The 31st evening it was.. the last day of the year gone by…I walked down the road from my building, with no particular direction in mind, only a printout to take and a few steps to make, to give my smart-band some much-needed activity. I said to myself “It is a number game after all”

The air was clear,
the mind at peace,
the hands flayed side to side
…and I had a smile on my face.
My heart seemed light,
for probably even my heart knew
it was the END of something after all.

It would soon get dark and a new day would dawn…
not just any day, but a new start… for a year was to begin all over again.

The day began…
The sun rose
I was up and about…for a walk again
I had a smile on my face as I took the stride
left and right and left again,
The baker was first, then the shop vendor
I went from place to place and wished them all… “a year to gain”
Happy New Year was the line,
as wishes came back to start a HAPPY New beginning.

Bread to break and a Newspaper to be read, the day had begun but this time – it was a new Year ALL OVER AGAIN.

What can I say!? First’s for me have always been special, be it my first ever date, my first ever salary, or even my first ever… <okay! there have been a lot of first’s, maybe I shouldn’t be getting into that, I’m not saying any more>
The day as it panned out, wasn’t out of the ordinary, as it should be. It was just a change in the date after all.

Wishing people, shaking their hands, and silently judging their confidence levels by their handshake is what generally happens on a day like this. I know it’s wrong, but can you help it?

Not every day do you get to hug people, shake their hands and get up close with another human being. However, the 1st day somehow makes that exception.

Yeah! Yeah! Covid and all… but come on! When you’re happy, you’re happy and the body reacts accordingly.

Here’s wishing every reader an awesome 365 days ahead – this year WILL be special, something in my heart just tells me that, not just for me but for the World at large. Just wait and see… actually don’t wait, I think we’ve all waited enough!



As a ritual, every single year – the last week of the year (around this time) I will unfailingly, FORMAT my Android phone and re-install all the apps. I do not break my head to retrieve the contacts that are lost via the whole formatting procedure. If they’re gone, they’re gone for a purpose-probably they were never meant to be there in the first place.

That’s my simple way of saying to myself – Here I go again… same old, YES – but a new beginning.

Relationships change, so do people-and having one’s phone crowded with people’s numbers is not something that I fancy, hence the yearly exercise. Does it feel good? Oh hell yeah! There’s a thrill in starting over!

I’ve always believed ‘something’ HAS to end… for something else beautiful to start. People tend to hold onto things, photographs, memories, and gadgets – like they are body parts. Attachments can be really BAD. The lesser we attach to things and people, the happier we will be

Give it a chance and see the difference.

My friends always say:

We really do not know what to gift you, because we don’t really know what you’re fond of.

If you ask me, I do not know either coz I’m attached to nothing or no one in particular. I do love being around a certain type of people, or enjoy doing a certain kind of activity from time to time… but I’ll move on to something else that catches my fancy, that’s just ME and I really love that part of me, coz that way I am never really bored/disappointed.

I do not put my happiness in other people’s hands, I do simple everyday things that make me happy, things that we tend to miss with the hectic lives that we lead.

I am someone who lives for the moment, I do not capture memories on my phone or on a camera lens, I simply live them. Another trait that makes me unique is: with me around, you will never know “What’s coming next” and while I tend to remain calm at most times, I can surprise even myself on a good day.

9th January 1982, began my journey on this Earth, and while that has been one start to the life that I’ve been living ever since – I have had many re-starts, and subsequent endings along the way, only to realise it was time to start again… it has helped me grow as a person, to learn the lesson and be the better version of myself next time round.

I do not wish for great things, nor do I look back on what went right or wrong, for whatever happens – happens for a reason. I’ve made it this far… I’ll make it ahead too, probably an extraa…aaamile or two, and if I have the right company, a hand to hold in this journey forward – nothing like it!

For every End has a beautiful beginning – may THAT beginning be not necessarily at the start of the year, but even the start of a week or as early as tomorrow.

A NEW DAY is a new beginning.


What do I say about where and why my heart takes and makes me do – different things at different places? While doing all of that, not forgetting its primary function of pumping blood through my circulatory system, to keep this bloke going the extraa…aaamile.

Real-life is one thing.. fiction is another. My sister and I were raised on a steady diet of homecooked food and dollops of love, and we were never short of stories – mum and dad had plenty of them-some of which were repeats but we didn’t mind. Today, when they tell us the same stories again…we smile at each other, coz we’ve heard them so many times before – but sometimes it is the stories that keep us going.

And that’s how we’ve always lived.

