It was her birthday! What can be the most beautiful gift for my beloved person!

A well designed collage with her beautiful pictures and special poem in the middle of it! That’s a tiny portion of my expression of love for her and a humble attempt to gratify her love for me.

She loves it! Her parents like it! Her siblings appreciate it!

Alas… you can never change the perception of them who are fully committed to bring down every good thing to their level of understanding. That’s a spicy curry for them but for another, it may be a stinky TABOO

I Love you, not because you are Beautiful

I Love you, not because you are Rich

I Love you, not because you are Influential

I Love you, not because you are my Girl friend

I Love you because you held my hands when my feeble knees stumbled me

I Love you because your counsels corrected me

I Love you because your secret prayers strengthened my soul to face challenges

I Love you because you are TRUST WORTHY for me

The clincher of every relationship is the celestial pious power of Love. The serene beauty of every relationship is clothed in Love. Love kindles the flame in every soul to walk an extra-mile in all relationship. Love is the crux of every relationship… then what’s wrong there to say, “I LOVE YOU”!

The Bible says,

Three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love—

and the GREATEST of these is Love.”

Love is the greatest of all because –

The Bible also says,

“Whoever does not love does not know GOD, because God is Love

As God is love and love comes from Him, we are able to see and embrace the eternal beauty of every relationship. But Beauty must be enjoyed within the BOUNDARY! And the Boundary is FENCE of godly standard!

As God is Love, Love is the NEED of human existence and Love gives an identity to every relationship. Then follows our contributions to our relationships day after day to make the bond of love stronger.

We are best friends for each other since 2014 valentine day but till now we have never been on Hangout, we haven’t taken a Selfie even (sounds funny in a selfie generation), we always stayed miles away yet we are so deeply inclined in love that we don’t need to ask about our situations, just a hello tone is enough to explain each other what our story is all about. We deeply love one another, fight with each other, and fights for one another, we are very open to each other and treasure our secrets, together we have painted many beautiful moments yet the FENCE of godly standards has always guarded the beauty of our relationship.

Finally, I can say, Love is a need and a need can never be blamed as Taboo till we enjoy its beauty within the boundary guarded by the godly standard…

 Enjoy the love within…



“My pocket can afford it…”

With the advent of 21st century we have entered into the Global market of availability, everything can be home delivered. It’s just a mile away from us… all that is required is – ‘Can your pocket afford it?’

Oh, I thought it’s Christmas light!
No Problem, how much I need to pay Mr. Cop?

My son’s rash driving broke your Sabji (vegetable) trolley!
No Problem, How much money do you want?

I am conceived!
No Problem, What’s your cost?

“Compare money to Repair” has become the trend of our day.

In a couple of lectures Dr. Ravi Zacharias quotes this story:

“A rich business man boards his flight and sat beside a beautiful lady. In a short while they started introducing each other. After sometime the rich man asked the lady, I want you for tonight….what’s your cost? I can pay you 100 dollars.

The lady stared at him and kept quite. As the flight was about to land, the lady said, “It will be my pleasure to be with you tonight, but I don’t want 100 dollars, I am okay with 10 dollars. The rich man with high tone said, “What do you think about me? Do you know who I am?”

The lady smiled and replied, “Cool down man… We know who we are!

We are just haggling over the price!”

In the craze of “money matters” we are over-looking a NAKED TRUTH – People look at us the same way we look at them. There’s no difference!

The Bible says,
“A good name is more desirable than great riches;
to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.”

“Let’s have the last night tonight…”

I love to spend late evening hours with couple of my good friends over phone calls or chat and often our discussions are based on the topic that pours-out our hearts. We counsel – analyze – comment and exchange ideas. In recent times we were continuously puzzled by some of the real life stories. Most of them gave us the foot note – “Let’s have the last night tonight…”

Relationships have become wardrobe room stories – “I have lost weight; it no longer fits on me. Let me exchange with another one…”

Where do we find 1000 excuses that just make us feel good and look good?
How a beloved can become an unknown person with the dawn of a new day?
In the craze of “feel good and look good” we are over-looking a NAKED TRUTH – There’s a Pay day Someday. None gets free lunch!

