Food without salt is tasteless and food with an excessive amount of salt is uneatable and harmful as well. In every food recipes, salt is always referred to be used according to the taste. We may use varieties of world-class spices in our food to make it royal and authentic but ultimately it is only the right amount of salt that brings the taste.

One of the reasons we immediately add salt and turmeric as we wash meat or fish or any non-vegetarian food because it removes the stinky smell from the food.

To preserve pickles for a long time, salt is very essential. Even it is the salt that doesn’t allow the ice to melt easily, for the icing of ice-creams one of the desi-nushkha (country cooking style) is to garnish the salt on the ice to keep it from quick melting.

Salt is essential for life in general, and saltiness is one of the basic human tastes. Salt is one of the oldest and most ubiquitous food seasonings, and salting is an important method of food preservation.

Salt is an essential element of our life which our body can’t produce. Hence it has to be provided within the recommended amount, through our diet. Salt helps our body to retain water and keep our blood pressure in normal condition. It is an important nerve stimulant for the proper functioning of our muscles. It contains many necessary nutrients which activate several salivary and digestive enzymes. The World Health Organization recommends an adult to consume 2,000 mg of sodium, equivalent to 5 grams of Salt per day.

Salt’s contributions to the human healthy existence are enormous and unignorable. The deeper the research goes the bigger the contribution of the list goes on and on. In overall, the undeniable fact of our human existence is – the SALT.

In reference to some of the earliest pieces of evidence salt processing dates to around 6,000 BC. It is processed from Salt mines, and by the evaporation of seawater (sea salt) and mineral-rich spring water in shallow pools. In a year globally, 200 million tons of salt is produced, and only 6% of it is used for human consumption whereas the rest is used for water conditioning, de-icing highways, and other agricultural use.

Just think, if there would be no salt in the world what could have happened to our existence on earth! Will it be ever a healthy existence?

SALT & its SALTINESS is essential and identical in human existence.

Analogically Jesus said in the Bible says,
“You (HUMAN) are the salt of the earth.
But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?
It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”

Salt dissolves wherever it is used, it leaves its own shape but its presence is highly felt. Its character penetrates the food, adds flavor and makes the food eatable. Wait, its story doesn’t end there, it is the nutrients of Salt that keeps our body healthy and preserves our existence.

Often, we paradigm our life confined within I – ME – MY story but in reality, it’s not! It is an absolute illusion about the understanding of life. Each of our human action has a greater intensity of influencing others. Our life is keenly hitched with other’s existence. We leave influence while we live on earth.

God has created us in His image, given us the mind to reason between good and evil, foolishness and prudent living and reflecting godly characters. We are the salt and our influences are the saltiness that brings the taste in our relationships, it preserves other’s life from the sinful living and fulfills the purpose of our birth. Death is absolute, then our physical presence will never be seen like the salt’s story but yes, the presence of our influence will always be felt.



There was a big pond at the backyard of one of our rented houses and throughout the year it was filled with different types of fishes, snakes, and reptiles – creepy crawly creatures. It was the exact replica of the image of the Amazon forest in my geography book. Every time I found venomous snakes gulping something, moving on the ground or in the water. In fact, it was next to our bedroom, so especially in rainy season one of my most regular scary dreams was venomous snakes entering into our house through our bedroom window and skylight holes. It used to be the only place where my great gully cricket teammates won’t dare to go in search of the ball. The only time I would dare to go there is during summer vacation to watch my cousin brother killing snakes with an iron rod, stones and sticks. And I use to scare him saying, the snake has taken your picture in his eyes and its mate will surely kill you one-day. Of course, he is alive today, as it was my reference from the famous Bollywood movie “Nagin” (based on snakes).

