Beauty is in our lives if we stop comparing with others,
especially our outward appearance.
People might pull you down on that matter,
however, let us remember-
we all are beautiful in God’s eyes who created us and said,
“…Behold, it was very good…”

The biggest question of this generation is, “WHO AM I?”
All our worldly achievements have failed to answer us.
Our true identity is that we are created in God’s IMAGE
and God’s Spirit resides in us.

We all are little celebs in our own small worlds,
constantly being appraised and criticised
for our gestures, words, choices and actions.
We accept it or not but these do impact us in certain ways.

…adventure and routine are not separate from each other;
they intermingle and blend with each other
to make yours and my life beautiful.

Feminism is the most misused word in today’s world
and it worries me a lot
because I am not sure what kind of education
we are giving to our little girls
who are growing up in a world where “being a feminist is cool”.

We all have the same allotment of twenty-four hours a day.
What separates the people who create great lives
from the also-rans is how they use these hours.

As I thought about life,
I felt more and more convinced
that the whole concept of self-help
was a giant lie built around nothing.