Every time we attend a corporate training, the trainer puts forward this question – “What is your expectation out of this training ?” – I find this question interesting because, the return may be different than what I am expecting… Is my expectation even valid ? That is exactly what the trainer is doing, trying to validate my expectation, and bring me on to the the right page for the return I can expect. 

Do you see the difference ?? Expectations vs returns – Often they don’t match, which is a well-known truth…

When you’re giving/doing something for someone,  you know they will need and enjoy, it’s because you’re essentially trying to build a relationship that could some day mean something, right? A trustworthy relationship or business opportunity or dinner or a new job?

Well, eventually all relationships need to be a two way street to be functional. But really, before that happens: you need to start with zero expectation of return.

Now, this is where it gets tougher.  A lot of people start with the first thought of “What would I get out of this ??”. Initially what ever we start, the returns would be absolutely zero.

Remember your first crush ? There was not even a glance from the person you were interested in on the first day 🙂 . Naah, but we don’t give up …

Same should be the case with what ever we take up, be it a business or work or a new acquaintance. Giving without expectation of return is the satisfaction that cannot be expressed in words, its a blessing to be able to be selfless in everything we do and not everyone has it. We can always cultivate the habit of being expectation less, but returns would follow. 

If you are not seeing any returns after a certain period of time you can be sure that, either its the wrong investment or a wrong firm/person.

What we give comes back, irrespective of whether we expect or not. Returns exist in every right investment, be patient.