchill, the previous Prime Minister of Great Britain, were very wary about India’s capacity to remain united as a nation and to maintain a democratic government for any significant duration of time. History has proved them wrong and found that the faith showed by the Indian leaders was well thought. The government in India has not just made it happen for more than sixty years, but it is immovably settled and prospering. India is the biggest democratic government on the planet with free, fair and regular elections; all; the rule of law, heartily open and candid media and smooth change of governments at regular intervals. The vote democracy in India has not just survived, but, this type of government has significantly fortified the Commonwealth, dependability and solidarity of the nation.

Food Security

Related imageFood Security for the general population of India is another impressive triumph of the Indian Republic. Amid the early years of the Indian Republic, the food situation in the country was terrible. Despite the fact that India was principally a farming nation at that time it was not producing enough food grains for its people. This is since during the British Rule the Government arrangement was overwhelmingly in support of the production of cash crops to give raw materials for the production lines in Great Britain. Because of this confused strategy, the growth of the eatable plant in the country was insufficient, and there was various starvation in India back then. Such a thing couldn’t be permitted to continue in liberated India. Therefore, in the early years, the Republic of India had to import massive amounts of food grains to sustain its expansive and developing populace. Due to its limited foreign exchange resources, the nation was not able to pay for these imports in hard cash, and it needed to rely on U.S. Food Aid. Proud and free India couldn’t let this situation go on and needed to discover ways to expand the growth of food. Deliberate efforts were made to modernise the Indian agriculture by presenting better quality high yielding seeds, compost, water system and loan offices for the farmers. These collective attempts have realised a Green Revolution in the nation and the food production has expanded drastically, from around 51 million tonnes in 1950 to additional than 252 tonnes in 2016. Today India is not just independent in providing food for its people but also can give sustenance help to other developing nations. The country is also capable of exporting food. The government has manufactured high stocks of food to meet any crises. Nutrition levels in the countrywide still need to be raised enormously, and food distribution needs to be enhanced radically yet apparition of starvations has been for eliminated. Remembering the huge and growing population of India, this is not a small accomplishment.

Nearly like the Green Revolution, is the White Revolution, through which India has significantly expanded its milk production and has turned into the largest producer of milk worldwide. Apart from milk, India has proved to be the second biggest maker of fruits and vegetables in the world and India is among the leading five producers of cotton, sugar, tea and numerous other agro items. As of late, the nation has passed National Food Security Act which ensures adequate quantity of quality food at affordable prices to almost 70 % of the number of inhabitants in the country.

Economic Progress

Image result for economic progress indiaThe Republic of India has made commendable financial growth in the last sixty-four years. Toward the end of the colonial rule, India acquired an economy which was one of the poorest on the planet. In 1950 the nation was wretchedly poor. The rate of development of the economy was around 1 % whereas the populace was developing at the rate of over 2%. Along these lines there was clear, and exhibit threat of Indians is getting to be distinctly poorer consistently. Also, the markers of human improvement, for example, life expectancy and literacy levels were low. The average life expectancy during childbirth was around 27 years because of extremely high rate of newborn child mortality, and illiteracy was around 83%. The industrial sector was undeveloped. Just around 10% of the Indian GDP was identified with industrial products. The generation of indicators of monetary advance, for example, concrete, steel and power were weak, and the framework in the nation was profoundly insufficient. Every one of these markers of economic advancement has enhanced amid the most recent 64 years.

The reasonable future has expanded to 67 years, and absence of education level has descended from 83% to 26%. The commitment of mechanical items to GDP has bounced from 10% to about 26%. The yearly creation of concrete has expanded from 2.7 to 272 million tonnes; steel from 1 to 82 million tonnes and power from 5 Billion KWH to 877 Billion KWH. India has risen as the second biggest maker of concrete on the planet. India has additionally amassed remote trade stores of more than 295 billion US dollars. The combination of the Indian economy with the worldwide economy has continuously developed. The nation could gain this ground by consistently expanding its rates of reserve funds, venture and financial development. Thus, the Indian economy today is the tenth biggest on the planet in ostensible dollar terms and the third largest on the globe in obtaining power equality (PPP) terms. The GDP of the nation in 2013 was 1.758trillion U.S. dollars in ostensible terms and 4.962 Trillion US dollars as far as PPP. In acknowledgement of this financial advance, the government has been welcome to end up distinctly an individual from G-20 economic forces. India is frequently observed by numerous financial analysts as a rising monetary superpower which will assume a highly critical part of the worldwide economy in the 21st century. Because of the economic advance made by the nation, a great many Indians have been lifted out of destitution, and normal way of life of the general population has gone up virtually.

Science and Technology

Image result for science and technology indiaThe Republic of India has made significant walks in science and innovation amid the most recent 67 years. The nation has built up an expansive number of foundations of higher learning of science and innovation. Accordingly, India as of now has the second biggest pool of actually prepared labour on the planet. Beginning from an exceptionally weak mechanical base in 1950 India has accomplished the capacity to create all purchase and mechanical items. The nation is turning out to be notable for its cheap designing. India is developing as a pharmaceutical goliath especially for the creation of low estimated brand drugs. It is additionally developing as a common centre point for the generation of little autos. Additionally, the nation has built up the capacity to deliver and dispatch multiple satellites and place them in the circle. Aside from propelling its satellites, India is powering satellites for different nations all the time. India has effectively shown its capacity to send missions to the moon and damages. Just five countries share this respect on the planet.

