L’oreal is not just a beauty brand, it defines the womanhood. This tagline unites women across the globe. A 23 yr old young female copywriter at Manhattan And Agency in 1971 coined this tagline. This resonates with audiences now more than ever before.

“Because you’re worth it” – has become symbolic, empowering women of all ages and backgrounds, believe in themselves and their beauty and sense of worth. Each and every woman is unique in her beauty and style. They should believe in themselves to prosper and inspire each other for growth of herself and for the world. This tagline has been translated into 40 different languages and uniting women around the world, encouraging them to embrace their ambitions and life fearlessly, believe in their self-worth each and every moment.

“Because you’re worth it.”- when I hear or read this,Mrs. World Aishwarya Rai and her L’oreal ad comes to my mind. Just as the tagline and the essence behind this, she is really worth it and an inspiration for millions of women, who admires her and idolize her. She is such an inspirational story herself. The company had chosen her an ambassador, means a lot. Her beauty, charmness, uniqueness in her thinking crowned her as Ms. World. She is carrying the legacy of beauty in her smile and attitude.

Like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, many women have inspired and showed direction to the world and it’s women in many fields too. But, when it comes to beauty, many beautiful women think negative about their own natural behaviours. It may be their perception, but I believe each and every human is unique in its own way.


Each woman is special and has some uniqueness in her attributes. The only thing we lack is Self-confidence. Because we are grown up in that situation, in orthodox mentality and conservative social conditions. In India, the society is male oriented. So, it’s difficult for women to believe in herself that she’s worth it, she is capable of everything what a man can do, even more than that. Just she has to believe in herself.

“Woman is the enemy of woman.” – it’s correct, but only in few cases. If this “few cases” will be nullified, then she can conquer the world. It’s the responsibility of man and woman of a family who can encourage each other to grow, to believe and to inspire each other. As “Charity begins at home” we should inspire our the women living at home to be bold enough in beauty and brain to win the World and hearts.

I can relate to this tagline, when I was praised and encouraged by my family members for my behavior, positive attitude towards everything and whatever I do. If a woman is praised, her self-confidence and self-esteem are boosted highly. It enlightens her inner beauty aesthetically with an ever winning smile. Yes, I am worth it as am a daughter, a wife, a mother and most importantly ‘ I Am a Generation bearer.’

L’oreal does make business, but it’s most profitable part is the inspiration, it spreads throughout the world encouraging the women-hood and it’s eternal beauty.


Often I ask myself,
what I should do and what I should not!
During the questionnaire session
The heart says to quit,
The mind opposes it just a bit.
In the dusk and dawn,
I find the beautiful sun,
Helping the world to run.
The heart asks me,
“Why can’t you quit?
Be like the immortal sun,
Don’t be too stubborn.”
The realisation jar of mind,
Now seems to be very kind,
The heart said something ,
But, it does not match with the mind.
I tried to quit my long-run addiction,
But I failed many times, as it didn’t
satisfy my expectations.
Tried harder and harder
and said to myself again,
“I will not touch a cigarette from tomorrow”,
But alas! With the rising sun,
Every resolution went in vain.
With the love and care from my partner,
I thought of my beautiful life
just now and then,
But after trying many times,
everything and every time,
The Beautiful Love for Addiction.


Rest with zest,
Keep yourself calm and cool,
Take a break from your schedule
Don’t behave old school.

Work will be completed
with all its glorious parts,
Help your mind with little zest,
And think about your heart.

Just chill and take rest and
give time to take life’s test.
When heart, body and mind
balance is done,
Soul shows its ecstatic shades.

– Lopamudra Pal

REST – simple word, but very complicated. It has many meanings with prefixes and suffixes. But REST means to keep time for yourself, maintain body and mind balance. ME time fixes the problem and rejuvenates you. It is the perfect time for resting the body and testing the mind for creating new ideas. We in our daily lives don’t take out time for ourselves and then starts the blame-game. Sometimes we indulge into the problems so badly that we don’t realise what we get and what we lose. We try to satisfy each and everyone, professionally and personally. But it’s not always possible. Still we try harder and harder to get it done. We get really tired of being perfect. Perfection and being perfect is good, but not always.