The Bible says,
“For God will bring every deed into judgment,
including every hidden things,
whether it is good or evil.”

Let’s take the crux of both of the Bible verses as our footnote –

“How do we live TODAY?”

Keep thinking…


My Goal for 2018:          ….is to Accomplish the goals of 2017

                                                ….which I should have Done in 2016

                                                ….because I Promised them in 2015

                                                ….and Planned them in 2014

Often this is our story and this is our song!

We gear up every year 1st January with new Goals – new Aspirations – new Resolutions – new Commitments but what happens in between that we shift gears for different roads and finally gives excuse.

Have you ever played with an Ant?

Yes… every time you put an obstacle in its way, it will change its pace and direction but will never stop or will never change its destination.

It is the renewed mind that compels us to grow in spite of all odds

Often our New Year resolutions for new beginnings are very much ‘Trendy’. Setting new goals and making new commitments has all most become a trend, we make it in different flashy and impressing ways but what happens after?

How we are unable to stay committed to our commitments?

Why we switch-over our plans and resolutions?

Bible says: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.

As a baby I never tied my shoes and start walking the way I suppose to, Rather I took the help of my father and started learning to walk. Often I fall and fail to walk but all the time my father take hold of my hand, cleaned my knees and healed my wounds and taught me HOW I to Walk!

Our New Beginning is exactly so

between us & our Eternal father –God, The Almighty

We can never deny the truth – our wisdom & works are finite and full of flaws. But God in His infinite knowledge and perfect in strength knows better than us. He has ordained all the days of our life on earth and can heal our invisible scars & wounds.

Bible says,

Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust him, and he will help you”

He came to my desk with a quivering lip,
the lesson was done.
“Have you a new sheet for me, dear teacher?
I’ve spoiled this one.”
I took his sheet, all soiled and blotted
and gave him a new one all unspotted.
And into his tired heart I cried,
“Do better now, my child.”

I went came to the throne with a trembling heart;
the day was done.
“Have you a new day for me, dear Master?
I’ve spoiled this one.”
He took my day, all soiled and blotted
and gave me a new one all unspotted.
And into my tired heart he cried,
“Do better now, my child.”


God bless you!



Award winning world-class novelist Jack Higgins was interviewed after his award winning book “The Eagle has landed” and he was asked,

“Mr. Higgins,What do you now want to know as you wished to known as a younger man?”

He replied, “I wished to known then what I know now that –

When you get to the top, THERE’S NOTHING THERE…”

This has been already mentioned in the Mega, last Sunday.

It’s been 8 years for me working among the young influential urban youths, every time they quote me “Zindegi do din ka, khao, pio aur aissh karo…” which means “Life is for two days. Eat – Drink and Enjoy it…”

But my question is “WHAT IS NEXT???”

Even going to the top WHY we don’t find anything there?

Why still there’s EMPTINESS within?

Why we are happy but NOT joyful?

The last three wishes of Alexander, the Great was,

“My Physicians alone must carry my coffin”

(Reason is, “the world will know that even best of best doctors are helpless about DEATH”)

“When my coffin will be carried to the graveyard, the path leading to the graveyard must be strewn with Gold, Silver and precious Stones that I have collected in my treasury”

(Reason is, “even my wealth cannot save my life it is sheer waste of time to chase wealth”)

“Both of my hands be kept dangling out of my coffin”

(Reason is, “I came with empty hands to this world and is going back with empty hands)

Alexander’s last wishes have great analogy with Bible. The Bible says,

I have seen all the things that are done under the sun;

all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.’

In fact it’s true! We toil day and night to earn Gold & Glory but what do we carry with us by our death bed? Even by our 4th generation we are a forgotten person in this world.