Growing up in the era of the ’90s, where everything we watched and came across brought a smile to our faces, the lives people lived, and the friendships we stitched, always reminded me that life was good and love was found everywhere. Ever since then I’ve always believed in a romantic story, from watching mushy Shahrukh Khan movies, romancing his love interests in Bollywood to young romances blossom in college in Hollywood, and in my heart of hearts… I’ve always wanted stories like that to happen to me.

Can you blame me if I fall in love with every female character on the show/a movie I watch?

…and that’s where I’ve always remained optimistic, that there is someone really out there, and she’ll be all the things I’ve been dreaming about her, come true – my very own princess, and I’ve been waiting ever since.

A lot of the people I know often say that I keep my thoughts to myself, which is very true. There is after-all time and a place for everything. This week’s theme is all about ‘Direct Dil se’ which loosely translates to ‘Straight from the Heart’from mine to yours.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes, the romantic ones are the ones with no romance in their lives? Keep pondering on that question – this one’s for us single people out there…

..and that’s where I decided the best place to find a good love story was in the movies and books and hence the love of reading blossomed…and so did the writing, and this is where the thoughts are broken down into fine reading.

My life as I wish is a combination of so many Hollywood movies I’ve watched;

…a little house in the woods, a quiet town, friendly neighborhood, a job that keeps me happy more than stressed, a partner who is no-frills with a pet dog for the complete family. Enough money is earned to live a simple life. And if we lived in a town that snows, even better – nothing like sitting by the fireplace to keep warm on a snowy day. Even writing this down feels as if, I’m already there…

My heart pines for the simple life, no-frills no fancy. I was never cut out for all that we see in the world today.

I fell in love with stories, then with the language …and to see it used in the movies and written in print is like spreading love to all that I touch.

Words are like magic when used to narrate life’s memories, wishes, and dreams. So it is no wonder that I ventured out into writing, I write for the love of writing and not as a profession, because, as I know it, Love originates from the heart, and where the heart is involved, money does not find a place there.

As in all my favorite stories: there are moments in life when you’re not quite sure what’s going to happen next, new ideas, new people – and that can be challenging. It’s how we meet those challenges, NOW that is the exciting part.

…and what I do now, THAT is my story and no one can change that. I am a part of this beautiful ongoing story; my reader, my well-wisher, and my friend, YOU all are a part of this magnificent story in the making.

I am not even going to ask you “What is your story?” because I want to play a part in it.


If someone was to lead me to a time machine and say;

“One way trip to the 90’s”

I’d probably be the first one to hop on-oh yes! Even if it meant going back to school and studying from those thick textbooks and surfing the web/internet cost Rs.30/- hour in a cyber cafe.

Writing about the ’90s can never be contained into a post or even 1000 words, so I’ll make my post a little different today. Coz sometimes, a picture can bring back a whole lot of memories than words can ever do.

If a smile appears on your face to even 50% of going through this post, you’d probably know how much it meant to have lived in that phase of life. Children of today would never have that wonderful opportunity.

It’s weird to think that once we actually had to wait centuries for an Internet connection. Remember this gorgeous noise? That’s the sound of patience, dwindling and dying 🙂

… and connected

There was a time when computers had an A Drive (A:) and we used floppy disks 


They came in different colors..they bring fond memories. I can’t even begin to imagine the games we used to save on them, 2 small games maximum on 1 floppy. A big game would need 4 floppies and then you’d have to merge them together. And to think a normal 3½ inch floppy disk could store only 1.44 megabytes of data

Phone Landlines where you HAD to pick up every call & not choose which call to ignore or not. If u owned a cordless phone, u were way tooooo cool. Acquiring phone no’s of your crush and miscalling them on the landline just to hear their voice – priceless!

F.L.A.M.E.S – predicting our love life. Anytime better than the FB quizzes that we do. We’ve all tried it out. What are the odds of it working out?


We read and re-read Tinkles and Archies comics. We all loved Betty over Veronica and we all wanted to be like Archie. Suppandi’s jokes made us laugh. Shikari Shambu, Kalia the crow and Tantri the Mantri were some of Tinkle’s epic characters.

Shikari Shambhu is now an animal conservationist | ThePrint

Super Mario, Dave, Alladin, Prince of Persia, and Roadrash. They were not just games, it was pure happiness 




One of my favorite movies of the ’90s had to be the’ Titanic’. Let me go ahead and say it, we all watched the movie for different purposes: Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, the painting, the foggy car, the sinking, etc

Jack was a professional painter and we were professional viewers.

But in the end, we can all agree that there was SO enough space on that raft, Rose. You and Jack could still be alive now.

Some things I’d never understand

 Instead, we were left with a grief that will never fade.

Having relatives staying abroad and coming down for holidays meant foreign chocolates, and that, in turn, meant TOBLERONE

How could I end this post by not mentioning ‘pop music that made its entry in the 90’s – rap of course was a rage back then, ‘Apache Indian’ killed it!

