Building something new is difficult.
Rebuilding something to give a fresh look is all the more difficult.
Look behind, if you have left anything broken rebuild it.
If anything is undone, do it with passion and enthusiasm.

Every night dies to birth a new day
Every season ends to let the next one bloom
The dry leaves wither for new ones to sprout
So if things seem dark, and you feel it can’t get worse than this, remember something Wonderful is round the corner…

“Firmly believing in yourself and losing is better than blindly trusting others and winning because in the first case you learn a lesson which is ‘Always‘ useful later on and the later one is purely in God’s hand and life will not be the same ‘Always‘.”
– Kalpana Vogeti

Leaving behind what I could not achieve this year is easier than treading on my way to the year kept in my future. So let me start with the easiest one –
‘Letting go of my past’. – Chiradeep


Everyone has an important role to play in this world. No one is less important or of lesser value than other. Every responsibility is equally important and needs to be carried out diligently.

“Be kind to others when no one is watching.
Pray when no one is watching.
Cry when no one is watching.
Stand in the rain when no one is watching.
Dance your heart out when no one is watching.
Something’s are too personal,
don’t turn them into a performance with an audience.”

To rise high and strong,
first bend down and
look inside to identify
your weaknesses
for every flight commences
from ground”