The moment I stepped out of my home without being assured of what’s awaiting me on the other side is the moment I realized my transition from life to death – my entry to eternity.

No matter what course our life takes, the grave is the common destiny of all mankind on earth. But in this truth the remarkable factors for us, is God being our creator has numbered our days and has endowed each of us with some special talents, skills and abilities. But why? Why has he created us and has gifted us with some special gifts and talents which has always been the benchmark of our identity?

Our gift to our beloved always carries a purpose whether it is fulfilling his needs or wants or painting his picture or writing few words as the reflection of the love in a relationship.

Being just a mere finite mortal human, being our material gifts to our beloved always carries a purpose… then why not God who is the epitome of love for each human won’t be gifting us with many gifts and talents with a purpose!

It is that purpose which helps us to have a personal relationship with God and helps us to leave a legacy behind us after our death (the way you or me want to be remembered with). So young or old, rich or poor it’s important to think of our legacy at each stage and at each position of our life.

So here coming back to me and my life I think if I can leave the legacy of love and passion for the world to remember me because it will be worthy enough to touch the hearts of many. And needless to say in future I, as an aspiring doctor I would love to serve the people with utmost care and passion with a sense of responsibility, devotion, consideration and a lot more!

Honestly, when I look ahead to accomplish living a life in view of leaving a legacy it all looks very beautiful and encouraging but the biggest challenge that every time stands as obstacle in front of me is –
Being human, I must confess I cannot do it with my own strength or with the strength of another human being! When it’s not possible at the human level then the only source greater than human strength is GOD!
Undoubtedly, I believe that the God, the One, Who brought my life from darkness to light will surely help me in this struggle of living life in such a way so that I can leave a legacy worthy enough for the world. As I put this much of trust in Him, the Almighty, He always promises me – “Vipra, I AM with you!”
Let’s start living the life asking for God’s strength daily!

Well, this is something that I am continuously working on thinking about my legacy that I want to leave behind.


Why the hell such people are made to live in our country?“, shrieked Arnav who had already been tensed for a reason. “Why do you do this”, he asked a boy whom he encounters every morning scrounging for gold in the garbage dump at the outskirts of a big city. The city where Binoy, the boy and his friends, an army of barefoot boys appear like morning birds and disappear at noon.

That’s all I have to do after selling off these brightly coloured rose bushes“, mutters Binoy looking away from the man who had been busy scrolling over his phone.

Unaware of what one full meal feels like his voice drained with joy and enlightened his eyes hope of finding more and more from the heap of garbage collected around. While his dream loomed like a mirage amidst the dust of streets that fills out his big city. Moreover, those stinking lanes choked with garbage, past homes that remain hovels with crumbling walls and wobbly doors are the places he walks every day. But today, ill-fitting tennis shoes add to his looks that looks strange over his discoloured shirt and shorts as if they had been discarded by a precious boy from the elite class of the city who threw a tantrum to wear them owing to the reason they got discoloured. However, it doesn’t bother him. Afterall for the one who has walked barefoot even shoes with a hole is a dream come true.

And there! There this poor little boy is planned to live in a house of these reasonably rich people. Yes, wealthy they are indeed. Afterall Arnav and his sweet and kindhearted wife Arunima could make that easy for their own child. But Arnav being too practical and a hard-headed man making out for someone else and that also for a poor little stranger is what hit Arunima at four in the morning, the time she headed out to bring him home.

Binoy desired to study and become a better person in life encouraged Arunima to take such an awkward step like this. She knew that a person like Arnav would never like it as the boy was at a tough age. He can be notorious for being an adolescent. But she trusted on her gut feeling about that boy and what she read on his innocent eyes.

She brought him their home finally and lavished him with all the books that she could buy for him to study thoroughly and be a better person, ignoring her husband’s displeasure.


Tears of sorrow, tears of joy, tears of pain, tears of relief or of ecstasy, compassion or whatever.

Weeping must mean something, isn’t it?

But I wonder is it something to be called a healthy behaviour? Is it something to be deprived or ashamed of? May be yes or may be not so let’s find out what our philosophy and science say about human tears.

Since ancient times weeping is explained as a part of shared human language of emotional expression. But don’t you think if weeping were a gesture with a single meaning, part of a universal language of feeling, then it would depict the grief and pain out of the anxiety, depression, emotional breakdown and etc. That’s how it has been most frequently connected. Yet there are countless tears of joy too.

As far as the science is concerned, tear is a universal sign not in the sense that it has the same meaning in all times and at all places but because it can signify just about anything. While for a student who desperately needs to pass an exam it would be tears of relief, for a class topper it would be tears of joy and while for some other it would be tears of guilt for not being attentive and sincere towards studies and academics or for someone else it would be tears out of jealousy and rivalry. That’s how it is.

While it stimulates our empathetic response of care and sympathy, it can be a reflection of one’s inability to cope up with a situation. Crying not only allows people to release their feelings and hopefully achieve satisfaction and relief but it also stimulates others to the individual’s emotional condition and encourages their support. It even improves our mood and reflects normal psychological functioning.

What a soap is for a baby, tears are for a soul. Perhaps, Pope Francis said at his best: “A flow of tears indicates that the person’s heart is involved not just his or her mind. Certain realities of life are seen only with eyes that are cleansed by tears. After all you see, sometimes in our lives, the glasses we need to see Jesus are tears.” For people who are safe, comfortable and loved he said, “learning how to weep for others is a part of following Jesus who wept at the death of Lazarus and has moved with compassion at the suffering of countless others.”

And yet today, tears are commonly seen as a form of weakness as being ‘childish’ or in the negative sense.

I remember the time, I cried my eyes out and with those tears when I met my parents after months, I let go of so much of the pain I had been holding unto my heart for so long. And what I felt was better, lighter, freer  like so much of weight had been released off my shoulders.

That’s why what I like to conclude is, “Let go off whatever has been holding you. Cry me a river, build a bridge and get rid of it and that’s all.”

Stay happy, stay connected!!!

Quote of the day

Patience is the most powerful weapon with which you can fight all your life’s battles.


Quote of the day

Our consistency in everything that we do can transform our performances from a state of mediocrity to excellence.

Quote of the day

Kindness and being considerate are two virtues which speak louder than any powerful speakers.

Quote of the Day

Dreams, determination and discipline make an unbeatable combination for success.


(Inspired by: The 3 D’s of Success )