The toughest part of any battle is the acceptance of weakness that lies within us and corrode our strength to commence the stride.

We choose to keep on pondering about our miseries but how and why it is difficult to count on the mercies showered on us by the almighty?


We all felt a blow when the lockdown was announced due to COVID-19 and now it’s been more than one month. We have been staying in the comfort zones of our homes, not visiting any place, not meeting anyone and doing all the chores mostly be ourselves and our family members are sharing the load. Unimaginable, unfeasible, undoable and unthinkable it used to sound earlier, yet we did all the paradoxical tasks and managed well.

One of the most difficult tasks was how to keep our kids busy. Many of the children were already attending online classes. But, for my sons, it was vacation time after their sessions got over (in our state, the new session starts in June). My younger one, not even once, asked to take him out of the house, as he is occupied in playing and fighting with his elder brother. Though my elder son was perturbed initially, he resorted to various activities and while doing so he found a couple of new interests like Domino Art, trick shots and the magical world of Harry Potter. His creative side is booming and all thanks to this lockdown. 

Meanwhile, in the other part of the country, my parents who are away from their home, since 10th March, want to go back to their place. Though they are in my aunt’s home, safe and secure, without facing any difficulties, they still want to go back to their own house. My brother and I need to counsel them constantly, as travelling at this time is highly risky. 

Amidst this lockdown are the people who have suddenly started exploring their artistic side or unlocking their right brains. Many have become cooking champs, trying new dishes every day, in order to fulfill their gastronome craving. Trust me, even I have never ever cooked continuously- this much and for this long (and with this much fondness). Phew! I have become a maven. Most of our group chats on WhatsApp have someone or the other posting a picture of a delicacy every day. 

My brother, who hardly held a paintbrush in his life, is painting beautiful sunset scenes on canvas. My husband turned a hair stylist by trimming our sons’ hair and giving the two ‘wolverine’ lines like Virat Kohli used to have.

I feel we have literally evolved in this lockdown. Our perspectives have changed and we have a learning for life. We are living without the things that we considered as necessities. So, we all deserve a pat on our backs for handling this pandemic emotionally and physically as well. Stay happy and stay safe.

Great people don’t do what is obvious but they do things which can take your breath away.

Many kings dreamt to conquer the whole world; none succeeded.
Dream to conquer just your inner tussles; you’ll discover paradise on conquest.

Pause is a very crucial stage, which becomes the reason for one’s turning point in life.

Self exploration is the process which lets us get acquainted with the weapons we have to conquer the world.