If 20 years ago, you asked, “what is the basic amenity to sustain a life?” then the answer would have been its food, clothes and house… And maybe education to be an added aspect to the earlier ones. However, in today’s era, the answer has a slight change, with the technology also being a part of it. Technology has become an integral part of our lives at least from last 10 years or so. Almost every little work is dependent on technology in some way or the other. Even our personal life and relationships have technological involvement. In earlier days when there were no phones Whatsapp and Facebook, people didn’t stay in touch like they are in today and had less meet up, somewhere people had to put effort to keep their relationship long lasting, but now real-life relationships have turned into virtual relationships.

I am not saying people these days don’t fall in love, they do. In my point of view, the whole idea of two people falling in love is still the same but now with the technology in our hand we feel very easy and convenient to maintain our relationship. No doubt technology is bringing us closer, we can easily stay in touch with our respective partners regardless of the distance.

It’s no wonder in saying two people meeting on a social media platform can fall in love. At times, it may happen that we meet someone in real life and then through social media, we come close. See actually, the thing, in reality, is, at first we may be attracted towards a good and appealing personality but eventually it’s the human behaviour we admire and adore. A similar thing happens on social media or say when people meet online. Sometimes the person we meet online turns out to be unfit for us and at other time we find the right person. Now you will ask how? So, I am going to tell you my experience on this.

I met a guy in a cultural fest. Although we didn’t intermingle somewhere we felt a spark. After the cultural fest, we went to our respective places and we weren’t in touch for 4 years. We had added each other on our social media accounts but still, we didn’t talk. Two years back we started chatting. Very soon we added each other on our Whatsapp too and hence late night chat was what we loved to do. Obviously, the spark was still alive and it ignited more and more. We used to chat every day. Gradually and slowly both of us realized we are way too different and we couldn’t be compatible. Mutually we decided that we needed a fling and so it was.

Another story is: I met another guy two years ago at a house party. Again the same story, not a single word for months. There wasn’t any sign of interaction between us. One day, we met online and had a casual conversation and again no words for many days. Yes, we did find each other being attracted and hence we became friends. Our chatting routine wasn’t so frequent nevertheless we enjoyed chatting with each other. We admire each other and now we are really good friends. Despite any meeting, we understand each other so well. So here technology brought us closer and it gets easier for us to stay in touch for all day long as we stay in different cities.

Not only this, many of us have many friends whom we meet virtually and find solace. We find very easy and comfortable in maintaining friendship and relationship with whom we meet in real life. No matter if it is day or night, raining or storming, we can easily reach up to our friends. As it is said excessiveness of anything harms and so due to the excessiveness of technology people ruin their relationship. No matter whether we fall in love online or in reality, people want to have mutual respect and trust. So I am not saying against or support of any one of the ways to keep relationships but I would say it is always better to keep a check on ourselves.