It did not take long for Ruma to decide that she just had to go and meet her son. Courier did have the sender’s address and she assumed that it was Samar’s work address. She would simply go and inquire about him. It shouldn’t take too much to find his whereabouts.

She was going to meet her son after ten long years. She had no account of how many sleepless nights had been spent in his memory. She could not imagine how many tears had been shed for him. A mother without her child is like a mother without a life. Every waking moment – she was reminded of Samar. What all did he had to deal with?

How was his life now?

Did he get married or has a girlfriend?

Samar was always obedient, truthful and kind – exactly the kind of son any parent would ask for. Today, she hoped, all her questions would be answered. But most importantly, she would answer all the questions that Samar would have for her. All these years, she yearned for just one opportunity to explain to Samar how her life had been before he was born. All she wanted to tell him was – “Child, hear me out once and then if you still wish – you can choose to leave me and your family”. She felt that she had been denied justice because she never got a chance to explain herself to Samar.

With these thoughts, Ruma sat in the cab she had booked. “But what would I really tell him about his father?” Her mind drifted away to the story of her marriage.

Back in those days while she was studying, her father found her a groom. She met him a couple of times and found him attractive and interesting. She understood that he loved to travel and would want to spend a lot of time doing that. She liked travelling too, so she believed that they would make a great couple. His name was Abhishek and she used to call him Abhi.

The engagement happened and then the wedding within 3 months of their first meeting. Honeymoon period was really a great honeymoon for both of them. They went to Maldives but it did not end there. After about 3 months, they made a trip to Bali.

Life was a great vacation with Abhi. Almost every 2 months, they made an international trip, stayed in resorts, and did adventure sports along with that plenty of sightseeing. She believed herself to be the luckiest girl on the planet to have a husband who could support such excursions. She had heard a lot about miser husbands and how wives had to struggle to get money out of the pockets. She considered herself extremely lucky that she wasn’t one of them. Often she asked Abhi – how he managed such expensive vacations. And he just waived her off “You don’t worry about that. Money is my responsibility and I will give you all that I can”. She believed him – the biggest mistake of her life.

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It was 15th February – a day after Valentine ’s Day which they had celebrated very exuberantly. It was a double celebration because she had completed 3 months of pregnancy. She was carrying Samar. They had a knock on the door at 6:30 am. “Who could it be at this early hour?” thought Ruma. As soon as she opened the door, she froze. It was two policemen and they looked as if they were here to do some serious business. “Is Abhishek at home?” asked one of them sternly and was already stepping and peeping inside the house. “Yes, he is. But what is this regarding?” Ruma could feel her voice trembling nervously. “We are here to arrest him. He has been involved in drugs smuggling and money laundering. Here is the arrest warrant.” Policeman handed her a piece of paper. A piece of paper that was the end of her beautiful married life and her happiness. “No, that is not possible. He is a deals in a diamond business.” Words just came out of her. Both policemen just smirked and barged into the house. They went into every room, checking every closet and bathroom.

Abhi was just in the bed when she went to open the door. Where did he disappear?” She thought. Just then one of the policemen said in his walkie talkie “He has run out of the backdoor. Quick, cover him.”

“Abhi is trying to run. Why? Why doesn’t he tell them that he is innocent? What’s wrong with him?” She thought and almost felt like she was in a scene from a Bollywood movie.

Few hours later she was called in by the police to the police station. Her husband was behind the bars in the most pitiable state that she could ever imagine. He told her the story – hopefully this time it was the truth. He got involved in drug smuggling because he wanted to earn quick money. He wanted to do that only for a few months to earn enough and open up a diamond dealership. He did open up his business but the lucrative drug smuggling was an addiction in itself. Every international vacation was a way of smuggling crores of cocaine across the border. He never thought he could get caught and he never did. One of the people he worked with got caught and revealed his name as a partner and it did not take a lot of effort for police to find enough evidence against him.

Ruma’s life was miserable then. What followed was a nightmare! Endless visits to jail, court, lawyers and all sort of people she never thought she would have to deal with. She felt cheated and stupid.

How could she be so naïve to believe all that Abhi told her?

How come she never asked him the details of his diamond business?

How come she never took interest in the finances of the house?

How could she just live a hollow life of a stupid housewife?

How could he cheat her this way?

Amidst all this Samar was born and she swore to herself that she would never let her son get a shadow of this dark life.