Snakes are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes. Like all other squamates, snakes are ectothermic, amniote vertebrates covered in overlapping scales and with highly mobile jaws. To accommodate their narrow bodies, snakes’ paired organs (such as kidneys) appear one in front of the other instead of side by side, and most have only one functional lung. They range in size from 4 inches (Barbados thread snake to 393 inches long (reticulated Python). 70% of them are oviparous (lay eggs) while the rest are non-oviparous but they do not go through the larval stage. Isn’t it so amazing? There are approximately 3,600 known species of snakes in the world, out of it only 375 species are venomous and harmful for humans. Snakes are found in every continent except Antarctica and other small land masses such as New Zealand, Ireland, and Iceland. According to their evolution snakes have orders and suborders. All the modern snakes are grouped into the suborder Serpentes, again the suborder has two infraorders; Scolecophidia which comprises of 5 snake families mainly of the blind snakes and Alethinophidia which include the non-blind snakes. Scolecophidia comprised of about 305 known species while Alethinophidia is made up of over 2,600 species and sometimes split into Henophides and Caenophides. Caenophides consists of Colubridae – the largest 19 snake families (51% of all known snakes), Colubridae snakes comprise the largest 1,866 species, Viperidae (341 species), Elapids (359 species), Lamprophiidae (314 species), Biodae (60 species), and Uropedltidae (55 species). Infraorder Scolecophidia is made of 5 snake families mainly consisting of blind snakes. The largest family Typhlopidae consists of 266 species, mainly the typical blind snakes. The family Leptotyphlopidae is made up of 139 species, mainly the slender blind snakes. The other three families are Gerrhopilidae (18 species), Anomalepidae (18 species of primitive blind snakes), and Xenotyphlopidae which consist of only One species; the round-nosed blind snake of Northern Madagascar. This is just an overview or can be counted as a micro set of information about the snake species.

Snakes have a wide diversity of skin coloration patterns. These patterns are a tendency to flee from predators, it is also their hunting strategy, as their pattern allows them to send little information to prey about motion. The blotched snakes usually use ambush-based strategies, it helps them to blend into an environment with irregularly shaped objects, like sticks and rocks.

Snakes also go through a molting process. The younger one goes 4 times in a year and the older once or twice in a year. Before the molt, they do not eat and hides or moves into a safe place to shed their skin. Molt keeps the snake young and helps to get rid of parasites such as mites and ticks.

Talking about snake without mentioning their venom! Oh, it doesn’t complete the talk. Snakes are a symbol of venom. Cobras, Vipers and closely related species use venom to immobilize or kill their prey. The venom is modified saliva, delivered through fangs. Snake venom majorly preys specifically whereas their role of defense comes secondary. Venomous snakes are classified into three taxonomic families:

  • Elapids – Cobras including King Cobras, Kraits, Mambas, Australian Copperheads, Sea snakes, and Coral snakes
  • Viperids – Vipers, Rattlesnakes, Copperheads/Cotton Mouths and Bushmasters.
  • Colubrids – Boomslangs, Tree Snakes, Vine Snakes, Mangrove Snakes, although not all Colubrids are venomous.

Out of 725 species of venomous snakes worldwide, only 250 species are able to kill a human in one bite. In India every year 2,50,000 snakebites are recorded and out of them, 50,000 recorded as initial death.

Snake venoms are also used in Medicines and much other healing and powerful aids after going through many kinds of’ medical filtration processes. Alongside, for an evil purpose, snake venoms, blood, skins, meat are used as a kind of too expensive injectable drug and starter food with wine. One of such, globally known places is “Snake Ally” located at Taipei, Taiwan in Japan.

Now, let’s take a look at Snakes in Business – In some part of the world, especially in India, snake charming is a roadside cultural show performed by a charmer. It has also relevance to Hindu mythology. It is a game in which the charmer plays the flute and the snake dances according to the tune. The Wildlife Protection Act, 1952 in India technically proscribes snake charming on the grounds of reducing animal cruelty. Snake meat is also served as a Japanese cuisine especially in Taipei, Taiwan. Snake venoms are used as an expensive injectable drug and also medicines for arthritis, cancer and many deadly diseases. Snakeskin is also used as the most expensive leather garment, house decoration accessories, and handbags.

