The other day as I was about to enter the house my attention was caught by an uninvited guest at my doorstep.  His presence did startle and disturb me.

Me: “Excuse me! Who are you? What are you doing here at my doorstep? You are surely not invited by anyone.

The uninvited guest with a wicked smile replied me: “Hi, I am Weed, Green Weed and always uninvited and unwanted but that never deterred me from making my presence felt. I am omnipresent 😂😂😂.

His answer was not as straight as it seemed which I discovered later. And my questions continued…

Me: “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You know that you are unwanted and still so boisterous about your identity.  People tweak you, trample over you, throw you out and still you have no self-respect that you keep coming back. Why?

Mr.Weed: “There’s a valid reason for my presence for the almighty never creates anyone without a purpose. When I put up in your garden/farms or at your doorstep, I instil a sense of fear in you – fear of weak walls of your beautiful abode, fear of brazen and unkempt garden making it sore to the eye, fear of an unhealthy crop.  Henceforth I rekindle your love and  draw your attention from time to time towards your materialistic possessions. So look at the larger picture Honey!  I am not as useless as you think, I have a purpose attached to my being….

I was amused at his unabashed boasting about himself and that’s when he revealed some secrets about his parasite siblings residing in none other than “US – The Human Beings.” And he continued…

Mr. Weed:  “See, I can clearly sense that my presence is disturbing and I will be cursed and sprayed with venom which you dearly call ‘treatment’ and my story is put to ‘Rest In Peace’ 😁 but I have step brothers and sisters who prefer to live in disguise and their habitat is the human soul. I can tell you their nicknames, by chance if you happen to meet them – Greed, Lust, Ego, Anger, Pride. They are far more dangerous than me without letting the owner realise their presence unlike me. But nevertheless they never go unnoticed by others. They kill the ability to think and reason logically. They gobble up wisdom and prudence. They shrink the world around to a single point ‘ME’. They weaken the relationships, create a unsaillable rift between people often leaving the host lonely, despised, hated and destroyed. They won’t leave you humane anymore. Our scriptures, our history are evident, need I say more?

Mr. Weed left me pondering on his lecture that he gave me while conversing with him. I realised, just the way we pay particular attention to weeding out process from our garden and building walls so as to keep them healthy and strong we must pay equal attention to weeding out of negatives from our characters. Though we all have variable traces of negative aspects, if left untreated and unattended they will (No question of probabilities but confirming surely) poison our soul beyond repair.

Friends, just give it a thought.



Wait Sanika… I have left my earphone upstairs in the kids room. They must be already sleeping. I will be right back.” He hung up and went upstairs.  And as Sanika was waiting for Atul’s video call her mind made her to loiter in the past…

It’s been five days Pranay, where are you? No news! Have you spoken to your mom and dad? For God’s sake reply!” Sanika was quite hysterical in her messages too. But there was no response from the other end. There was no clue of Pranay.  Tired of waiting for a response, she decided to visit Pranay at his place.

She could feel butterflies churning in her stomach and could hear her heart pounding really fast as she was inching closer towards his house. The house was all decked up. Pretty happy faces pacing up and down and all around. Sanika was anxious to know what was going on. Maybe she had made an entry in the wrong time, if it’s a family function and Pranay was busy with this. But what stopped him from even dropping a hint of something like this? Many questions were doing the rounds before she finally enquired of the watchman “Kya ho raha hai bhaiya…” (what’s happening brother?).

The watchman’s reply made her heart skip a beat “Pranay baba ki sagai hai memsaab…” (It’s Pranay Sir’s engagement, Madam).

Sanika’s dreams, her world came crashing down before her eyes making her leave with heavy heart and blank mind.

Pranay at last made an appearance. “Hi  Sanika, I am sorry, I have news for you. I got engaged to Tanu. It’s something out of my control. Please try to understand. I simply couldn’t say NO to my parents, it’s their choice and I am left with none. But we can still be friends, right?

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Sanika was bewildered. His audacity drove her mad with rage. Wiping her tears away and putting up a brave face, she said, “I am sure this is not something you were not aware of to say the least. Why then you didn’t let me know?  I am sure not every couple have a happy ending culminating into marriage and I understand this, but you should have at least shown the courage to let me know instead of disappearing into thin air like a coward“, and left the place.