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She applied for divorce soon after Samar was a few months old. Getting a divorce wasn’t difficult for her in these circumstances. Abhi was sentenced to life-time imprisonment. This divorce costed her everything not just emotionally but even financially. She had to pay huge fine that had been levied on her husband. Fine was enough to sell off their home and empty their savings. She even had to borrow money from her parents to buy clothes for her son. She realized what it meant really is to be poor. She had seen the riches which were fake and now she realized the value of hard earned money. She took up a job once Samar was a year old and started a new life.

This was the story that she wanted to tell Samar. These were the circumstances where she had to leave his father and marry Amish later on. She wanted to tell him how Amish had showered them with all the love in the world. They made a promise to each other that they would always keep these dark secrets away from him and Sagar but who knew then what the future holds for them.



“Sorry ladies! I understand that you are worried about your mother but hospital has rules. Ok? I cannot let you enter for another couple of hours. It is the ICU – too many visitor disturb the patients.” Said the Nurse.

“At least let us know how she is doing?” demanded Diana angrily

“Let me just get her reports and notes and I will update you in a minute.” Nurse walked away in a hurry. As she promised, nurse came back with a few papers in her hand.

“So, let me start. Your mother was brought in by the maid named Sathya who found her struggling to breathe in her bedroom. She had her inhaler but that only gave solace for a while and after that too she kept taking long puffs as if she is choking. She has a history of asthma which was diagnosed 15 years back. As per her, she always had it in control with her inhaler but this time it did not work. We have done a thorough checkup. Her vitals are stable now although blood pressure was higher when she arrived here. We wanted her breathing to become normal so we have given her nebulization and constant supply of oxygen. Once she feels better, we need to do chest scan to look for some congestion which could be a probable reason for this episode.” Narrated the nurse as if this was a small everyday incident.

Diana shuddered “What if mom was alone at home? What if Sathya hadn’t noticed her struggling in the bedroom? What if.. ? Oh my God, we could have lost mother forever today.”

Nina was gazing at an empty wall. She did not really feel anything. No fear, no sadness, no remorse – nothing at all. She was blank.

“Ma’am, you need to visit finance department for the payments. We do not have her insurance details as well. Please if you could make the payments urgently – we could proceed with the further diagnosis.” Said nurse interrupting the sisters’ thoughts.

“Who would be taking care of the payments?” asked the nurse looking at both of them turn-wise…

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“I will take care of it. Where is the finance department?” Nina said with surety. She looked at Diana who was still very scared at the thought of losing their mother. Diana nodded while Nina turned away to walk with the nurse. Diana returned her attention to her daughters who were both busy playing games on her mobile phone. She stared at them with wet eyes.

Her mind went back to the day when mother had locked Nina away in a room for more than a day. How could mother be so cruel? What was running in her mind? I have my daughters who are the most lovable human beings for me. Can I really ever lock them up without food or water in a room for 28 hours? Can I ever hit them with ladle so hard that they would have to be hospitalized? What was wrong with mom? Why couldn’t she ever love me and Nina?

Nina has been a protector to me. I cannot even count the number of times she has saved me from mom’s rage instead she took all the punishments that were meant for me. That ladle was supposed to hit me but Nina stepped in just in time to get injured. It was me who had spilled that breakfast that Nina had prepared so lovingly. But Nina got the punishment. Nina had always been there for me. I can imagine why she is so negative towards mom. She always got the brunt even for my mistakes. As for Dad, he was not really there for us. He loved us but he was always busy with work which apparently was more important than us.

Diana looked up and Nina was standing right there signing some papers for the man in black coat – probably from the finance department.

Nina then came and sat next to Diana. “We still have an hour before we can visit mother and they need to keep her in observation for longer before they can take her for scan. Do you want to go and get something to eat? Kids must be hungry.” Said Nina holding Diana’s hand.

“Yes massi, I am starving. Can we have some sandwiches?” shouted Kiara

“Ok, let us go. There is cafeteria on the top floor. We will come back in an hour.” Said Diana

I have to tell Nina what happened after she left home to study in the boarding school. I also have to tell her what happened when father died. I don’t know how will she take it but she needs to know.

After they ordered food for kids and coffee for themselves, they sat on a corner table. “Nina, you need to know some things that happened at home in your absence.” Said Diana with a lot determination.

