“I have a dream…” said American Civil Rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr. in a speech he delivered on August 28, 1963. His dream was to end racism in the United States.


As a young man, Albert Einstein dreamed he was sledding down a steep mountainside, going so fast that eventually he approached the speed of light. At this moment, the stars in his dream changed their appearance in relation to him. He meditated on this idea, and soon formulated what would become one of the most famous scientific theories in the history of mankind – the principle of relativity.


Thomas Alva Edison dreamed to discover a source of light that would last for quite some time and would neither require a constant supply of oil to keep it burning nor melt away like a candle. Despite continuous failures he pursued his dream. As a result the electric bulb which we have in our homes was invented!

The freedom fighters of colonized India had a dream – a dream to see India free from British rule. A dream to see India ruled by the Indians. It took decades of struggle before their dream saw the light of the day. And so here we are, living and breathing in free India.

If these and other great men and women in history did not dream, how would the world be today? Perhaps we would still be in the Stone Age!

Do you have a dream? Dare to pursue it!

Do not be bogged down by the red lights and speed breakers of ridicule and criticism. Believe in your dream and believe in your potential to achieve the dream. Act and Persevere. Be prepared to fail and yet be determined to rise up again. Above all, believe in the God who believes in you. Who knows, your dream might change the world around you!

Rajnandini Sahu



Dreams… The word always ends on a soft sigh. Such a small word but the definition of it is endless. It opens our world to infinite possibilities. It springs hope eternal.

What an amazing feeling is that to know you can do anything you want to do. Be anything you want to be…

The world is your oyster, to live, love and conquer. But people have twisted it around, confused it with reality, put it on a pedestal and think it to be something that is out of reach.

We have confused aspiring for dreams with pursuing happiness. Because we have been told time and again to compromise, to adjust with our circumstances and though there is nothing wrong with that.

But that is a way to exist not live. And it’s because of all these voices around us or even within our head that we have stopped believing in ourselves. We have accepted the fact that we can only dream in a fitful state of sleep. But as it has been said, ‘A dream is something that keeps you awake.’ It is something that takes shape when you are conscious.

“I have a dream …” The most powerful lines ever spoken in the history of mankind. These lines they inspire me, because of the passion they were spoken with…spoken during a time of such distress.

wpid-wp-1443499695373.gifDo we not live in a better and evolved world today???  What is our worse circumstance? Reality?? Is that it? Think about it…

Who is stopping us to reach for our dreams?  Is it the world around or is it that feeble voice in the recesses of our mind that says “what if I fail?”

So I ask you today “Do you have a dream? ” If yes, then go get it because you can, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. If no, then take a peek inside that Pandora’s Box, You will be pleasantly surprised!!



Dream is something that keeps you awake. Dream is that spark inside every person that we call Passion; it is something that keeps us alive and makes a meaning out of our lives. Without dreams there would be no difference between humans and animals.

doubt-623847_1280It is true that most of us do not get a chance or opportunity to live our dreams, but the bigger problem is that many of us do not even know what is it that they are really passionate about? Do you know what is it that you are really passionate about?

I remember when I was 24, I joined an NGO that was working on creating awareness on Child Sexual Abuse. I did a course with them that certified me as a Sex Education Counsellor. While talking to my coach in the course, I told her that I am deeply worried because I am 24 and I don’t think I love my job and I have no clue what exactly do I want to do in my life. And she gave me a reply that I am going to remember forever. She said, “Don’t worry, I am 49 and I still don’t what exactly I want to do in my life. Life is a journey and you will continue to discover new things in life that will excite you. You will continue to weave new dreams for yourself. Till you are in that exploration mode, you will continue to grow. So, don’t worry about what is it you want to do in life. Do whatever makes you feel good and you will create new and bigger dreams each day.”

I continued to work with that NGO for a couple of years and had tremendous learnings. But the most important of them was that our dreams are always evolving and growing. Do not restrict yourself to the dreams that you saw as a child. Yes, start with them and continue to explore what more the world has to offer you. There is no end or limitations to the amount of the opportunities available today.