Huh, my goodness! This is just a glimpse on the scariest creepy crawling reptile – SNAKE, there are endless volumes to discuss. Snakes are symbolized as the wisest of all animals. The Bible tells the human to be wise as a snake.

Learning from a snake, a wise reader at the end of his reading always looks for a takeaway, in other words, AN ANALOGY for life. What’s that here?

Snake is just one among those many creepy crawly creatures which reflect the strength of being wise, wisdom on how to survive in opposing environment and contributing to others’ need. What a creature we have in our creation!


Indeed! There is no single amount of doubt that the Creator of Snake is – God, The LORD. He deserves our praise for such a beautiful creation of His’. A reverse of our thought is all that we need – Worshiping the Creator instead of His creation.


As a kid, we understood life is simple and sublime but as one-after-another birthday went by we rephrased our understanding “life needs to be polished time-to-time”. We realized – scarcely ever someone wants to reason our brokenness, inner wounds are ugly and stinky, each of us is intended to give our own definition on others misery, hence it is better to appear polish! How about texting back “I’m fine”? Well, that’s maybe he wants to hear and I’m giving validation to his formal behaviour. Since my childhood I was taught I need to heart-out but as I grew up, I taught myself “hide your feelings”. Hide and Seek was a game in our schooldays but NOW it is the tagline of our lifestyle.

At wits’ end, we get some pretty good revelations. While I in the same boat towards the end of 2018, like every other morning some of my contacts turned up with my question to them primarily and I used to answer “I’m fine, thank you” whereas a handful of good souls noticed my slowness and tried to reason it. Some of them went straight enough saying, “No, I notice something wrong you are going through. Tell me the truth. How can I help you, what can I pray for you”. Though I was not able to reveal them my secrets and they were not capable to bring solutions to my series of problems but their blissful words and caring heart were strong enough to relieve me from my dryness. Alongside, to some, whom I consider very close, I tried to explain and at times I hint in many ways on what I am racing along but alas. They were too busy! During that period once my cousin quoted me “It’s a time for you to do reality check!.

Astha was right in her article saying, “Hiding our heartaches are something we all do. When we do so, we expect someone would come and help us out of the situation whereas what happens next is just the opposite!” We, humans, have turned too busy and cosset to own life. We live in a world of Business and Professionalism, ‘why it’s a matter to think outside of myself!’. We all wear the mask of pretence all the time – I say, I am fine whereas my reality is contrary to the core”.    

There is an English proverb “INTENT IS PRIOR TO CONTENT…”

  • I look for your TIME! – A relationship is nourished when we spare time for our loved one. Often people hide their feelings and pretend to be fine because they do not find us sparing good time for them. One of God’s creational plan behind creating the humans (especially man and woman) is to have fellowship with each other and spending quality time with each other but alas. Nowadays, one of the striking issues of broken marriages and children-parent relationship are “lack of time”.    
  • I look for your INTEREST! – Time and Interest is clinging to one another. Without interest, sharing our time is meaningless and without sparing time, interest is also meaningless. One of my Board members always says, “Busy people are they who has time and knows where to spend it”. One of the biggest excuses we give today is, I’m too busy. Indeed, we all are and we all should be. But alongside we need to know how to manage time and where to invest interest. Before the creation of human, God said, “Let us make mankind in our own image, in our likeness and have fellowship with them and when He did it, He saw it very good”. Do you see an INTEREST in Him for us? That’s what we are intended to replicate in our human to human and human to God relationship as well.
  • I look for your TRUST! – It is the trust that weaves intimate bonding. The first blessing of God to human is, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over every living creatures”. Do you find the TRUST factor of God in us? But alas. We failed God and we do the same in our human relationships as well. Since ages, the breaking of trust is the root cause of the breaking of relationships. As a matter of fact, that’s what made me to decide to hide my heart though I seek to share with you.