“What? I don’t want to talk about it, Diana. I told you in the past as well. I have got nothing to do with mother.” Snapped Nina

“It is not about mother. It is about your life. Till you forgive mother and move on from what happened in your childhood – you will not be happy. You don’t have to tell me but I know how miserable and lonely you are in your life. Don’t you want to be happy and content?” explained Diana

Nina smirked. “Happy and content! That only happens in fairy tales, Diana.”

“Listen ok? Just listen.” Said Diana

“After father sent you to boarding school in class 9th – I pleaded with him to send me too. I could not imagine living in that house without you. I was always scared of mom. But I just knew one thing that I should never reply back to her or try to reason with her when she was angry. That saved me from being a victim to her anger. Dad refused to send me to boarding then – he said I need to be class 9th to join the boarding.” Said Diana

“I remember that mom and dad were fighting all the time. I never ever saw them smiling at each other or even looking at each other lovingly. Dad was always working late hours – he was mostly not there for either mom or me. But whenever he came – he always took me in his lap and told me that I should not worry about them. These are grown up problems and kids shouldn’t concern themselves with this. And that mom loved both of us but just that she was short tempered.” Diana continued looking into Nina’s eyes now…

“I never understood why she was so short tempered. What was troubling her so much? I could not even figure out what triggered the fits of rage in her. After dad died of heart attack, I saw that mom softened a lot. She has been living with us since then and I don’t see the same mother anymore. Once I saw her crying looking at her wedding pictures and I asked her what made her so angry when they were kids.” Diana’s look softened remembering her father’s death…

“She mentioned that their marriage was not working. She and Dad were not compatible at emotional level at all. She also suspected dad of an illicit relationship with another woman. In fact she said that she is very sure that father was cheating on her. All those frequent tours and work was not really work but was a woman” said Diana…

“I never asked mother any more details about their relationship. But Nina, just for a minute look at mom and dad not as your parents but as a couple who had their own problems. Maybe you will just see …” Diana continued but Nina interrupted in between…

“Wait, do you have any evidence of this allegation on dad?” asked Nina, her eyes wide open

“Errr… yes. But why is that important? Whatever was there, was there. I hacked into his Gmail after he died and I found a few emails that proved that he was involved with somebody else. I just read a couple of them to know for sure – but did not probe any further. I did not want to lose respect for my dad.” Said Diana lowering her eyes

“Nina, whatever wrong Dad did and I did – it all came out on you. Mom could not handle her emotions appropriately. As a 12 year old child – it was obvious for you to hate your mother. But now as a 40 year old woman – do you think you can forgive her? She had to give up her career to take care of us and almost after you were born, Dad started to lose interest in the marriage. Of course, all this took a toll on mother and she couldn’t handle it.”

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Tears were rolling down Nina’s cheeks now. She did not know what to believe and what to think. “So, dad was involved with another woman! And mom was angry on him all these years. But why punish me for all that? It wasn’t my fault. How was I supposed to know and understand all this as a child? Now I do understand, at least I think I do.” Said Nina talking loudly to herself

This piece of information was transformative for Nina. All these years, she blamed her mother without understanding or even thinking why her mom was the way she was. Now she had an opportunity to look at the world from her mom’s point of view and that could be an opportunity to forgive her also.


Human beings have the basic tendency to judge others. It could be anything ranging from introvert, reserved, extrovert, friendly, warm, stubborn, crazy, sensitive etc. Labeling or branding is only an extreme form of judging somebody. What we need to realize is that people have phases in life. When we brand or label a person in a certain way, that person tends to become more of the label. If a 5-yr old starts throwing tantrums to get a toy, world labels the child as stubborn. The child might not know the what stubborn means and what the right behavior is, but he understands that people expect him to throw tantrums and only when he does that, his needs will be met, thus he becomes even more stubborn. This is vicious circle, which can be broken only if we stop labeling others.

I was always labeled as a studious and sincere book worm. It was true to some extent. I had very few friends. I was one of the toppers, used to study late nights. I liked reading books and writing diary.

I wasn’t all that studious and book worm. I was fun when I was with my friends. I used to dance, sing and play. But since I was more sincere about my studies than most of my peers, I was labeled as studious. And once I got this label, I too believed that I am too studious. I started believing that a person like me is not really outdoors and playful. Slowly and gradually I started keeping to myself. Writing my diary, reading books, painting were my only hobbies. Dancing and sports was going out of the picture.