I love writing and so I did some freelance writing work for a year or so, but it did not make me feel fulfilling. Yes, I was writing but I was writing stuff that was not inspirational. That is when I realized that my interest for writing stems from my interest in counselling people and in inspiring them. I realized that I would like to do that instead of write for some business and earn money out of it. That is when I started blogging and sometime earlier joined Candles Online because the vision of Candles really called out to me.

human-767000_1280There are cases when you discover your passion from the darkest of your time. When you face failures and struggle in life, you see something that you would want to pursue throughout your life and it becomes your passion. So, don’t limit your dreams to just your hobbies. Go full out and play them; you never know which passion of yours will be staring at you in your face. Grab every opportunity available, do not worry about time; you will always make time for your dreams.

I invite you to think right now – what is it that I am/was passionate about? If you can think of at least 2-5 things, you are still in touch with your dreams. If you can’t, then my friend, it is high time to take a break from life and think of your dreams. If you say that you are already living your dream, then I would invite you to think further and beyond of what you have achieved; think of the next goal, next vision and next dream.

Just take one little step towards your passion and you will be surprised how life will throw bundle of opportunities your way.



Our hopes and dreams, do they really stand a chance against reality? Can we make them come true and are we even given a chance to reach out and fight for our dreams? Easy to answer right! The answer in most cases is no at least in the burgeoning Indian middle class.

I believe all of us in our most wishful thoughts want to become someone in their lives. That someone is characterized by our passion for something, something that is ingrained in us or we are drawn towards it naturally. The inclination deepens gradually as we learn more and more about our passion. But the global rat-race spares no one. This affects the mentality of our parents first and then channels through them to us. The effect is you have to become a doctor or engineer, or do an MBA and what is the reason for this? It gives more money and status in the society. All the students are cajoled, forced at times and mechanically trained to take engineering or medicine. They are not even asked if they want to pursue anything else and if they have any unconventional career choice, it’s ruled out by the parents. Giving up on the dreams becomes the likeliest option for the youngster.

Coming to myself, I was considered good in science as I scored high marks in the subject. This immediately gave my parents the idea that their son should become an engineer. They had never enquired me about my interest. I had a liking for writing but at that point was never serious of making it as a career. I ended up in an Engineering college eventually and got placed in an IT organization. Meanwhile my liking for writing had grown and I had become more serious about it. The possibility of pursuing it professionally remains.

Life has changed a lot after college. Most of us are employed, busy into our jobs as we try to impress our bosses. Looking back into introspection a question pops up in my head “have you found what you are looking for or are you just fitting in?” I find it really difficult to answer that in an instant. If the answer is yes for you, life can’t get better. Everyone has hopes and dreams of becoming someone in their lives. Very few make it though and it’s not that easy too. Circumstances and lack of will power get better of most of us. Eventually, we have to be content with what we get. Yes, jobs which give you decent amount of earnings or more can seem the best that can happen to you, but we are never truly content until we find that one thing that we crave for. With a realistic view, we all can’t reach the levels of success that some people manage when their careers and passions meet but still; we can give it a shot, trying to fulfill our dreams and turn them into reality.

We have our talents or something that we love doing (The base of our dreams). These are the things which bring us joy and contentment and we enjoy every bit of it just because we love doing it. What if we can’t become legends? At least as a hobby we can keep our interests alive and find time for them in spite of the busy work schedule. The other day I went shopping with my friend. His eyes lit up as they set their gaze on a bundle of paint brushes. He told me that he used to paint a lot during his younger days and was pretty good at it. I told him to buy a paint brush and start it again. He replied with reluctance that’s it no use now as there is so much of work and he does not find time for it.

Looking back at the past brings in lots of “ifs” and “buts” but they won’t provide you the solution. Giving up, when knowing that you can make your mundane life more beautiful and fruitful should not be considered as an option. It’s never too late to start to follow the dreams unique to yourself. Someone has told, “Better late than never”. As per my own experience you can always start again if you stopped sometime back.

Author’s Bio: Peter Minj, is a B. E. in Electronics and Communication. He works as a Software Engineering Senior Analyst at Accenture, Bangalore. He loves Football, Reading, Writing, and Music. He is an optimist, who enjoys the simple things of life.


This was the most interesting week with a very interesting topic called, “Reconcile & Restore.” I thoroughly enjoyed every snippets & comments and learned so much from them.

In the mega article, 7 FACTORS TO RECONCILE WITH YOUR LOVED ONES & RESTORE A BROKEN RELATIONSHIP,” we learnt that reconciliation is a Personal Need, an Initiative, a Humbling Experience, needs Patience, Forgiving Attitude and above all Love which never fails.   