In the Bible, God says,

“Come now, let us settle the matter,”. “I will forgive your sins and offenses”.

What do you say, shall we replicate the same in our relationship instead of hiding our heart?

Shall, we come together and settle the matter?

Let’s not pretend and play – “I HIDE YET, I SEEK”!


“TEAM” is always a mixed bag! Isn’t it?
Indeed, our Candles team is such a bag! We have approximately 50 odd writers from different corners of the world. Each of us is of a different personality, some of us are very jovial – some of us are very playful – some of us are extrovert yet a handful in our team are just of the opposite personality – they are reserved – introverts – talk less YET all of us love and understand each other’s differences. In this bunch of good souls, I got to know a lady who speaks less, thinks creatively, very matured and a lady of wisdom. She is also an avid webzine writer and a professionally trained Counselor. If I would ever recommend any lady to learn on Personality Development, then I would recommend her to this lady of our Candles team. I met her only once but her personality has really influenced me. Presenting before you the lady I found with inner beauty – our beloved Rajnandini Sahu😊

Among many virtues in her, let’s take our cup – How She Writes and What Does It Reflects About Her? 

“A good article not only presents values and information.

It also represents the character and the belief of the author.”

Indeed, being a reader, that’s how I always evaluate my authors ‘flipping the other side of the coin’ and critically analyzing their belief. Because in the world of endless voices and teachings on morals, ethics, and principles, at the end of the story all that we look for is reasoning and internalizing the values that we take away. In the long run, that’s what our life output will be. The deeper sense of reading is shaping of our inner man. 

Being a reader the first thing that always affirms my belief in Rajnandini’s article is – it is purely ORGANIZED and always has a Logically Constant flow of thoughtsExperimental Capability and has Relevance.

Some of her articles have truly marveled my heart and affirmed my belief in her sharing. Let’s take a couple of glimpses of hers’:

THE BRAND CALLED WOMANOn 2017 International Women’ Day week, she published this article. Often in such presentations, we take the track of Racism to race along. But Rajnandini was exceptional, she presented womanhood from God’s viewpoint and alongside didn’t dirty her hands by throwing mud at manhood. She was soulful in presenting the beauty of togetherness rather than playing the blame dice and uplifting feminism.

RECOGNITION FOR A PURPOSEWe all look for the recognition of our work but recognition becomes evident when our work is well articulated. And each of her articles is always presented with utmost clarity. Undoubtedly, she is gifted with the art of articulation. 

THE EYE – THE LAMP OF THE BODY: Often articles come with flamboyant captions but the presentation seems disjointed. It seems like the author is scrambling for thoughts. Being a reader and meticulous observer of her articles, I always found Rajnandini being keen in the logically consistent flow of her thoughts in every of her article. In the 6th paragraph of this article, she has beautifully canvased Eye as the Lamp and how evident it is to believe.

APOLOGISE, IF YOU HAVE ERREDI always believe reading to a reader is exactly like looking at a mirror. We look at the mirror to bring perfection to our face, so is the true reading. As the reader reads, he realizes his flaws in life and internalizes the alterations. Being a reader, I found that in this article of hers.

In the world filled with so much of imperfections, how can someone pen with fineness?

Well, the 19th century American Author, Madam Helen Keler said,

“Unless we form the habit of going to the Bible in bright moments

as well as in trouble, we cannot fully respond to its consolations

because we lack equilibrium between light and darkness”.

Almost all of Rajnandini’s articles are finely tuned to the Biblical values. I am quite sure that’s what makes her words evident to the reader’s life, as she formed the habit of going to the Bible at all times.

It reminds me of the Bible verses,

The Word of God is like a mirror that shows how duplicitous our life is!

