I cut the norms,
a shortie me;
was drowning in it

The gossips,
I made it sleeveless,
was not in its favour of doing the rounds

My ego,
I made it backless;
didn’t want it getting the support of the wall & creeping all over

My self-respect,
I made it ankle length;
wanted it to pick up & run, should anyone try to mangle it

I put on a baggy smile,
that way, it would be easier for my sorrows to be swallowed

I’ve assembled the pieces
to a perfect fit,
I hope you all do too.
Happy tailoring 😊


Each child cries to go to school,
Wants to study for future goal.
Parents are circumstances-bound,
Not a single way can be found.

Though the situations are bit worse,
Cries of stomach shows time coarse.
He never stops himself from dreaming,
nor left behind from the new beginning.

Starts working for his daily chore,
To connect with his painful hunger.
At the tender age, starts labouring,
As a bread earner, the duty is carrying.

Age of study,dance, drama and dreams,
He is cleaning the dirty leftover utensils.
The hunger of the poor’s life is so awful,
Child labour starts like this, there’s no rule.

It should be now stopped by the society,
Little child is tortured all time,it’s the reality.
Enter to the world of education and liberation,
Erase the feel of suppression & add motivation.

Child labour is a curse, but the child is a gift,
Let’s delete the curse and give children a little up shift.
Make each child be adored like our own,
Give them wings, knowing the future unknown.


I sit, and I type
Byte by Byte
My processor is slow
I got nothing to show

My memory is full
I’m trying to pull
Motherboard is outdated
All content is R rated

I empty Drive D
But all I can see
Are files I don’t need
It’s slowing my speed

My head has no space.
Says my Database
I look for the source code
to share some of the load

My heart is a brute
I have to reboot
I run such a risk
of burning my disc

I am run over by Malware.
I wish someone would care
Please unzip my smiles
Add happy chip to my files

If life had a solution
like screen resolution
Just change some setting
and see what you’re getting

I search, and I browse
For my perfect spouse
But this firewall
I should uninstall

The bugs are still here.
The cookies gimme scare
And Captcha onslaught
prove I’m no robot

I need my domain
Plus unique username
A name to standout
on Insta and Hangout

View live in the Zoom
And Friends in chatroom
All smileys no smile
Can’t open this file

Turn to PDF to DOC
And close that CAPSLOCK
No emotions are spared
By emoticon software

This new virtual land
of bandwidth broadband
I wait and watch while life is buffering
Can’t say if its fun or am I suffering


I lived in Dwarahat – a place in Uttarakhand in middle of Himalayas for 4 years. Those 4 years were also the best part of my life, the 4 years of Engineering. Beautiful memories of those mountains are just so many. However, when I left that place – I told myself I would never go to the mountains again. I felt that I had too much of mountains and moreover the problems of living in mountains had overtaken the beauty of the place from my mind. There were problems related to water availability, electricity availability, no heating mechanism in the hostels in the utter cold and many more. Over the years, I forgot how beautiful that place was. There were some of the amazingly beautiful scenic beauty of the forest filled green mountains that we witnessed in those 4 years. 

Today I am reminded of those days so much because I am quite close to this place where our college was. I am in Jim Corbett National Park with my family. We did the safari in rain, we went to the Kosi River and ventured into the Jungle ourselves too. In short, I experienced the nature after too long. Living in the hustle bustle of city life, I have forgotten what it is to feel the nature. We just get way too busy in our lives, running behind the deadlines of work and home. We forget to appreciate the little things in life. 

We forget to notice the little ants who carry the broken piece of Lays. We forget to notice the pigeons picking up little twigs to build their nests. We forget to notice the clouds floating in the mountains and little wind that makes us feel so cold that it gives goose-bumps. We forget to notice the dogs waiting to get that pat on the back. We don’t even notice the little blue and orange butterflies fluttering around the flowers and not even the beautiful texture, colors and fragrance of the flowers. We forget the simple fun of getting drenched in the rain. 

We don’t notice these little things and then even at a beautiful place of nature we take support of alcohol, smoke, weed and other things to make us happy when all you need to do is to look around and breathe in that fresh oxygen. If you do that enough and more, you will be intoxicated naturally – there won’t be any need to take in all other stuff to get high. Today a monkey very silently walked past us and came in uninvited in our cottage to steal the bread, it just made me and my son feel so joyful to witness that, something that a city life can never give.