Data and Communications

Related imageIndia has developed as an outstanding player on the globe in the fields of data what more, correspondences are? Indian IT experts are working in all the created nations on the globe and are in expanding request. India has established world-class innovative work (R&D) offices in this field. India’s fare of IT empowered items and administrations, has as of now surpassed 60 Billion US dollars for each year. The fare of IT enabled administrators will undoubtedly develop encourage and is probably going to exceed 100 billion US dollars in the following five years. The accessibility of phones in India in 1950 was to a high degree constrained. It is assessed that there were around 100 000 phone associations in the entirety nation in 1950. Beginning from this little base, India has developed as the second biggest phone arrange on the planet. The nation had 960.9 million phone supporters in 2016. Telephone thickness was above79% a year ago and is as yet developing quickly. More than 8 million phones were included May 012 alone. India has additionally built up the third biggest web organise on the planet with 137 million associations in 2016. Web network in the nation is too extending quickly. The quick increment in phone system in the country is having an incredibly the constructive outcome on the profitability and will undoubtedly quicken the financial development promote.

Extending Soft Power

Image result for extending soft power indiaNoteworthy and developing delicate force of India on the planet is another important measurement of the advance made by the nation. Until 1950 India was known principally for its destitution, otherworldly customs, wind charmer, Taj Mahal and yogis. This discernment has experienced an extraordinary change amid the last sixty-seven years. The new view of the nation is as the biggest majority rules system in the world and as a rising financial, atomic and space control. The nation is additionally notable for its extensive and extraordinarily extending IT related administrations and its brilliant and profoundly talented programming engineers. Indian film industry, prevalency known as Bollywood, has a large number of fans far and wide. Indian motion pictures are indicated routinely in all real urban communities in Africa, Asia and many parts of the World all the time. Indian traditional and prominent music, Indian food and styles are increasing worldwide prevalence. All real urban communities of the world have various Indian eateries. The overall prevalence of profound Indian conventions including reflection and yoga has extended immensely amid the most recent sixty years.

Various nations have/had people of Indian birthplace in driving political
Positions, for example, heads of governments, heads of state, governors of states, Individuals from parliament and so forth. Leaders of numerous internationally eminent multinational organisations, for example, Arcelor Mittal, City Bank, Deutsche Bank, Master Card, Pepsi Co, Vodafone and so forth are or were people of Indian cause. Indian organisations have effectively assumed control over various widely acclaimed institutions, for example, Apollo Tires, British Steel, Jaguar and Land Rover Cars and aluminium goliath Novelis. The worldwide nearness of Indian institutions is extending quickly. Aditya Birla Group of India works in 36 nations on five mainlands. Goodbye Group has nearness in more than 100 nations and fares of 150 countries on the six continents. The Tata Group has a yearly turnover of around 100 billion US. Dollars. 62.7 percent of this turnover originates from outside India. Goodbye Global Drinks are the second biggest player in the global tea showcase. Goodbye Consultancy Services (TCS) is a primary worldwide programming organisation, and Tata Engines is among the major five producers of business vehicles in the world. In perspective of the above India is progressively seen as a generous rising force and a compel for peace, thriving and dependability on the planet. This delicate power is an extraordinary resource for India.

Developing Self-Confidence

Image result for developing self confidence indiaThe best accomplishment of the Republic of India amid the last sixty-seven-a long time is a self-assurance which the nation and its kin have picked up. In the early years of the Indian Republic the government was confronting various significant issues, for example, miserable neediness, high rate of unemployment, divided country, differences of mainland extends and dangerous neighbourhood. Under these conditions, the nation and its kin were most certainly not exceptionally sure. They didn’t know whether they will be overpowered by these incredible difficulties and issues. The experience of the last sixty-seven has given India and its kin another feeling of self-assurance. The first mentality of the Indian individuals has experienced an ocean change. Rather than the state of mind of we can’t do it, the new mentality is we can do it. This change is noticeable to all consistent worldwide guests to India and proficient eyewitnesses of the Indian scene. The innovative and entrepreneurial energies of the general population have been discharged. There is serious rivalry to exceed expectations in all fields of a human attempt. This forecasts well for the brilliant fate of the nation.


In spite of the fact that India has gained exceptionally noteworthy ground amid the last sixty-seven-a long time against overwhelming chances yet there are still many difficulties to confront and huge issues to tackle before it can turn into a created nation. The country needs to develop quickly for the following a quarter century dispose of neediness, lessen unemployment and decrease the inlet amongst rich and poor and between the agricultural and urban zones. The nation additionally needs to enhance its physical and social framework considerably. End of debasement in open life and change like administration, are of fundamental significance. The government needs to take mind that the improvement is maintainable with due respect to the assurance of environment. The fruitful treatment of these difficulties will permanently raise the way of life of its individuals and help it in joining the group of created countries. Nitty gritty investigation of the challenges confronting the nation is a subject for a different article.