Individual Story, Short Stories, SNIPPETS


I was in my ninth standard. The distribution of computer weekly test paper was in progress. Few of the students surrounded Mr. Rituraj Pradhan, our computer sir. He was fairly new to the school and had made a pretty good impression on us students. Even though I struggled in computers and Java was way beyond my limited… Continue reading THE GOOD TEACHER


DEAR DAD . . .

I can see the mountains in the north, I don’t want you to be rigid like them. I want you to be like the gentle breeze, Which in the summer heat brings some chill. I want you to make me feel at home, Not imprisoned by a wall of rules. I know you want me… Continue reading DEAR DAD . . .

Folly of Expectations, SNIPPETS


When I heard about the topic for this week, "The folly of expectations" I was a little disappointed. Not because I expected a different topic but because I personally never consider having expectations to be a folly. They are natural for a human as Payal so wonderfully put it in her article. I don't think… Continue reading TO EXPECT WITH CAUTION

Picture Message, SNIPPETS


It had been an uncertain time for Ryan. Life was in a state of flux. As he was in a new job, a new place, and a new set of people he was anxious. The tension of the situation got to him and he had a tiff with his dad. He stormed out of his… Continue reading FINDING A PERFECT SUNSET