It is said that Paris is the city of romance and fashion capital of the world.  I agree with that.  It’s been eight years when I first visited this city just a month before my first wedding anniversary as we were supposed to celebrate our first anniversary with family in India.  I was very excited (who won’t be) after all it was my first visit to the French capital which I have been seeing only on television and the first time comes only once in life.  We boarded Thalys, the superfast train plying between Brussels and Paris and the duration of the journey was about 1 hour 15 minutes.  After reaching there and checking in our hotel room we chalked out a plan for our three days.  Prepared a bucket list, which place needs to be visited first and so on.  We decided to take the metro to reach various destinations in the city.  Talking about the metro, the very look of the stations and the metro trains looked very old which meant they were running since ages. But we had a comfortable ride, in fact taking metro is the best option.  With a guide (book) in hand, we were all set to paint the city red.

(The fashion hub – Champs Elysées)
(The Sacred Heart Basilica)
(Museum de Louvre)
(Louvre, picture from distance)
(Arc de Triomphe, which I sarcastically call India Gate of Delhi as they are similar structures.)
(Moulin Rouge)
(River Siene, picture from Eiffel Tower)
(Guillotine, the execution place)

Hope you enjoyed Paris with me… 😛


(Captured by Avinash Das)

I captured this picture on 16th May 2018 morning and this is how my day begins every day.

As I wake up every morning, the first one hour I spend with a Cup of Tea, two pieces of Britannia Marie biscuits, my e-Bible and my daily devotional “Our Daily Journey”.

Like every other normal human being, my day begins with the need for wisdom and knowledge to blot-out my confusions, the answers to my inner questions, the strengths (ability) to overcome my weaknesses and the need of a perfect roadmap for my life’s journey. Without it, going to bed happily will be ‘Twelfth of Never’. But WHERE CAN I GET IT ALL?

The Bible says,

“Lord, let the morning bring me WORD OF YOUR UNFAILING LOVE,



Spending time in meditating words written in the Scripture gives us the confidence to trust God and shape our character to be trust-worthy to all.



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(Pictures that caught my attention)


I am someone who believes everyone has two faces. One for the world to see, one only they know exists, and what the world sees may not truly be the real picture. What we hide behind our faces, is the real face. And that goes for everything under the sun; animate or inanimate.

Finding the hidden faces of things, of people, is the sole motivation behind my love for capturing pictures. I don’t call myself a photographer but just someone loves to capture what the world refuses to show or reveal.

It doesn’t matter if I have a professional DSLR or a vintage camera because it’s the curiosity to go digging deeper under the surface that triggers my love for photography. For me, capturing pictures is not about capturing memories. It is all about capturing those pristine moments when I could unveil a certain human trait or explore nature in a different light.

Guess, what I am trying to imply is that although many consider photography a hobby, for me, it is a little more than a hobby – it’s a habit. A habit to seek the ordinary from the extraordinary, the average from the fantastic, the calm from the cool, the melancholy from the mirth, and the transient from the constant.

Thanks & Regards,

Asha Seth


We had a very good week on the topic: “Selfie & Psyche“, click and check all the articles if you haven’t read them yet. But all the writers warned about the dangers involved in taking selfies with a mindless psyche. As human we have been given the best brains than all the living beings in this whole universe and thus it is necessary for us as human to be wise while capturing our selfies.

I found this video which describes few shocking incidents about selfie. Hope this will scare you enough to keep yourself safe and sound while capturing your fun picture.

Capture Safe Selfie, Stay Safe!



* 8 year-old-kid accidentally shoots himself while taking a selfie with a gun in Ghaziabad.

* A Chinese businessman tried taking a selfie with a walrus but was dragged into the pool and drowned to death by the massive- toothed creature.

* Two Russian soldiers were posing for a selfie with a live grenade that detonated unexpectedly. Only the phone with the photo survived.

* A 66-year-old Japanese tourist lost his balance and fell backwards to his death down the steps of the Taj Mahal while taking a selfie at the Royal Gate.

*Taking a selfie with friends atop a train turned lethal for a class 10th student who came in contact with an overhead electric wire and was thrown off the train.

