Love is deliberate action which is prompted by the emotion love. And we really can’t love somebody truly, without any demand, selflessly unless we are taught, refueled and refilled again and again.

“Love your neighbour” is one thing and “love your enemy” is another…

Last year in 2016 during a special event on the occasion of Valentine’s day I spoke to few young guys and girls on this topic of love. I am sharing the presentation which I prepared for them that day. Hope you all will like it.

(Click FULSCREEN button in the middle of the presentation and keep scrolling it from right to left..)

Gift your beloveds with the love that is eternal and which never fails… Learn to travel through the journey of love by getting out of the imperfections and moving towards the perfect.

Stay Blessed!


One Comment Add yours

  1. exoticnita54 says:

    Keep loving … and always a open heart ❤️ to receive that most exhilarating and ecstatic gift
    Ever given..


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