Smruti Nath – A family that prays together, stays together!

(Smruti with her son Subhrajeet and daughter Shreya)

Chiradeep: We have among us Mrs. Smruti Nath, who is a mother of two beautiful teenage kids, a boy and girl. She has been married since 1999 October 18th to Dr. Subhranshu Nath who is a Doctor in Indian Armed Force. Right now they live in Bhatinda, Punjab.

I know Smruti since my childhood. She is a great buddy. She is a very jovial lady, a great homemaker and a very amicable personality. It’s my delight that I will launch this column for the first time on Candles Online with her interview to start with.

So Smruti, hello and welcome to ‘Face to Face with Chiradeep’… Are you ready to answer my questions…?

Smruti: Yes, hello and thank you for inviting me… Yes I am ready.

Chiradeep: “What is the best thing about your husband which keeps you allured and loved to him?” That’s my first question… 😉

Smruti: Who can stop loving a Man in uniform 🙂 but it’s not just that… His loyalty, integrity and most importantly he knows how to make the most of his time when he is with me. He is very protective and he always believes the best in others and challenges me to match the standards. These are few of the many reasons why I am still madly in love with my darling husband.

Chiradeep: Fantastic!!! I am impressed with your compliments for your husband. The husband truly needs to be protective and give their partners a platform to grow in the relationship and among the people around us. Okay, let’s move forward quickly to my next question… What is the best thing about you which keeps him allured and loved to you?”

Smruti: Now it’s time to boast about myself :-D… but I will try to be true 😉 I can flirt all day and all night with him. He just loves it. I am strong, self sufficient and I have that special ability to turn this tough guy into a laughing, overgrown kid.

Chiradeep: Hmmm… Commendable!!! What is the best quality that you possess according to your children?”

Smruti: May be they love my high energy the most because many a times I transform myself to their age group and giggle, play and even sometimes do pillow fights with them. A smile on my face makes them feel very protective. I hug and kiss them a lot and I can sense that they really love it and want more and more. Last… but not the least they always appreciate the food I cook… but i must tell you my husband is a good cook too.

Chiradeep: I know how high energy and smile send a positive vibe to the people around us… That is so important… self pity can really sends negativity vibe around us… Superb!

Let’s move on… What is the best quality of yours according to your husband?”

Smruti: As I have mentioned earlier he appreciates me of being a strong woman, my smile, the way I get happy with small things happening around… And let me mention something with a humor note… he always says, “When I have a Mercedes Benz parked in my garage why should I look at an Ambassador”…. these small gestures take me to cloud 9.

Chiradeep: Wow! That’s quite a compliment from a husband which usually keeps the wives happy. Many don’t even appreciate what their wives do for them. They should learn from Subhranshu.

Okay, let me proceed to my next question… “What do you love the most to do for your children?”

Smruti: First and foremost … I love to pray for my Children. I love to give them unconditional love, support and would love to become a good role model because my children will learn what they live. At the end of the day when they say “I love you” with a tight hug that moment I realize that I am on the right path.

Chiradeep: Wow, that’s an exemplary explanation for all the mothers to learn. Now tell me,What do you love the most to do for your husband?”

Smruti: I love to pray for him daily as well. I avoid nagging over small issues, love to thank him for the lovely gestures he makes, kiss him, take care of his physical needs and avoid arguments when he is angry. last but not the least, I  love to cook his favorite meal… and many many more 🙂

Chiradeep: Impeccable! You truly mentioned few of the great qualities of a great wife. Let get into little more detail into your family… How bonded are you all in the family?”

Smruti: It is very difficult for me to say how bonded we are as a family… but yes… people those who see us as a family can judge. I believe in “A Family That Prays Together Stays Together”. We regularly have our family prayers. Few things I have noticed in my family I would like to share here as well… we four have learnt to listen to each other and work together, we can communicate with each other without inhibitions, we respect and value each other. These gestures boosts up my strength and helps all four of us to move ahead and reach our respective goals.

Chiradeep: Listening to each other, working together, respecting and valuing each other without inhibitions are some of the great qualities which are really needed to be learned by all of us. I really loved what you shared about your family Smruti. Let me proceed further with my next question which is kind of a repetition but I want to know more in detail about your role specifically… What do you do to keep your family safe, secure and emotionally bonded to each other?”

Smruti: I make sure we do not skip our family prayer time. I try not to interfere when my husband disciplines my children and vise versa. We as husband and wife try not to disrespect each other especially in front of kids. I try to listen patiently to my husband and children when they are trying to tell me something…. we all are human beings… so I just try my level best… rest I leave to God.

Chiradeep: Excellent family practices… Tell me… What is the most difficult thing that you struggle as a ‘wife-mother’ or homemaker?”

Smruti: Sometimes the deeply held beliefs that “the MAN is the leader and the WOMAN follows it”… is the most difficult thing that I struggle as a wife.

As a mother… as of now I have two teen aged children… when they do not perceive life the same way as we adults… it’s a struggle to make them understand about their safety and avoid doing high risk things.

Chiradeep: Very valid point and truthfully answered dear… I am putting you into little more difficulty by asking my next question…What is your biggest weakness as a homemaker which you want to improve on?”

Smruti: I am not a very scheduled person, so I end up forgetting things. Sometimes I yell a lot. I badly need to work on these short comings. My Husband too agrees 😀

Chiradeep: Not everybody accepts their weaknesses… Tell me, What do you do when you are sad, down, depressed or failed in something?”

Smruti: When I feel low the first thing I do is pray.  Prayer comforts me. I don’t talk to anyone till I feel ok. I try doing some online shopping… that elates my mood. I usually get to my original mood very fast… within 20-30 minutes… This is one of the qualities my husband again admires a lot. 😉

Chiradeep:  “What do you love to do at your free time?”

Smruti: I love chatting with friends, net surfing, online shopping and yes trying out new recipes… watching TV too.

Chiradeep: Cool… I must end here with this last question of mine for you… You mentioned about prayer and praying a lot of time in your replies…  I am curious to know “Who is God for you?”

Smruti: God is everything for me… He is my protector, my rescuer, my deliverer, my friend, my comforter and someone with whom I can talk about my failures, my griefs, my success, burdens everything that disturbs me. He is the answer to all my questions.

Chiradeep: I must say you did very well in your exam and you are passed… Lol 😉 Hahaha… I am just kidding. It was amazing interacting with you Smruti. I learned so many things about a homemaker, about a wife, a husband and a family as a whole. I am sure all those who will read this will definitely be benefited reading about what you shared with us.

Thanks a lot once again… I am overwhelmed. God bless you!!!

(Smruti and her husband Subhranshu)