It is indeed the lamp to our feet and light to our path to a life with perfection

(Dedicated to @sizzlybizzly)


In the grandeur of our time, we the men of the 21st century have not left any stone un-turn in shaping our imaginations to reality. Whether it is stepping out of our terrestrial boundary, artificial insemination, cracking of human genome, harnessing of nuclear energy, artificial intelligence, defining the black hole, invention of teleportation, in so on and so forth we have done our best to define anything that our human mind can conceive evendefining God the way we wanted Him to present Himself”. You ask any average age person or an illiterate homeless man or a scholar, everyone has a definition for everything. Even a man who sells betel (Panwala) can define how the IB should operate and how to play diplomatic immunity. Now, one of the biggest issues (especially of young people) is, “WHOM to Listen and Whom NOT to?”

When confusion becomes the epitaph, how life looks like:


I learned from one of the prestigious schools. My parents have always fulfilled everything that I wish, they gave me every pleasure so that I won’t feel their absence. I don’t lack people to hang out with me. I just need to log-in my social page and ask anyone I like “let’s hangout, that’s it!” My driver is always ready to take me anywhere I want, none can dare to question me on anything. Most of my friends wish to have a life like me yet… ‘I know what I go through, I know how I go to bed and when I rise-up how my eyes look like’. Apart from me, my Heineken cans, my bedroom’s sea facing balcony, my wardrobe and bedsheets knows my thoughts. Whom can I trust and share my inner-pain? Whom shall I listen? Will he sound relevant or again some more Gyan (knowledge) and flamboyant sacred words!


For me, it’s a dream to afford a 2BHK flat. I studied from govt. college and was fortunate enough to work in this Call center. I think it is good for me to meet my friends in the nearest City Centre, in fact, I prefer my office cab to drop me there. Though funny yet painful, “I lie to them, I live in the next apartment to the City Centre”. I, the sole bread earner of my family had to look after my aged parents, younger sister’s future and who cares about my future. I think it’s better not to dream some good dreams when your fate has a different story altogether. Whom can I trust and share the things within me? Whom shall I listen? Will he sound relevant or again some more Gyan (knowledge), some more words of comfort and some more flamboyant sacred words!

One of the best-selling authors of the New York Times, Steven Furtick Jr. says

The direction of our lives is mostly determined by the voices we respond to.

Indeed! Listening is not just pitching of the stroke of a word into our ears. When we “confine listening to just listening” it affirms the age-old joke, “God, has given us two ears on both sides. One to listen and other works as exit door”. Listening is not just the entry of mere sounds into our ears, moreover, it begins with looking for an answer outside of us, it is the reasoning of thoughts came from the other end and finally ends as we internalize it. On the other hand, when we decide to listen or look for an answer (a voice outside of us) all that we primarily intend – “I must hear what I want to hear”; “It must sound contemporary” and “Instantaneously aid my wound”.

After a week-long meeting, I came back home and was completely worn-out, discouraged and fed-up with the office policies. I convinced myself to quit the next morning. When my Dad came to know my condition, his answer was beyond my expectation. Both of us are of completely different professional background yet his voice on that night saved me from a mistake. He said, “you have the right to write your resignation but prior to that think are you there because you deserve it or it is a grace of God that took you there?” After a couple of weeks, one of my mentors, a very humble, God-fearing and man of honest character put another huge task before me. He said, “take everything into prayer and wait on the LORD. He is God and has ordained all your days. He knows which is better for you. Refrain from what your mind instructs you.”

The Bible says, “Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end, you will be counted among the wise”.

Often, we face such topsy-turvy situation in life which cannot be explained to anyone alongside we do not know what to do. When guilt and loneliness drive life, self-destruction comes riding on the horse. Exactly, that day I decided to end it all. Mind instructed, “it’s your life and you muddle up. You Die”. Apart from Me and God, no one had any idea what’s my next step is. Great is this assurance – GOD IS NEVER LATE. It’s He (Jesus) whispered, “you took your freedom and see today yet if you will follow my voice, I have better plans for you”. Lo, here I am, Today. 😊

In the Bible, God says, “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear my voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

The world is filled with the knowledge of good and evil. Voices from within and without are too many. LISTEN, BUT TO WHOM & WHY is an individual decision putting life at risk. God does speak. He never refrains from speaking to us through creative means and His voice is always, TRUST-WORTHY!