In midst of life, death & knowledge the greatest achievement is to understand the meaning of our life and living it purposefully yet the question remains


Is it possible by another human being? Every human is uniquely created for a unique purpose. Though probably there are 4 people just like us in this world yet each one is different from another. Since our childhood to till our death we all are busy in chasing to discover ‘Life’s meaning’.

A handful of mud never knows what shape it will get and how it will be used. But the potter knows it very well, as he holds a picture in his mind before the creation of a pot.

God in his Infinite knowledge and Eternal existence

Knows better than any human being and can explain individually….

We just have to SEEK, and we will find.


#Mischievous acts #Classroom bunks! 

#Own Cricket rules! #Bicycle stunts! 

#Story telling! #Friends’ fan following! 

#Stealing sweets #Shaktiman Sunday Series…. 

Oh…how fast I grew up, those tiny shoes I threw up! These are the taglines of my childhood memory lane…

Being one of the youngest sons of the family, throughout my childhood I had to tolerate my elder brothers and sisters – their monarchical rules, their CIA spying to my parents, especially my Di (Elder Sister). I am still confused as to what fun she got whenever my father punished me in the past.

Somehow she was also right because I was behaving like an angel at home and church but was a spoilt-brat outside. I can never forget those punishments from Papa but the best part of the punishment was – every time Papa will punish us, he will take us (mostly me and my younger brother) to the sweets stall and used to give us lots of sweets to eat. Whenever Papa punishes us we were sure that we will have delicious sweets outside. 

When we were in primary schools, Papa used to give tuition to his friend’s son at our home every evening. He was quite older to us but was very loving and generous to all 3 of us (Di, I and my younger brother) as we were his teacher’s kids. But he had a very bad habit, he never used to do his homework and everyday he used to be punished an extra 30 minutes to finish his homework. Then, there were only 2 national channels on Indian Television – Doordarshan and DD2. I used to dislike DD2 because it was mostly a news channel but every Saturday night we were too happy because we were allowed to watch movies along with our parents in late evening hours. It was one Saturday evening, my father’s student (friend’s son) was punished to sit till he finishes his homework and it was about 10 PM in the night. The movie was already on but because he was still studying we were not allowed to switch on our television. Out of anger I and my elder sister punctured his bicycle Tyre. As Papa knew that it was done by us, we were punished to sleep empty stomach and were not allowed to watch the movie. And above all the very next day we had to apologize to that brother.

Then punishments were hard for me and at times I used to think I was under British colonial rule, but NOW I am thankful to my Papa and Mumma though they didn’t feel great punishing us yet they never stopped disciplining us in the hardest ways.

“Don’t fail to discipline your children.

They won’t die if you spank them.”

(The Bible)

Today, it is quite difficult for me to jot down my childhood memories…it needs time to recall, it is past, history, so on and so forth but the impact they made, the lessons taught then, are still working in shaping – instructing – living a good moral life based on godly standards. As I grew older I treasure them in my heart just to build my future family based on the principles I was nourished.

“It’s the time that passes by

but the treasures of childhood never passes by…”


Recently, I asked my friend Sheetal, “What is your understanding on ‘Being Emotional’?” And she replied, “Being emotional for me means I understand everything deeply and the purpose of the situation too.”

Isn’t she very true?

I completely believe in her statement as I am a very emotional person. Though I pretend at times that – ‘it’s okay!’…with a plastic smile but the inside story contradicts it completely.

Last year I was at Park Street traffic and a small boy knocked on my cab window requesting me to buy one balloon…as my eyes fell on that guy the first thought that sprouted in me was, “What if I was in his condition today!”

That thought not only emotionally inclined me with his situation but also humbled me before God and reminded me not to defame my character by taking easy exits of life.

Emotion always paves the way to incline with the situation or the person’s situation in order to retrospect our life and develop Godly standards within us.

“Emotions are our Strength…”

One of the biggest combat plans is “identifying the strengths of your enemy”. We human beings are framed in a mortal structure with an immortal image within us and the biggest agenda of the devil is to skillfully strike on our strength and denigrate our immortal image.