What I felt about being labeled like that is very confusing to me till date. I liked being called studious, because that meant that my parents and my teachers are proud of me. But I also did not like it because it made me an outcast in my own friend circle and the group of my cousins. My peers would look at me like somebody different, someone who is too serious and sincere. My sisters believed that I won’t keep their secrets from elders, since I was so very sincere. There were times when I went out of the way and became complete rebel just to prove that I am not all that sincere and that I am one of them. And when my peers saw me as a rebel, they again rejected me because it did not suit the label that I had. My parents saw that I have changed and they too disapproved of the change, they obviously loved the label that I had.

Labels make a huge difference to children. Their innocent minds believe what the world believes about them. They take energy and inspiration from what world judges them as. That makes it extremely important to make sure that we don’t label our children. If we see them being labeled as something negative, then we should put in some extra effort to make the child not believe that label. It is important to them to understand that there is difference between the way the world perceives them and the way they perceive themselves.


It was 22nd Dec’2007. I was sitting silently in hotel lobby in busy downtown area of Salt Lake City (USA) – having my breakfast. It was my last day in the city after a long 3 months project work. I was in no hurry to reach work because most of the office was now off due to Christmas vacations.

While I sipped my coffee and dug into the waffle – I realized that tears were rolling down my eyes. At that moment, I felt like screaming and running away from the place. Why? Because I was extremely home sick and desperate to get back home. I had always told people till that time that I am a loner. I like my own company and hardly ever feel lonely. I was proven wrong beyond doubt. After 3 months of almost staying alone, eating alone, roaming around alone – I was desperate to be with my own people.

I could see all the families getting together for Christmas. The city was decorated beautifully. The hotel lobby which was usually empty was crowded with families meeting their loved ones for holidays. It was all snow outside – perfect scene from a nice Hollywood movie. And here I had to pick up my laptop and go to work. Phew! I was depressed and upset and angry and extremely demotivated. All I wanted was to come back to India. I never knew I could have this desperation to meet my family. It was difficult for me wait for my flight back to India.

This was changing point in my life. Because after that trip I completely dropped the dream to do Masters in the US (along with that my GRE scores for which I had worked really hard). Some people felt I was crazy giving up that dream but I did not want it anymore. I was done staying alone abroad (just in 3 months).

Again in Dec 2016, when I was visiting Netherlands for work – I found myself bitterly sobbing in an Italian restaurant. I was looking at my son’s pictures sent by my parents and could not help missing him desperately. It was only a 2 week trip – not too bad. But still I could completely relate to that feeling of desperation again. Every single night of those 2 weeks I used to sit in one of my favorite restaurants till midnight or so, reading a book or watching a movie. Sitting alone in my hotel room was killing me practically. I could not handle the silence and loneliness of the room – I would spend as much time possible outside the hotel room because I wanted people around me.

What happens to me when I am desperate? Well, to start with I cannot control my tears. I feel like screaming out my lungs. I start to get nasty thoughts a little bit towards killing myself or somebody else. It is difficult to keep track of time – sometimes I would sleep at odd hours and sometimes time would just not go. If I am not crying – I am staring at empty walls with no thoughts altogether. I don’t feel like talking to anybody or working.

What do I do when I feel like I am getting desperate? I act early on. I now know what the feeling of being desperate is. So as soon as I realize that I am getting negative – I distract myself with something very positive. It could be either music, book, movie, people, writing, workouts, photography or something else. I think of positive things in my life. I try to reinforce the positivity of the situation like tell myself over and over again why I am staying alone in an unknown country.

Getting desperate is almost like being crazy. Your mind stops working and you lose your sanity. It is definitely not a place I want to be at. There have been numerous other situations where I have felt pangs of desperation. This is just one of them. Learning to get over your desperation is very similar to learning to get over your anger. It is an extreme negative emotions and with enough maturity one can handle it.


What just happened? Did Mrs. Parmar really say this? How can she ask for my daughter?” Sapna felt she was going to faint. Just when she believed that there is humanity in the world – God decided to show her the reality. There is none, no humanity, no kindness. It is a bad, cruel world. 

Naina is my daughter. She is my life. I am not letting her go away from me at any cost. I am going to fight this with all I have.” 

Mrs. Parmar’s words still ringing in her ears – “You yourself are struggling to make ends meet, how you can meet her demands as she grows up.  She is a gem that needs to be polished and I am the one who can do it.  Don’t let this flower perish in the heat of poverty.

Yes, that’s true. I am struggling to make ends meet but if I let my daughter go away – then what is the meaning of living.” Sapna was bitterly crying now. She was stuck, she was indebted to Mrs. Parmar – but the cost of debt is her life itself. Why couldn’t she ask for something else? 