One was the 29th October 1999 and another was after 20years, the 3rd May 2019. Before day govt. noticed all institutions and workplaces to shutdown till further notice. Someway the workaholic life got vacation, families planned for good meal and enjoy the time together. As usual the sun rises on the east, the sky was more cloudy than normal days and the cool breeze giving the warmth of the feeling of romantic poet. A kid wakes up lately giggling such a cool and windy weather outside and holiday. The early morning day light falls through the glass window and cool breeze flows from the balcony, the young newly married couple gleams at each other, pulls the bedsheet and snuggles back to sleep. A mother wakes up quietly, covers her kid and husband making them sleep comfortable and takes her morning cup while enjoying the weather she prepares her menu chart for the day. Oh, what a package blissful moment of togetherness at once! What more a busy workaholic routine life wishes for days & years together?

Yes, mostly that’s how both of those Fridays we started but as the darkness get darkened, the fear of death engulfed gradually, we heard people screaming for help, doors and windows battering to fall down and the rain was pissing down. Huge trees uprooting and shattering down like a pile of cards, no electricity and was darkness all around, it was just one candle struggling to burn and lighten the whole house, drainage pipes are blocked, food on the dinning congealed, unidentified objects are flying all over and crashing down at our doorpost, moreover the ghastly sound of the windspeed at 260 km/h & 180 km/h was roaring like a death angel visiting every home. All that we as a family was left to do is to lock ourself from inside and praying God to save us. Thank God, He saved us, the night crossed and lo, it was another morning but life wasn’t the same at all. There was heavy waterlog, most of the riverside slums looked like a pile of wasteland, roads are blocked with broken age-old trees, electric wires and uprooted electric poles, broken hoarding flown from different ends of the city, dead body of animals and humans all around, poisonous reptiles swimming in the drain water and shifting of people to highland in boats. A couple of days back, while I was returning from school there was heavy traffic on the same road but now people are sailing boats, ODRAF, NDRF & CRPF sailing motor boats to rescue us. I questioned myself, is this my hometown? A night-mare for all of us in the Coastal part of Odisha.

29th October 1999, the strongest ever recorded tropical cyclone “The Super Cyclone” from North Indian Ocean landfalls on Paradip coast (83.2 km from my hometown) elevated the sea-level more than 20 feet, sea waves wiped away more than 100 of blocks giving water grave to uncountable people. The govt. calculation says, nearly 10,000 people died in the Super Cyclone and the private surveys estimates more than that. Then I was studying Class – VI, after a decade when I started my professional carrier, I was assigned for the Child development work in exactly those blocks/areas. As I went there, I personally meet the local people and had spent many nights with them. They always shared their stories – Father shifted the wife and children to the school roof top and when he tried to climb suddenly the wave rubble him into the depths and in a fraction of second, he went invisible from earth. After weeks as the water went down some kids found their parents rotten dead bodies being eaten by vultures. I pray, no one should ever experience such cataclysmic moments in their life.

Just two decades later, on 3rd May 2019, at 8:30 A.M the strongest summer time tropical cyclone in last 45 years “Fani” from North Indian Ocean landfalls on Puri coast (81.6 km from my hometown) elevated the sea-level to 6.8 meter, the sea waves sand painted numerous hotels of the Puri city. Though the Odisha govt. did historical human evacuation operation, evacuating more than 1 million people to safe places within 24 hour prior to the storm landfall yet it adversely affected 1,65,00,000 people in 159 blocks of 14 districts, the death rate rises to 64, more than 100 human causalities and 34 lakh livestock casualties according to the govt. of Odisha report. Away from home, the whole day I was in touch with my parents and couple of my friends enquiring about them. By God’s grace all were fine though they had to live without electric, network and scarcity of water for a week and yet in some places especially Bhubaneswar and Puri is almost in the same condition. During that time, I received a huge number of pictures and videos of Fani devastation but one picture that really broke my heart – A marginalised young man is holding his small daughter in his arm and holding his wife’s hand in the other hand and the wife holding the son’s hand and all three of them are running out of their house. At the same moment, the wind blows up their asbestos roof cracking the wall of the house. How heart-wrenching moment it must be!