The cake with the cherry go-top however goes to some of the most innovative Indian advertisements which aired on television, there were many favorites, but if I have to choose one, it would be:

…and while this particular advertisement has made it back on television screens in India, the emotion one felt back then was special, a time when Cricket, Chocolate, and a pretty girl’s smile were sometimes all we needed to have a good day.

27 yrs have passed in the blink of an eye. We’re still the same 90s kids at heart, pining for these simpler times.


If you’re going to be reading this post on WordPress, I can bet 9/10 of you – you’re doing it from your WordPress app on your phone. That is the thing about apps, it has made life so convenient wherein – just a few taps here and there on your screen and you’re connected to anything – anywhere – anytime!

…and then there’s ME. Am I the only one who prefers the website version over its app? I’ve always preferred the bigger screen if given the option, but with people on the move and multi-tasking being a normal thing – phone apps have brought in a fresh sense of convenience to one’s life, not to mention everything now is literally at our fingertips.

From being entertained (Youtube) to knowing the time (Clock), having trouble counting? There’s always a calculator or even using the flashlight – it’s all on one gadget, in the form of an app. Easy, convenient, and at your fingertips – just the way the young people of today like it. That said, I too belong to that set of people who like doing things in one place or having various features on one gadget. A dream come true!

a couple of screen taps and you can have pizza delivered to your doorstep, 2 more taps on it and money is sent across distances. Groceries, Vegetables, and even a date/marriage partner can be simply found on an app

While we’re still talking about apps, we all have our favorites among the dozens we have installed on our phones. Do you find yourself going back to that app again and again when you’re well…. bored?

Let me take you into some of the apps I have on my phone….

From OTT platforms of Netflix, Zee5, & Hotstar, there are more useful apps of Quora, WordWeb, Wordpess, Wattpad, & Kindle to gaming apps like Scrabble, Ludo, Uno, Candy Crush, Coin Master, & Real Cricket, to the more fancy apps like Clubhouse and of course the more necessary social apps of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Whatsapp. Music apps are a must for me-that are looked after by Gaana & Radio Garden along with Youtube. Google Pay and Paytm round up the apps looking after online money transactions… and a few more

That’s a minimum of 23/25 apps on a gadget, I charge once/twice a day and probably use 10% of the apps I’ve actually installed on it. So much of using my SmartPhone, smartly.

While I do think that all these apps have some use to me at some time or the other in my life – when I’m stressed out or just need some ‘me time’, I find myself (more times than not) on the Ludo app. Yes! Remember the Ludo game? I don’t particularly fancy that game, but it is my way of ending a tiring day or destressing my mind, on a simple game, that does not require too much thinking. That said a good e-book would do the same.

So while I personally might not have a favorite app that I would always turn to – I have a range of a few to keep me distracted into a fictional world, which importantly keeps me away from the daily life drama that happens on a daily basis. Nothing beats learning from the app, or at best you are still learning how to use the app if nothing else – that is still learning, the knowledge that no one can take from you. After all, life is all about learning – that will never stop.

I had this once weird dream that people everywhere, on the street, in offices, at home, were a whole bunch of QR codes, and the only way we had access to them was if we scanned them. Once we did that, we would link to them. I would have loved to have seen how that dream ended, but like everything in my life, most things are attractive incomplete trailers.

Imagine if something like that is in store for the future? Something to think about maybe?

My Name is Savio AND I am not an APP


Have you ever seen yourself dead? …you know that very moment when your soul is slowly leaving your body.. and all that’s left on earth is well.. you, or at least the physical you – your lifeless body that people are crying over?

I did… right at the time when she said

Rest in Peace my friend… you need this”

That’s when it all came back to me. I wasn’t supposed to die, my life was snatched away from me. I didn’t deserve it, and I’m coming back to know exactly what happened.

I could be you…. you or even you crying at the corner. No one can hear me now – but all of you will, soon, very soon. Sooner than you all realize.

Back at the plush bungalow by the pristine beach, ovelooking the Butterfly Creek, stood exactly 3.5 healthy living entities – Shawn: the cook, Pascoal: the next-door-sin-affair, Aditi: the best friend and Pluto: the cute pomeranian – who probably had all the answers, only if he could talk.

The word going around was that I ended it all by myself.

Inspector Mark Gracias, the most eligible bachelor of the Goa Police Force, having surveyed the immediate surroundings, took to the nearest sofa, looked towards Shawn and asked:

“May I have a cup of tea”?

