Every day we have thousands of experiences, some are good and others are not so good. All these experiences affect us in some way. There is a lesson taken from each of those experience, sometimes we are aware of these lessons and sometimes we are not. And this comes as a surprise to a lot of us. Yes, it is possible that you have a lesson learnt but you are not aware of it because that lesson resides in subconscious part of your brain.

Imagine a small child who has been strictly instructed by parents to not have street food. One day he gives into the temptation and eats ice cream from one of the local vendors on the roadside. He feels guilty so he goes and tells his mom. Mother is super angry so she slaps the little boy. Boy starts crying and promises to himself that he will never be truthful to his mom. That promise lasts for years together even though the boy who has now turned into an adult has forgotten that incident.

This is an example of subconscious lesson learnt. Sometimes these lessons are good for us and other times they hamper our growth as a wise person.

Question is – how can one be aware of such subconscious lessons learnt and decisions made? The fact is that you cannot be aware of them normally. There are ways to know such decisions through counseling, hypnotherapy and other forms of therapy.

But don’t forget that you should always keep asking yourself – what is causing this behavior of mine? If you are a person who doesn’t trust people easily, then ask yourself why is it that you don’t trust people easily? There must be something deep in your subconscious that is responsible for such behavior because  nobody born with such behaviors.

Question your own personality and try to figure out the reasons behind it. If there is something about yourself that you would really want to change – then you can go for various therapy sessions to really get aware of why something is the way it is.