Yes, dear life,
I’ll never give up on you.
No matter what you throw my way
I’ll definitely survive the day.

You will always see a smile on my face
For, I believe in living with grace.
I’m not the one to sit and cry
I’ve been taught to touch the highs.

You see,
I’m the mountain girl
who carries the sunshine in her curls
who carries the sunshine in her curls.
To all those who feel like giving up
show life who’s the BOSS, Yes!


To the one who
taught me the
beauty of life
showed me
how to touch
the sky
without taking flight

Married at 18
single at 25
for no longer
were you the apple
of his eyes

The pain, the suffering
all bundled and tied
hid under the guise
of a sparkling smile

There must have come
along your way
who lip-synced
this ghazal-
Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho
Kya gham hai jisko chhupa rahe ho
to make your day

But your heart was full
your hands overflowing
with responsibilities of
two children
rapidly growing

The constant noise
that society made
never left a chance
to throw your way
some bait

Yet, you ever stood tall
you held your ground
and under your
sheltering wings
we always found
the love of a woman
the responsibility of a man
switching roles from
Cinderella to Superman

Then, i was naive
had no idea
that all you gave
was much more
than what was on
your plate

But now, when i
have a child of my own
and a house to run
i very well understand
how difficult it is
to manage
even with four hands
and come to think of it
you magical lady
did it single handedly

I rarely say this
but know that
Ama, i love you
with all my heart
i do
and I’m thankful
for all that
you’ve done
and still do

To you
these words
long due


I cut the norms,
a shortie me;
was drowning in it

The gossips,
I made it sleeveless,
was not in its favour of doing the rounds

My ego,
I made it backless;
didn’t want it getting the support of the wall & creeping all over

My self-respect,
I made it ankle length;
wanted it to pick up & run, should anyone try to mangle it

I put on a baggy smile,
that way, it would be easier for my sorrows to be swallowed

I’ve assembled the pieces
to a perfect fit,
I hope you all do too.
Happy tailoring 😊


 The most difficult task
to lift yourself and start;
start that journey
where as hurdles, you’ll come across
numerous potholes.
For, this is not an ordinary journey,
but a journey of courage
you take,
for the dream you’ve always held
closest to your heart.

Alone, you’ll have to scale the mountains,
swim the sea,
cross the bridge,
to reach there, where you’d always wanted to be
for, you’re the only one who can take yourself there, come what may.
Count your blessings
On the way you go
Unknown the road
Rough the weather
And countless storms that beats you
Gentle reminder, though
Everything is worth it because its your dream you’re striving for!!