I noticed all of these little things a lot in last few days and it is life changing. I have always been the kind of person who has constant To-Do list in her mind. Along with the To-Do list, there is a huge emotional baggage that feels so very heavy. Noticing these little things in life gives me that much needed break that all of us crave for. It makes me meditative. The feeling makes me feel wiser and heals the wounds.

Stop living your regular life for some time, look around you and appreciate the nature. You will definitely fall in love with this magnificently amazing life that you are. 


From the moment we feel down and out till we recuperate ourselves to fight our way through all the hiccups of life our heart experiences an excruciating pain. This poem is about that pain, that hopelessness we all experience at one or other point of time.

Completely rattled by a relentless commotion,

I looked around to ascertain the origin of this motion.

More I dug deep and looked around, more I felt disappointed,

For there’s only a vacuum sucking me in and left me disoriented.

There’s a myriad of reasons to be celebrated with glee,

Also there’s despair marking it’s presence, lurking around rearing to engulf me.

I ran incessantly to escape the deafening roar chasing my existence,

Only to find the horizons closing on me, throttling every trivial glimmer of resistance.

I clasped my hands to hold on to a cover to shut off that nerve wracking noise,

I believed that shore is finally in reach, so is my sanity and poise.

But truth finally dawned upon me, it was the cry of pain emanating from the heart,

A barrage of piled up emotions that sedimented for ages now determined to tear me apart.

I realized for long I have been walking without moving an inch,

ache of being rejected, failing, falling is making it’s voice felt now with a pinch.

Nothing achieved so far , not sure of any success in future,

Its the buzz of questions that I posed to myself – how long like this, would I be able to provide my broken soul any suture?

For the moment I am standing at a juncture fighting demons within that eloquently pronounced me a failure,

Aware of the fact yet oblivious to the outcome, the only choice I am left with is to either give up or go down fighting as a gladiator.

The buzz of failure from within is the worst enemy one can deal,

It could cripple the courage, hurt the senses and butcher the individuality beyond heal.

I am listening to that buzz of failure…


Once in a blue moon
Once in a blue moon,
I find myself with his sweet and sour memories,
Which gives me a little pain but a great pleasure,
When I want to keep it forever,
It becomes null and void thereafter.

Once in a blue moon,
I think about my childhood
Why there was no desire,
Only existed pleasure and pleasure.
When I want to fill myself as a child,
Everything nowadays goes wild.

Once in a blue moon,
I search for the radiance of my soul,
Which is a part and parcel of my body as a whole.
When I want to feel its presence,
Everytime I confront with the lovely imbalance.

For once in a blue moon
I want my ambitions to be fulfilled,
For once in a blue moon
Uniqueness occupies my mind
And subject me in a softer wind.

Lopamudra Pal

Lopamudra Pal is professionally working as a teacher. She is an enthusiastic writer, painter and vlogger. She loves to spend time in nature and with her family. She is always open to new and creative stuff. Reach out to her on Instagram, HERE.


Earth, a divine fragmentary
astronomical object with a leap year in February
comprises of lakes and valleys
testifying the bloody war of glories
flowering fields with past miserable stories
swirling wind, swaying trees, running streams
reminding Newton’s monotonous theories.

Mind is a fecund location
where thoughts drizzle with temptation
but there’s a strange sensation
of escaping to a new world, a new destination
unescorted by manipulation and discrimination
just a modish world of fascination
against all accusations and suppositions.

In a utopian world full of ease
where perfection will be at its peak
with no hovels, just perfect mansions
nice and unique
only new moments, memories and happiness to seek
So, let’s imagine peace where doom will be at our services without displease.

Far from reality
a planet undefined
a place with no science,
no secret grand design
just an appetency of mine
due to barbarity of time
A new Planet, a new music, a new shrine.
Planet Gaia, would be its name
a flawless dwelling for human kind.
It’s a dream that I see
every day, every night and every time.

Saniya Firdaus

Saniya Firdaus is an intern in a Software Company, but as far as her passion is concerned she dreams of becoming an author, a poet, a limitless bird. Reach out to her on Instagram, HERE.