Sapna took her phone and called Mrs. Parmar immediately. After a few rings the call was received. 

Mrs. Parmar this is Sapna here. Do you have a few minutes to talk?” this time Sapna had a harshness in her voice. How dare this lady thought that she could just take away my daughter?

Yes Sapna, tell me. When can I come and pick up Naina from you?” said Mrs. Parmar in a mocking tone that pierced through Sapna.

Naina is my life, Ma’am. You could have asked for anything else, I would have given it to you. But Naina herself? I am sorry ma’am. I know I am indebted to you. I will work twice thrice as hard and return back all of your money with whatever interest you want. But I am not giving Naina away. This is my final decision. Please let me know how else can I repay you.” Sapna had a determination in her voice that she never knew she even had.

Oh I see! Really Sapna, you are a fool to think this way. What will Naina achieve by studying in a filthy government school? What about her dreams, Sapna? Do you see that this girl might want to become something big – Fighter Pilot, Fashion Designer, Investment Banker or anything else? Do you think you will ever have enough money to support her dreams, to let her have those wings she can fly with?” Mocking tone still continued in her voice.

Ma’am with all due respect, happiness matters to me and Sapna more than the amount of money we earn or the kind of career we make. She will become what she wants to be even in my limited income. Have some humanity, ma’am. You are a mother yourself, can you imagine selling off your 5 year old son for his dreams? We are poor, ma’am but we do have a heart which is not a stone. I am repeating again – please tell me how else can I repay you.” Sapna was shouting now. 

What happened Mumma?” Naina who was sleeping in the bedroom woke up with all the noise. She seemed scared and that’s when Sapna realized that she was shouting out so loud. 

Do you even realize Sapna who you are talking to? You are talking to the owner of the factory where your husband was working in meagre salary. Do you know what all can I do to you? I can crush you completely and even have your daughter kidnapped.” Mrs. Parmar’s voice now had cruelty and harshness.

Ma’am as I said – I already know that you have no heart. Don’t try to threaten me with all this. I can understand how desperate you are for a grandchild. So, I have an offer to make to you. It is again a win-win situation. Tell me if you are ready to listen to my offer. I need to go now to my daughter. Please call me when you are ready.” Said Sapna without thinking. Words just seem to come out of her mouth as if she was possessed by something else.

Sapna disconnected the call. Her heart was racing, she was sweating, her feet and hands were trembling. She couldn’t even imagine where she got the courage from. And what the hell did she mention about offer. She has no offer to make. What will she say when Mrs. Parmar actually calls back? 

Naina came running to her mother and wiped her tears off. That’s when Sapna realized that she was crying too. She hugged her little girl really long – thinking hard about an offer to make to Mrs. Parmar. 

Another thought was running in parallel – what if she runs away with Naina to a place where Parmar’s cannot find them and trouble them? Kidnapping is also an option with them. We need to run. But where and how? They have no money and no place to go to.


One of my biggest fear that makes my stomach crumple is the fear of being judged wrongly, the fear of people thinking that I am bad, fear of people believing that I am not good enough for something.

Fear of looking bad comes when I constantly think of “What people will think of me?” and the answer to that question actually drives my actions. This also means that my own opinions would not matter. It would always be defined and governed by what people want me to do and behave.

In the past I had a tough situation at work. Apparently, the team that I worked with did not think that I am doing enough work or performing to my capabilities. They always had reasons to find faults at me. Mainly most of them did not like me. I remember not wanting to go to work at all and even crying in washrooms during the day. It was a horrible time for me because somehow what people think of me mattered to me a lot.

“What can I do so that people like me?” “How should I behave to be in good books of people close to me?” “What does he/she expect from me?” These were the kind of questions always running in my head. It was so important for me to be a “Good Girl” that I would go to just any limits to make this happen. That doesn’t mean that I always followed what people wanted me to do. That meant that I would always give an impression to people around me that I am the best. It was more prevalent with my family members.

Long ago when I was studying, I had a close friend. She used in confide in me a lot and I used to as well. But there was one problem – she was very judgmental. Every time she would feel that I am doing something wrong in her opinion, she would simply invalidate my feelings and tell me that I was wrong. As a result of this I started to hesitate in sharing my feelings with her, because I knew she would come down on me. But the fact is that I had to be “Nice” to her so I started to hide things and even lying to her. So, it was double life – on one side I would things that I liked and on the other I would be a person that she would approve of. One can imagine what happened to our friendship, it died after a lot of trouble.