Tears were her companion for long.  Her heartache refused to go for she had been in love with such a jerk till she married Atul, and rest has been history.

Atul was a person of strong personality of his own with a soft demeanour as compared to Pranay who loved to boss around with no spine to show  in the crucial matters. She remembered how Atul stood against his own family when an objection was raised against Sanika’s decision to work after delivery of her first child, especially in their case as they were economically sound. But he stood rock solid for her before his family finally accepted and embraced her decision. Such family pressures can normally be passed off to the woman of the house so as to make her succumb, but he didn’t. That made him different.

And while she was lost in her thoughts her phone vibrated vehemently, and it was a Skype call from Atul….



Silence suffocated them both before Atul excused himself citing a meeting with client, “Got to go, I have an important meeting lined up today.  Take care, bye“.

Hmm, you too” this is all Sanika could say before hanging up the call.

Both of them were on the same page today – very disturbed.

Sanika got up with her head heavily reeling, alcohol or the plethora of emotions churning in, what is effecting her so much, she is unable go decide. She freshened up and dragged herself to the breakfast area of the hotel, hoping sniff and sip of freshly brewed coffee could help her deal the worst hangover of her life.

She was at table holding her cup with both hands as if she didn’t want it to slip, was it coffee or was it life she was clinging on, to prevent the spill. As she was lost in her own thoughts a feeble voice demanded her attention.

H H Hello Sanika, Hi“.

When she turned in the direction of the voice, it was Pranay. He was concerned of Sanika so he thought visiting her in the morning to ask about her. There was restlessness on his face and guilt was quite evident in his eyes. He was quite unsettled.

How are you now?” before he could say more he was interrupted by a stern question, Excuse me, do I know You? Have we met before?” Sanika fixed her eyes on his face with this question.

I don’t blame You, I understand it completely. I am am am so sorry for what has happened” Pranay was fumbling with his words while he drew a chair opposite to Sanika.

Sanika sighed taking a long breath “I am sorry… what are you talking about. What has happened? If you are talking about what has transpired between us ages ago, then please don’t be sorry. Instead I must thank you for helping me take a right decision and reaching my destination, Atul is the name.  I can’t imagine my life with a person who can’t stand his ground and think on his feet when it mattered the most.  I simply can’t imagine my life otherwise, you see!” There was a tinge of satire in her words and she continued

And if it’s about the last night then you should be SORRY. You have no right to interfere in my life in any, ANY manner. You have no idea… well leave it…” She paused a bit to the flow of her emotions lest she would break down and the continued again, “As far as I am concerned you are a stranger to me and I shall not be discussing anything pertaining to my life” by this time anger and grief were competing with each other, trying to overpower each other in her eyes.

Pranay in an attempt to cool her down said, “But how could I have left you there in that situation?” there was anxiety in his tone.

Now the colour on Sanika’s face settled to red as she uttered “Just the way you have left me THEN…” She rose to her feet and left the place hastily leaving Pranay speechless.

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As her image was diminishing with every step she was taking away from him Pranay couldn’t take his eyes off from that direction and the phone rang which he unmindfully answered. In fraction of seconds he realised that’s Sanika’s phone which she forgot on the table.  Their ringtones being the default tones of the handsets he answered it without even looking at the screen and the person at the other end was Atul, again!


My neighbour’s garden is so beautiful decked with flowers, grass so levelled, every pebble just in right place that I really feel like singing:

Marie, Marie quite contrary,

How does your garden grow

Make sure you read it in rhythm and let me confirm her name is not Marie 😁.  She is an eighty year old woman with love for gardening.  I have seen the passion with which she caresses each and every plant, waters them, nurtures them. I can not imagine myself in her shoes at her age at this moment.

It’s not just her, I have seen and met women who irrespective of what age they are, are living  and leading lives with full zest spreading positivity and giving hope to follow. Be it grooming oneself, following passion, acquiring new skills – for few age is never a hindrance.

Some celebrity examples (examples covered by media):  This creates better impact you see😁:

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J K Rowling: a story that could have turned into a tragedy as attempt to suicide was inked on those pages is now an example of stupendous success.  Her life prior to success of Harry Potter was never a fairy tale and success didn’t came early as the first copy was rejected by 12 publishers. What if she haven’t had pushed her way through the big road blocks of “NO” thinking I am over 30 now, what can I do, It’s too late.  Just imagine.