Not an ideal time to be drinking tea – I thought. But then this was Mark we’re talking about, and nobody says NO when he asks for tea. He had always said, his brain worked a little better with a hot cup of tea.

Now, how would I know something like that? Interesting that you noticed:

Incase you are confused, it is still me talking. I am talking from the beyond.

<did I hear you ask: How is that possible? Well… this is my story afterall…>

I am Stella – well, atleast I was Stella while I spent my life down on earth, NOW, I don’t quite have an identity. I am around you or might just be YOU.

The thing about situations like these are: it makes people vulnerable even when they know they aren’t responsible for what has happened. Drooping shoulders, bent heads and sombre faces are all what is seen around.

“Make that TWO”a voice spoke from the main door, bringing along with the aroma of a strong scent of perfume…

…fruity floral with notes of citrus, rounded out with jasmine, sandalwood, and vanilla”blurted out Pascoal almost immediately,

taking in the heavy scent that surrounded the woman, who had now entered the room, giving a fleeting glance on the covered-once-upon-a-time Stella (she was just a body now) making herself comfortable on the sofa.

Giving a quick scan across the room, she looked to the dashing Inspector.

Let me lay all your doubts to rest, Inspector: I know who did it” …. pointing to the covered white sheet on the floor

“…and the rest as they say, is HISTORY”, she continued

“It is interesting that you say it with so much conviction: Mrs…”

“It is Miss. Miss Surabhi”

“Ms. Surabhi, be rest assured – this isn’t an open and shut case as you make it to be. I am here and I WILL find out the TRUTH, to know exactly what happened.

The word “Rest” need not be only associated with relaxtion, slowing down or putting on pause, but it can also be used in an English phrase or an idiom. While the brain works better after giving it adequate rest, for all other other times – a cup of Tea works just as well.

While I’ve had fun brewing up a story out of nothing, trying to use a couple of idioms (of rest) along the way. It is interesting to know that – using phrases like idioms, similies or alliterations, makes the language and the speaker/writer look classy, and in the process if you can weave out a story or two around it – nothing like it.

The completion of the above story is left to the readers imagination. Or maybe simply enlargen it, if it is something you enjoy doing.

  • #Fact The Police take a good 25/30 minutes to arrive after a particular scenario arises #India
  • Women make even better detective-ghosts than they otherwise do on Earth.
  • Perfumes are vital clues in every investigation. Women always leave a trail – even after they’re dead
  • My stories should be read with a pinch of salt


Google defines the term: to judge which people or things in a group are bad and which ones are good

What suddenly prompted me to think of this English idiom – out of the blue?

..it was when I read up on a blog post written by a fellow blogger, Aastha on the Candles Online platform, about Compartmentalization. And while both terms are different from each other, compartmentalization-meaning division of something into sections and categories and the idiom ‘separating the wheat from the chaff’ which is more judging the good from the bad, to me… somewhere down the line – they both are interlinked.

I was never the kind of person who enjoyed doing that kind of thing-separating myself from certain people or things from other things.

But the thing in Life is that: it probably can be the BEST and the WORST teacher at the same time.

I’d want to nominate ‘Life’ – especially today, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, as my most treasured teacher. The things I’ve learnt from the simple living (at times existing) on the face of this earth, is something NOT EVEN the most educated/qualified teacher would be able to do.

Life has thrown me such curve balls, had me fending for.. in different situations, that have not only helped me find ways out of those situations, but also taught me how to guage people beyond their fake exterior portrayal. That said, I will always be of the understanding that – people aren’t bad, it is the situation/other people that makes a certain person look good or bad: however the ability for a human to tune himself/herself to a particular situation is so great, that the person itself changes to alter their own personality. The superior quality that only human beings possess I suppose.

Ever witnessed/seen how couples behave after they get married?
Marriage is the situation – the couple are the people involved. AN APT EXAMPLE.

What am I getting at-you ask?

There comes a time in life where you need to separate the chaff from the grain, the good from the bad, the valuable from the inferior, the positive from the negative – most importantly PEOPLE from ANIMALS, and you’d probably know which side of the fence I am on that last one.

It has been an ongoing process that I’ve been working really hard on – you just need to PUSH some people out, they just don’t seem to get the hint. They JUST DO NOT FIT IN ANYMORE – they don’t. Some people give it fancy names like ‘Spring Cleaning’ or ‘End of the Year residue’. I do it everyday in course of habit now. If you are a part of my life, you’ll find a way to be in it – if not, well… there are always animals to befriend.

And then you have people who are like cockroaches – the least said about them the better. I detest cockroaches – PERIOD.

I do not compartmentalize, I simply separate. The good remains while the bad are out – out of sight, mind and attachment. When you’re OUT-you’re OUT for good.