Things like these happen to me quite a lot – where being nice or looking good in the eyes of others is so important for me that I would step upon my own feelings. The result would be that I would end up being a doormat.

In Dec 2016, I took a resolution to make an attempt to get over this fear. I took a very conscious decision to have those difficult conversations with people around me to make myself heard. I made a list of people I have to talk and the topics I have to talk to about. Initially, it took a lot of preparation in order to come up with the conversation but now I think I am getting used to just telling people (in a nice way) that I disagree with them.

I think my parents did an amazing job of putting values of being nice, being kind, being selfless in me. But excess of anything is harmful. I have gone through a lot of emotional turmoil because of this fear. I have a feeling now that I might be on journey to keep this fear behind me. I hope so.


The next morning came and Meghana expected Manu to put some questions on the table. But he was as cool as cucumber. No reaction at all !!

Does he even care why I went off like that?

Is he even interested in my life?

Before she even realized she started to get a bit upset only because Manu did not ask her any questions about her whereabouts the day before. She knew he came back early from work only for her comfort. But the way he saw her and Animesh together – he could have thought of just anything. And moreover that fight started because she had to go to dentist but that also she had cancelled.

The morning was busy as usual and after a lot of running around, Manu and Kabir left for their destinations. She was left alone again with just her thoughts. She started to think about Animesh. How his life had turned upside down and yet he was this happy-go-lucky guy. How does he manage his emotions? Doesn’t he get angry with his life ever? He still managed to be same energetic and peppy person.

“Make a deal with Manu” – that’s what Animesh had suggested to her. Maybe he was right. Maybe she just had to search for herself, maybe she had to think about being the same Meghana that Manu had fallen in love with. If she does that, maybe this marriage would just be fine.

“Let’s go for a long ride, Manu!” Meghana used to say this quite often in the early years of their marriage. And they would put on their helmets and with music in their ears, they would ride off on his bike. It was so much fun. They used to go to one of beaches nearby. Once they would start talking – it would be endless. They always had so much to share and so much to chat about. Meghana couldn’t help but smile while thinking about what all they used to laugh about and talk about. It would be about their friends and family members, sometimes they would think of a new business idea that they might want to venture into. Other times it would be a light talk just about their future and how they would love to raise their kids.

Thinking about all this, Meghana quickly opened her laptop. She opened gtalk chats because that is what she and Manu used before marriage. She searched for the chats and she found them in no time. She opened one of them.

26th Oct’ 2009

“Manuuuuuu, you did not tell me what should I wear for the party tonight?”

“I love that red dress on you. Why don’t you try that?”

“I could, but you know I might look a bit fat in it”

“Hahaha, you will look fat anyways”

 😡 Grrrrr… How could you say that? I am not talking to you now. Huh!!”

🙂 Ok bye. Have fun dressing up.”

“I am angry, Manu. Won’t you even try to make up for my mood?”

“I will once I meet you. For now be a doll and come over in that red dress. And don’t worry a tad bit about your fat, you look lovely to me”

“Thanks baby, I am coming in sometime”

She opened another one.

6th Jan’ 2010

“Hi Meghana, did you practice the steps we decided yesterday. We only have 3 days left.”

“Yes yessss I did. But I am finding it bit difficult after 5th step. I somehow cannot rotate my waist like that”

“Hmmmm. Ok, we will change that step. All ok other than that?”

“Yups, you really want us to be the best naa”

“We are the best sweetie. There is no better couple than us. You will see how all eyes are going to be on us while we rock the stage.”

“I am quite sure. But don’t be too angry if I miss out something. I am trying my best, you know”

“I will kill you if you make a mistake. Hahaha, just kidding! You are an amazing dancer and all of us make mistakes. Don’t worry. Just practice and we are going to be best ever”

She closed the laptop with tears in her eyes. What happened to those long rides, movie outings, dance performances, flirtatious talks? Why did all that end in 7 years of marriage? It was such a gradual change that she doesn’t even know when their marriage started to rust. Now they hardly spoke to each other except for the things that are needed to run the house and raise a child. Things like “going to the dentist”, “picking up Kabir”, “buying some groceries”, “calling the electrician” etc. Thinking about a red dress and dance performances now was way out of their relationship.

“What should I do now? What would the old Meghana do? Where is she lost? How should I try to get her back?” Meghana closed her eyes with these thoughts.


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