During the weekdays, 5 snippets talk about 5 interesting stuffs:

  1. Reconciliation demands Giving-up Pride & Ego.
  2. Reconciliation demands Emptiness of Heart.
  3. Reconciliation is Re-beautification of Relationships.
  4. Reconciliation involves True Forgiveness & Genuine Repentance.
  5. Reconciliation is a Supreme Action over the Normal Human Emotion followed by the action.


June Hunt, the host of the Nationally Syndicated Call-in Counselling Broadcast ‘Hope in the Night’ says, Forgiveness is not the same as reconciliation. It takes two for reconciliation, only one for forgiveness.” That struck me hard.

I remembered what Avishikta Dey pointed out in her snippet yesterday, “Sometimes the person in pair-707508_1280question might have irrevocably changed the dynamics of the relation;” which means, if the other party is determined that he/she is not going to continue the relationship with the first person then reconciliation is simply impossible. Though we should not judge the person by saying he/she is unworthy, undeserving but it is true that if he/she doesn’t want to reconcile then we can’t reconcile with such persons at all.

Indira Patra, in her snippet talked about the involvement of forgiveness and repentance in the act of reconciliation. She pointed out reconciliation takes place when the offender repents and the other person who was hurt forgives the offender.

man-875702_1280If the offender genuinely repents but the other person doesn’t forgive or doesn’t want to keep the relationship then reconciliation won’t take place. In the same way, if the person who is hurt truly forgives the offender but the offender doesn’t repent, reconciliation can’t take place.

Reconciliation is a paperless agreement between two to restore the breached relationship between them and enter into a contract or relationship afresh. One needs to take initiative and the other needs to accept that initiation wholeheartedly to enter in to the loving relationship of reconciliation & restoration.

Keep reading, keep learning & keep implementing daily…

Stay Blessed!

Author’s Bio: Chiradeep Patra is a finance man who works in a NGO at Kolkata. He is a writer, motivator & counselor. 


Avoid-Running-Into-Walls-Step-7I am at odds with this term at the moment. Every time I hear ‘Reconciliation’, the word ‘Remove’ comes to mind. I read through the previous articles and they did make a lot of sense. But due to some reason the former word is stuck in the corner of my mind.

I understand reconciliation… I understand second chances… I mean where we all would be in the world had we not been given second chances. But is reconciliation the rule or the exception?? Does everybody deserve it?

Sometimes it’s not the ego but the hurt and lack of faith in the person that stops us. Sometimes the person in question might have irrevocably changed the dynamics of the relation. They might have acted out consciously without care of what might be the consequence. There are people in our life who are flawed but we would give them hundred chances rather than see them part from our lives.

But the question stands, Are they deserving of those chances? In such cases is it not better to ‘remove’ than ‘reconcile?’ Is it not better that rather than reconciling with person we reconcile with the fact that sometimes the happy ending of a story is letting them go in odds to loosing yourselves!!!

This is the initial emotion that surges out from within when we get hurt.

But… keeping aside my normal feeling if I ponder deeply I feel we might think of ignoring or removing when we are hurt by a stranger and we don’t have any scope to meet with him/her again but what if he/she is our close relative, our beloved friend and neighbours with whom we have good relationship previously. How can we ignore when we meet them daily on our way to school, college or work place! We can’t ignore or remove them completely. Somehow we make some compromises with them.

Again I feel ‘Reconciliation’ has levels too. The degree of reconciliation with a closest family member or relative is higher than that with a close friend or a neighbour. I hope I made it clear.

The fight between the normal and supreme will continue till the end and we need to remember that removing or ignoring is a normal human action but reconciliation is a higher and supreme level of action. Reconciliation is prompted by love which is supreme of all. It is not easy. In fact it is very difficult but not impossible.




Reconciliation and Restoration does not happen immediately. It’s a gradual process which begins with true forgiveness. When we forgive someone from the heart without holding on to resentment…reconciliation begins. This is one side of the story.


Reconciliation is a process which takes time to rebuild the trust…but again it depends on the genuine repentance on the part of the offender. This is the other side of the story.


Reconciliation focuses on restoring broken relationships and bringing about harmony. And where trust is deeply broken it takes much time.


Forgiving a person who has hurt us very badly is very difficult and regaining that trust seems even more difficult. But when we truly want to re-establish our relationship and forgive from our heart, we experience immeasurable joy and peace that words cannot express.

Therefore, friends…forgive, reconcile and restore …and reward yourself with peace and joy.

Indira Patra