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Smt. Nannamal, 96 years old yoga teacher, Padmashree awardee, is the oldest yoga teacher in India. Just watch her once and you would say “not even Beckham can bend like her”  😁.  She is giving a strong message on how to lead life, a healthier way – body and soul. Age is just a number.

Carmen Dell’Orefice (Featured Pic): Aged 87, gracing the cover page of the world’s most sought after and read fashion magazine “Vogue”. After experiencing an exploited childhood, three broken relationships, marriages to be precise does world still seem to be a better place to live? Give it a thought.

These wonderful women (only handful have been mentioned) truly motivate me one or the other way. Like my neighbour who is more than double my age inspires me to take care of “My” garden which at this moment looks like hair strands left on a bald head 😂.  When I feel de-motivated looking at my current work status, rejections I have received so far, and obviously seeing all my contemporaries working (I am not jealous, hope it’s clear) such success stories rekindle, re-ignite the passion to go for it (Facebook has proven to be useful to me this way). They say  to me “It’s never too late”, Give one more try before you give up” .

I  remember having met one my friends on my way back to home. I was clearly upset mentioning the gap of 9 years on my CV. She said “kids should be our first priority when they are young and dependent and who said you cannot work later.  Gap of nine years or your age is just a number, so trivial to be de-motivated and stop trying.  You are never too old to live your dreams” . That really boosted my confidence. I am really fortunate to have met her (hope she reads this 😊).

Living life is more important than counting days.  And these women motivate me to do the same.

Disclaimer: I am not a feminist as I have mentioned only about women 😁.


Me: Mom why are you upset?

Mom: They didn’t invite me for their son’s wedding .

Me: Who? Whose son’s wedding?

Mom: My aunt’s third cousin who is herself second cousin to my mother.  They didn’t invite me ☹.

Me:  Mom when was the last time you met them or called them?

A silence ensues ….

Me: Ages right? Then how does it matter mom?

But frown continues till it acquires the shape of grudge which finally creates a unsaillable rift between relations and people.

Well this was an imaginary example on my part but one cannot rule out the presence of such instances in our lives – in our families and around us.  We often see people complaining about such trivial issues like they didn’t call me, they didn’t invite me, they didn’t greet me….. it continues. We tag so much of importance to “ME “. We seek validation for ourselves from others .  If they don’t pay attention to us our Ego gets hurt. In simple words we complicate, rather enjoy complicating things.

I have been in that spot quite a few times.  I remember me asking my father why we should invite those people to my marriage who never cared to enquire about us in our hardships.  To this he said ” that was their call but we can share our happiness, it would only multiply.  And moreover why give a chance to someone to pinpoint at us ” though I was not fully convinced at that time but was  amused how he simplified things without holding any grudge and perhaps that was the reason for his peaceful demeanour.  I never saw him murmuring with agony or gossiping with jealousy or heard a bitter word against anyone.  What I always saw was a never-fading smile.

And that’s what I learnt from him : let’s keep things simple. You yourself are nothing in this vast cosmos then what is this pride and ego about?  Never let your actions be reaction to others’ actions.  Just keep doing what is right.

And I firmly believe this is his legacy to us – me and my brother. And this is what I want to extend to my kids. I do falter many a times but it simply means that I am trying, right?

You know one of the best compliments that I got from someone really close after a series of misunderstandings “I know that you will be the last person  on earth to hold a grudge against anyone” .  That really inspired me to trend that path relentlessly.

Last word: As it is there are  so many complications we are living in, be it the dreadful climate changes or serious economic issues  or horrendous policies of Donald Trump, can’t we keep our thoughts straight and simple? Remember our self-esteem and respect is not bound to few courtesy calls of namesake.  Do give umpteen number of chances before you call it quits but never ever let your peace of mind go for a toss.  That’s Essential.

Quote of the day

Don’t measure the distance in miles covered or hindrances faced, rather take an account of what has been achieved and what yet to achieve. That would keep you moving.

Quote of the day

Acceptance of being guilty and wrong requires far more courage than fighting an obvious enemy.