Few years back a very elderly English speaking man came to my house asking for financial help. At the beginning of the conversation I was very much impressed by his gesture and moreover his story literally brought me to emotions and after 20 minutes I gave him Rs. 100 in a very humble way. As he departed, with a heavy heart I prayed for him. After 15 days again the same man came to my house with two rotten bags and a walk-stick in his hand and asked me money. Though I felt like he is taking advantage of my emotions still I thought let me go further and help him, if he is taking advantage then God will take care of it. But as the days went on the old man started regularly visiting my house and even in my absence he started emotionally forcing my parents for money. Finally, after 2 months of this drama I decided to have straight talk with him and in his next visit I gave him Rs. 20 with warning not to visit us again.  

The Bible says,

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves.

Therefore be as wise as snakes and as innocent as doves”.

Being emotionally driven is very good but at the same time we need to safeguard our goodness, our emotions using the God given wisdom and knowledge as the people of these world are like wolves. At times when we see people taking advantage of our emotions we need to draw a line then there. It will hurt them and us as well but we need to remember, “scars and pain on both sides are obvious while taming a horse”.

“Being emotional is good but safeguarding the goodness is more necessary…”



Whenever I make any new friends especially female ones my Di (elder sister) asks a bulk of questions about them. Though it’s good for me,  I often get irritated about it. Once I said, ‘Don’t try to put your nose into my issues, mind your own business. And why should you know everything about my friends!’ I can never forget her lovely reply, ‘you’re too sensitive about relationship and in this particular matter you use your heart more than your brain’.

The word ‘Deception’ always reminds me of one the incidents of my life.

Then I was a university student, barely in my early 20s. Being an extrovert, I had lots of friends. Within a very short span, my friendship with one of my friends went little more intimate. We started sharing best of our times and lives and trusted one another. After a couple of years of our friendship, my friend’s behavior always hinted me negatively but every time I avoided it correcting myself: ‘doubt always kills friendship and I should not allow it in’. In between my dear friend took a new Videocon smart phone with voice modulation feature. After some days, when I saw my friend is avoiding my phone calls, I questioned – “hey, what happened why have you stopped responding to my phone calls and the reply I got was, ‘actually, my cousin sister is using my phone and is always busy talking to her fiancé’. Many times I had phone conversations with my friend’s cousin sister. Almost after 8 months and because of some unexpected personal issues we had to break our friendship. The next day I came to know from my friend’s parents that ‘there is no one as the cousin sister in the family!!’ It was my friend who took advantage of the voice modulation technology and was misleading me! All our friends felt very bad about it as we simply believed the lies and fabricated stories of our dear friend.

“DECEPTION” is ‘an instance of actions and/or schemes fabricated to mislead someone into believing a lie or inaccuracy’.

C. Ryle says, “What would you expect? Sin will not come to you, saying, “I am sin.” It would do little harm if it did. Sin always seems “good, and pleasant, and desirable,” at the time of commission.”

Yes that’s very true, that’s what deception is all about! Deception allures us presenting itself in its most attractive form with all kinds of fabricated stories and well organized schemes to believe a lie. Wise King Solomon says in the Bible, For the lips of the adulterous woman drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil; but in the end she is bitter as gall, sharp as a double-edged sword.”

Pamela Christian says, “Unless we examine what we believe and why we believe it, we can easily be deceived and not know it.”

Deception needs introspection. God always prompts us in many ways when we are being deceived. He speaks to our conscience ‘something is going wrong’, so it’s better to pause and introspect the whole matter rather than being emotion-bounded.

“This life’s dim windows of the soul,
Distorts the heavens from pole to pole.
And goads you to believe a lie,
When you see with, and not through the eye.”

(William Blake)

We are meant to see through the eye, with the conscience, not devoid of conscience.

Couple months back, I and a few of my friends heard about the present condition of our same friend who once deceived us. Now we all feel sorry about our friend but each of us are helpless to help our friend. The hound of deception which our friend once embraced has deceived her back. Deception deceives back the same person who deceived once.

Deception always DECEIVES back!