We as human beings, get frustrated and take wrong steps. At times, some of us go to the verge of breaking relationships too. But we don’t realise the main problem. We don’t look at the angle, that we actually need a break and want to take rest with zest. We need to get a break from everything we do starting from what we think, we plan, we cook, we read, we write… everything. ” Just being with self”, that should be the essence of being in rest.

The heart is a very small thing, but very precious. It understands all the feelings, situations, emotions, good, bad … everything. Resting the heart means rejuvenating it with more good and positive thoughts. The longevity increases. Now, everyone is overloaded with work and the pressure is burdened with bad impact on heart and mind. It affects family members and other relations as well. Keeping yourself cool for all situations is the only solution. It can be taken by taking a break for resting. Divide the works among family members and spread equality. Work is a never ending thread. It’s a continuous process. We need to take rest for making the future bonding strong enough to handle all the odds.

“Stop overthinking.
You cannot control or change everything.
Let things go with the flow.”

An understanding heart is always a tired one. It takes out positivity from negativity. It too gets tired. It too needs rest for a while. But actually we don’t take. We should go for the break for our heart, mind, body and soul. Close your eyes, think nothing. Leave the worries behind. Keep your mind cool with low volume soothing music. Take long breathe, exhale and inhale. Feel the power of the heart and the brain syncing together. Then the nerves of your brain will run in a supersonic way.

Taking a break in any way, is to get yourself in a Restart Mode. Sit in the balcony and look around nature with a deep breath. Feel serenity and calmness within. That’s the result of rest with zest!


An eternal source of knowledge,
A pool of moral values and skills,
Always there for their students,
Dreams of education they fulfill.

The fun of going to school early,
On Teacher’s Day,
Celebrating with cards and gifts,
in the love and affection tray

Elocution and poem recitation
were the first attraction,
Spreading message of their values
and their life lessons

Days were very tough in school,
When we did a wrong thing,
They could smell them
and upon us punishments bring.

Words of our teachers were deadlines,
No-one could overtake,
They were those who rectified
numerous times our mistakes

Those days of celebration
we remember till date,
This generation may not set
any goals with mandate.

Time has changed now,
Changed the style of thinking,
Teachers were then arrogant,
Now all are cool and striving.

Teachers are friends now,
Real guides and philosophers,
They teach the life skills in a
unique way with a joyful manner.

The celebration is gone apart
In the days of digital revolution,
Audio recording and video shooting
are the new ways of celebration.

Charms of buying gifts, making cards
are now “old school events”,
Digital world has grasped everyone in fancy
It’s so much revolving around them!

Time has changed now for everything,
E-world is the revolution,
Then, the days were charming and great
with less of decoration

Importance of Teacher is vanished today
from the hearts of students,
It’s the generation gap with facilities
those gadgets which we provide.

Teachings of our teachers will remain
the same years after years,
Grab the opportunity of working together
With the respectful deeds and gestures


Each child cries to go to school,
Wants to study for future goal.
Parents are circumstances-bound,
Not a single way can be found.

Though the situations are bit worse,
Cries of stomach shows time coarse.
He never stops himself from dreaming,
nor left behind from the new beginning.

Starts working for his daily chore,
To connect with his painful hunger.
At the tender age, starts labouring,
As a bread earner, the duty is carrying.

Age of study,dance, drama and dreams,
He is cleaning the dirty leftover utensils.
The hunger of the poor’s life is so awful,
Child labour starts like this, there’s no rule.

It should be now stopped by the society,
Little child is tortured all time,it’s the reality.
Enter to the world of education and liberation,
Erase the feel of suppression & add motivation.

Child labour is a curse, but the child is a gift,
Let’s delete the curse and give children a little up shift.
Make each child be adored like our own,
Give them wings, knowing the future unknown.