Whether it is Fani/Phailin/Hud-Hud/Aila/the monstrous of all – the Super Cyclone or any sort of natural calamity it may be, in the darkness of these catastrophes one profound revelation is “The Earth is cursed & Our Life consists between the thin-line of a passing wind!

Long Bible story short, a rich man having more than of everything in his life thought, I’ll sit back and say to myself, “My friend, you have enough stored away for years to come. Now, chill! Eat, drink and be merry”. But God said, “You fool! You will die this very night. Then who will get everything you worked for?”

Who knows what will happen to our world tomorrow? Life is unpredictable but death is certain and after death there is a life, hence where is our concern of venturing of investments – a mere transitory life on earth or the eternal existence of soul we hold within?  


One of my favourite speakers Ravi Zacharias quoted someone –

The 21st century is the bloodiest century in human history. We have spilt more blood on the soil than the previous centuries put together”.

As I ponder on his statement, it is quite evident, there are more than 40 active conflicts around the world at the moment. Bangalore one of the smallest Tech cities in the world records 25 plus divorce cases filed every day, over one and half a million people are violently murdered each year throughout the world, 800,000 people commit suicide every year and 17% out of them are Indian residents. 2018 records 34,600 rape cases in India which are reported, there still lies thousands unreported. NCRB report says, 22,955 human traffic victims are found in 2016 alone.

I feel very sorry for such states of my country,

but is my being sympathetic enough to do!

Irrespective of our financial and social stature one common platform from where we deal our life is – “Problem and Struggle”. A pauper has problems and struggles to meet his daily needs, alongside an affluent has problems and struggles to maintain his flamboyant social stature, for the sake of which often each of them compromises with the ethics and morals which causes grievous inner wounds – some of them are visible and some of them go invisible in the bright spotlights and grandeur.

Some of the beautiful souls whom I met in Candles Online fraternity is Kalpana, Preeta, Payal, Vipra and of course Chiradeep. Each of them is from different background and struggles every now and then to meet their own life requirements but whenever I am down in emotion at least one of them will surely pop-up to enquire. A couple of weeks back, both Vipra and Payal were on chat and they emphatically asked me one question – How are you Bhaiya? Even after my reply, Payal counter questioned “Pakka (Are you sure?)” and that was something truly meaningful. Often it is hard enough to express the inner pain but being empathetic and aiding with little affection and care is enough for a blissful touch. About feeding the poor, aiding the physically wounded and supporting the financially downtrodden, they are somehow managed to push up from their sorrowful state but how about the one who goes through with inner struggles and is unable to express it to anyone!

I feel very sorry for that state of life of a person, I think I can take a step to be empathetic…

According to the Bible, the two greatest commandments for humans are –Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ And the second is, Love your neighbour as yourself.” All the other laws hang around these two commandments. Taking the second law, the intensity of the love towards our neighbour is the way we love and take care of ourselves. When I am in a problem, I always do my best to resolve it, and if I have to be empathetic for my neighbour who is going through the problem I will have to do the best to resolve his problem. It is my deepest love towards my neighbour or friend that compels me to go beyond than just feeling sorry and mind my own business.

The Bible says,

Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ. If you think you are too important to help someone, you are only fooling yourself. You are not that important.”

Feeling sorry is not just an emotion that sprouts in our hearts as we find someone in difficulty. Rather it is far greater than that, as a matter of fact, it is the call of God for us to empathize and go beyond our limitations to enquire and care for people.

Theodore Roosevelt rightly said,

“Nobody cares how much you know,

until they know how much you care.”