After a tiring day at office, I sat down on the dining table. As I was about to start my dinner, a glance out of the sliding door left me spell bound. I immediately ran off searching for my camera, setup the tripod and started shooting. 

It’s the same full moon we get to see once in a lunar month, but yet, it was very mesmerizing. It’s not about the moon, I find myself photographing anything and everything. I would never get tired photographing a grasshopper for hours, if she agrees to pose her beautiful curves for me.

The first item that ever makes its way to the packing bag when I travel, is my love – the camera. I just cannot travel without it. 

Once I was done with shooting the moon peeping through a bunch of clouds, I came back for dinner. There were a set of eyes interestingly staring at me, I am sure he was making a note of his observations. After a while, he said , “You have a costly hobby “. I couldn’t resist from asking him –  “I wonder, what makes you think so ?”

“May be, I am wrong … Well, photography used to be a very costly hobby. In our times, we had to travel to city if we run out of films, we cannot experiment too much, there were far less second chances to make a picture better, we can never see how the capture turned out unless the prints are out. While printing, if the processing room is not dark enough, we would loose all the pictures.” 

That’s my dad; photography was his hobby too and I must accept that with all the challenges thrown at him, he did a great job. He did many experiments and his pictures are amazing, black and white pieces of art. I have a great deal to learn from him.

The conversation with my dad opened up my thoughts in a very interesting way. Advances in technology has not only brought ease to our lives giving us more time, but also is providing us alternatives and ways of pursuing our hobbies.

Lets take singing – recording and mixing up is easy, dancing – we can replay our favorite moves many times, sketching – there are tons of apps which can be used to sketch anywhere. 

I can’t just be satisfied with one single hobby, so my list is a little longer… Sometimes, I just wonder if I would ever have enough time to live through all of my hobbies 🙂

On the other hand, I also met some people who have an interest for some hobbies but keep cribbing that they aren’t able to make time for even one hobby of theirs. The universal truth is, we always find time for things we want to do.. 

Having a creative hobby is not only fun but helps us make new friends, relieves us from stress, boosts our self esteem.

If you are one such person who isn’t able to get through your hobby, may be your hobby needs a little more love. It’s all about prioritizing and figuring out ways to make your hobby a reality. Love is all it takes to make one happy, including self. 

“Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy