One of the blessed days of my life book is the 10th of January 2016. As we were driving back from church, it was my first ever personal time with Chiradeep Patra. Probably, it was his 2nd/3rd question where he enquired about my hobbies and I replied, one of them is writing quotes almost on a daily basis. Without giving a second thought, he proposed to me to write for CandlesOnline and being speechless for a while, I was like “How on earth is it possible for me?” But he didn’t give up on me! He insisted you give words to your thoughts, for the rest, I am there. Lo and behold, the first-ever article of my life “HOW GOOD IS OUR MASK OF PRETENCE?” got published on @CandlesOnline and last month I was able to post my 116th article for @CandlesOnline blog “RELIGIOUSNESS OR RIGHTEOUSNESS – WHAT DO WE NEED TO LOOK FOR?“ Summing up this blissful experience I would say,

“God, at His time, gears you to your way

He makes you something out of nothing

For His glory, in His way.”  

One of my favorite songs is Chris Rice’s famous song “There is a Candle in every soul”. Apparently, my journey with CandlesOnline aces the same. On a personal level, if someone knows us much better than us, undoubtedly, He is God! Since God loves us, he has gifted us with numerous talents, some we know – some are still in that unknown darkness. Possibly once at a time, God sends someone to lit up a candle in our unknown darkness to make His sacred gifts known to us.

His sacred gifts are for His glory

Whereas it all seems inadequate and misty

But like a sculptor out of a mere stone,

He chisels and shapes me, gives me the beauty and maketh known.

Well, that’s the picture I would drop as a referral for my journey with candles. God’s sacred gifts which are our talents that always come in a raw form, primarily it appears to us as inadequate. We feel our talents are incompetent, we struggle for relevance and finally, as we dearth of enthusiasm, we feel bored enough to give up. In spite of, this boredom as we stay put to our talents, learn from our experience, our talents proceed to excellence. Since the gluiness of comfort doesn’t allow a man to grow, God puts the man in discomfort to chisel and shape his learning experience and builds him for excellence.

Sow a seed, water enough the plant

But all it may become extraneous

If the thorny bushes chock, making it impotent     

While speaking to a crowd, Jesus used the parable of seeds to explain why some people do not grow in the Word of God while others do grow. And one of the reasons He mentioned, using the instance of the seed that fell among the thorns, went unfruitful because of its environment, it was choked by the thorny bushes. On contrary to the picture is, what I feel being in the CandlesOnline community. It won’t be wrong to say, CandlesOnline is of my extended virtual family. In which, there is always someone out there to care and support spreading out positive vibes. In the Candles Online group, I always experienced everyone is too good and gracious enough to make you feel friendly. Refreshing a couple of my experiences, whenever I felt low and it reflected on my social media posts or in personal connection whether it is Chiradeep, Preeta, Kalpana, Rajnandini someone in some way always enquired my negative state and had comforted my soul. Going further, friends like Sreepriya, Kuljeet, Sriram, Astha, Sakhi, Sony always makes you feel friendly and alongside respectful. How can I go unmentioned about the three tiny peepers Aparna the first Bengali girl who addresses me as Dada; Payal whom I never meet physically but time to time made her presence vital through reasoning on some facts virtually; and topping all Vipra, my Choti Doctor Sahiba, always trusted and lavished her affection through enquiring about my health condition and also scolding on having late dinner. She never gives a prolonged gap to our virtual chats that had always brought smiles to my face. Putting right my experiences I would say, the best place to grow in your talent is being in a positive environment and that’s each of the Candles Online community made me felt.

God out of His infinite riches

Gifts and Grows our talents.

He gifts out of many purposes

It’s all for His glory through impacting lives.

God gifts us talents, equips us through life experiences to excel in our talents, and provides us a community to grow with positivity, God’s way of work always denotes God has a Purpose in whatever He does! And God’s purpose is we may have a personal experience in our personal relationship with Him and encourage others to have a taste of the same experience and as we continue to do so God’s name is glorified. This perspective becomes more evident as we look at our life situation through the Word of God (Bible). It reminds me of the Bible verse,

“The Word of God (Bible) is the mirror for our souls”.


“It’s a creative topic. I’m sure others will write. Not sure, how good I’ll be with this…”

“I will most definitely write for this topic…. Tomorrow night I will send… Love this topic…. BTW”

These were the two messages I received from two of my co-writers in the beginning of this week when we just started to discuss on the topic “Hobbies”.  Both of them didn’t write this week. 😉

“Why are you capturing these pictures… what’s the use of it?” Somebody commented while I was eagerly trying to take some pictures.

One of my sisters said the other day, “Yes Dada, I carry my camera wherever I go… .” And I told her that I do the same as well because that’s my passion, my hobby. 

Do you see the contrast in the statements above? Some people like photography and some don’t, for those who aren’t interested, it may look like madness ….

We are very much bored, much stressed during the weekdays and the very moment we find some time, our hearts point us to something we would love doing. Painting, singing, reading, sports, talking or just sitting alone in solitude.

Whatever it is, a hobby is something we feel good doing , that gives us pleasure, keeps us happy and engrossed.

Hobbies actually don’t require so much of our creativity, but our interest to flourish them and to satisfy us only. You don’t need motivation or someone else directing you to get into a hobby.

The web definition of hobby is – 

“A hobby is a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one’s leisure time.”

Currently, being a smart phone holder I love to capture really anything that catches my eyes. I love photography and capture amateurishly.

So today on the last day of this week I would like to share some of my amateurish photographs with little insights to each of them instead of an official “FINAL NOTE.”

1. PEACEFUL: Look at the goats… WOW! I know we can’t sleep like this but at least stay peacefully with each other…right???


2. NO WORRIES: We were on our way to a village in West Bengal and I captured these two girls, going hand in hand to their schools… They walk long everyday, alone yet without even worrying a bit. 

 No Worries

3. PATHETIC: This picture makes me feel so pathetic and ashamed. Look at her age. She should be playing with her grand children but no she didn’t have that opportunity. She is earning her bread even at this age.


4. DELIGHT: That word is really absent in today’s world… Just look at the kid and the way she smiles… She was so happy to be part of the drama. 


5. CALM: This is one of my favorite capture. When I captured this sun I didn’t close my eyes or felt difficult to look at it. If a blazing sun can be this calm at sometimes then why can’t we? Not sometimes but always calms in every situations… Difficult doing than saying though.


6. ROMANTIC: This one is my personal favorite. If I look at both the Moon and the tree I feel there are two lovers talking with each other hiding from all. 



All these unusual pictures that I have captured are very precious to me and amuse me whenever I see them. A beautiful hobby to adopt.

Keep searching what interests you and work on it. You will never be bored again.

Stay blessed!!! 


We might think hobbies are just for pastime. But sometimes these small pastimes are so helpful to keep us free from depression and loneliness. There are some world famous personalities who are very busy people yet have some unique hobbies to entertain themselves. Some of them are not even with us on this earth anymore but we can still get inspired by seeing their interests when they were on this earth.

Let’s watch this wonderful video and get inspired:


Keep visiting Candles Online… 

Stay blessed!!!



In the hours of repose 

pick a paintbrush and lay some strokes,

or delve into culinary affairs with your folks.

Practice music hardcore or do some room décor

or refuge to purple proses to soothe your heart sore.



This is a new section introduced on Candles Online. A thematic picture every week based on the week’s topic. We will invited different artists for this column of this webzine every week.  

Tonight’s artist is Debashis Murmu from Kolkata.

This is the artist’s first poster color art and which he wanted to share it …

Poster Color

This is a sketch on the topic of this week, Hobbies…

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-03 at 5.39.02 PM

Arts By: Debashis Murmu, an artist, a singer, a composer and guitarist. He has immense enthusiasm to help the down trodden in the society. He is a lover of nature and practice to keep our environment clean and safe. He is a social activist. 


“Is there something in the world that you do not like to do?” asked one my colleagues after I had listed down my hobbies in front of him.

“Sports, I don’t like sports!” I proudly answered back.

This conversation happened like 8 years ago when I was a young adult with little responsibilities in life. When I could spend 3 hours in gym because I liked it and then go for dance class for a couple of hours – again because I liked it. Later I would come back home only to write something in my diary – also because I liked it. Once in a while I would take out my painting brush and start creating something on the sketch book and would end up spending the whole weekend on it.

Now, life is different. I have a baby and old in-laws to take care of. There are tons of household chores that never ever end. By the time I reach home from work – I just want to be with my son and do nothing else. I literally have to drag myself to gym because it is quite a necessity after pregnancy. I write for Candles but that is all I write now. I haven’t touched my painting brush in almost 5 years. And sometimes, it is extremely disappointing to live a life like this. Many a times, I do feel that I wish I had a few hours extra in a day just for myself. It is monotonous, boring and lethargic as hell.

Then the other day my son who is just 1.5 years old was invited to a neighbor’s kid’s birthday party. We came back with a return gift and since my son isn’t old enough to be excited with gifts – it was just kept in one corner of the house for a day. While cleaning up the room I remembered that I never bothered to even open and see the return gift. And when I opened it – I kept staring at it for a while with a different kind of enthusiasm in me.

It was a packet of crayons and water colors. As soon as I saw that I realized that there is going to be time in near future when my son would start holding the crayons and I would have to teach him how to color that apple or that balloon. I would also do those experiments with colors that we did when we were young – blow painting, block painting, T shirt painting, nib painting, pot painting etc. I was rejuvenated at the thought of reliving my hobby again right from scratch. It would be all the more fun because I would be teaching somebody (my son) all this from scratch. I love colors and I hope my son does too.

Later same evening, I saw an advertisement from one of the dance schools that invited admissions to teach Hip Hop to 5 year old kids. Then I imagined my little one teaching me those difficult moves of hip hop that I still haven’t been able to catch up.

Of course, I have a whole new world of opportunities and hobbies to discover through my son. What he would grow up to like – I would learn with him too. Maybe he would like to play football or cricket like my husband does – I would learn that too and play with him. Maybe he would be interested in playing a musical instrument – that would be a “WOW” for me because I will get to learn with him.

So what is your reason for not looking back at your hobbies?

You will always find your hobbies in your way if you really want to be happy and creative. Your hobbies might come to you as an opportunity, discovery or something else. Be open, be aware – your hobbies are always searching for you but if you choose to shut the door to them…. well you shut the door to happiness.


After a tiring day at office, I sat down on the dining table. As I was about to start my dinner, a glance out of the sliding door left me spell bound. I immediately ran off searching for my camera, setup the tripod and started shooting. 

It’s the same full moon we get to see once in a lunar month, but yet, it was very mesmerizing. It’s not about the moon, I find myself photographing anything and everything. I would never get tired photographing a grasshopper for hours, if she agrees to pose her beautiful curves for me.

The first item that ever makes its way to the packing bag when I travel, is my love – the camera. I just cannot travel without it. 

Once I was done with shooting the moon peeping through a bunch of clouds, I came back for dinner. There were a set of eyes interestingly staring at me, I am sure he was making a note of his observations. After a while, he said , “You have a costly hobby “. I couldn’t resist from asking him –  “I wonder, what makes you think so ?”

“May be, I am wrong … Well, photography used to be a very costly hobby. In our times, we had to travel to city if we run out of films, we cannot experiment too much, there were far less second chances to make a picture better, we can never see how the capture turned out unless the prints are out. While printing, if the processing room is not dark enough, we would loose all the pictures.” 

That’s my dad; photography was his hobby too and I must accept that with all the challenges thrown at him, he did a great job. He did many experiments and his pictures are amazing, black and white pieces of art. I have a great deal to learn from him.

The conversation with my dad opened up my thoughts in a very interesting way. Advances in technology has not only brought ease to our lives giving us more time, but also is providing us alternatives and ways of pursuing our hobbies.

Lets take singing – recording and mixing up is easy, dancing – we can replay our favorite moves many times, sketching – there are tons of apps which can be used to sketch anywhere. 

I can’t just be satisfied with one single hobby, so my list is a little longer… Sometimes, I just wonder if I would ever have enough time to live through all of my hobbies 🙂

On the other hand, I also met some people who have an interest for some hobbies but keep cribbing that they aren’t able to make time for even one hobby of theirs. The universal truth is, we always find time for things we want to do.. 

Having a creative hobby is not only fun but helps us make new friends, relieves us from stress, boosts our self esteem.

If you are one such person who isn’t able to get through your hobby, may be your hobby needs a little more love. It’s all about prioritizing and figuring out ways to make your hobby a reality. Love is all it takes to make one happy, including self. 

“Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy