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“Rule for a peaceful life- Keep your hearts open, spirit free and tongue in control”

Its About How You See

It’s all in the tone how you read “Why I Can’t”? A frown spells depression whereas curiosity refills the positivity to achieve the unachievable. Give it a try yourself!!

Quick Quotes

“Your gestures and words must exhibit and mean that you care and love to your loved ones. And do it right away for deadlines can be extended not lives. Memories matter whereas regrets don’t have value”.

Quick Quote

Goal for life – have a compassionate heart that could feel the pain of a fellow being and a mind strong enough that won’t let me crumble in the times of personal distress.

When I feel negative today at the age of 44, I should look back to my childhood and learn from the strategies that I had applied that time to stay happy at all conditions. 

 – Chiradeep

Gratitude is an expression of the attitude of the heart.
Demanding gratitude thwarts it’s purpose apart.

 – Rajnandini

“Mind your vocabulary before correcting my grammar”

 – Kalpana