We have come across many such ghastly cases where taking a selfie went wrong and where the fun turned fatal.

Selfie is the latest fad which has made the masses crazy selfies indeed have proved a boon for us, especially for those who love getting clicked.

No doubt clicking photos have become a cinch. We don’t need to depend on anyone anymore for photos.

Not only that selfies, can be a great stress buster. Yes! Studies have shown that clicking selfie photos have a positive effect, making people feel connected, elevate confidence, thus helping to reduce stress.

In the words of Billy Cox, “Technology should improve your life, not become your life”.

Similarly selfies should be taken safely. You are not going to win an award for clicking a selfie in the zoo, are on top of a cliff, or at the seashore. Use technology wisely. It’s good to smile at the phone, but it’s more important to be cautious while you do that.

Stay happy, stay alert!

Happy Selfie’ing’!


I have some beautiful memories but some not so awesome pictures of my first trip with my hubby after marriage. Why? Here’s the  reason. In the first couple of days only we got tired of the routine of you click my picture and then I click yours. So what was the next option? Asking the passerbys to click our pic. And the result was some were out of focus or the background was not that good etc.. the general errors made if we click in a hurry. And at one stop we hired one of those professional photographers that are present at almost all heritage or tourist spots in India. He asked us to pose in such a typical Bollywood style that we abandoned the project Midway.

Sometimes I wonder if we had the selfie stick then maybe we could have saved ourselves all that hassle. But alas selfies were not in existence then.

So I would say this latest fad is quiet interesting. We get to decide how our picture is composed, make sure our eyes are not closed and decide the most flattering angle for our face etc. And there is no limit to the number of selfies we keep taking. And guys let’s accept it we all are a little bit narcissistic deep inside. We all love the likes and comments we get on Facebook or Instagram when we post our pictures.

On the flip side what is a trend these days would have been considered bad photography some 10-15 years ago. I mean just check out the groupfies or group selfies on social media sites. All you can see is huge faces, The biggest face is of the person who clicks it. At times the group is standing way behind the camera man just so that all can be captured in the selfie. There is no concept of centering or perfect background. It’s just about how many faces can be cramped in one frame. But so what the trends keep changing. Even the clothes we wear today also were not acceptable 10-15 years ago.

Recently I saw an advertisement of some Nokia phone which takes photos from the front camera and back camera simultaneously. They call it bothie. Wow now this makes us real multi-taskers. We are posing and clicking at the same time. Don’t know the real need for this other than the fact that people are getting more and more creative to sell their products. Makes me wonder what next?

Things take an ugly turn when trends become obsession. The obsession to take a perfect selfie has driven many people to dangle from ledges, walk into traffic or fall off into rivers or get swept away by the sea. I really don’t understand why people throw away plain common sense into the dustbin and behave like crazy people. This craze for doing something different and getting maximum likes on the social media is really dangerous. When we are concentrating on the selfie we don’t realize where we are stepping. So guys take care. Exercise caution. There is  nothing more important than life itself.

Keep pouting and clicking and enjoy but remember safety comes first in whatever you do.

Smile please…





I turned my face this way, that way, pout faces, everything I tried, the more I clicked the worst I looked. When someone noticed me, I never took a selfie, it was an odd form I felt. I did not want to be put up in the list of selfie madness.But yes, there I was falling into the trap of “selfie obsession”.

Do I term it as a “self-obsession”?

No, It is not the self obsession, its like self- realization for me. I am not someone who is fond of mirrors or anything that showcases the outer beauty, but of late, the front cameras started to grab my attention. I started taking my photos, to see how I react to the cameras, how do I capture my moments, special moments that I want to cherish. Even though it was the camera click, I looked into the eye of the camera, focus my attention, trying to involve myself in the picture, and as I clicked, the picture was not only on the screen but also in my memory. Every special moment with my child, I wanted in my heart, selfie was indeed helping me to create a collage of memories.

The way I played with the different shades of colors, fillers, beautification etc. was almost thrilling me. I loved the black and white shade, the  reflection of me in it. Indeed like many others, I tried different styles, but Never it worked on me. Until unless the picture speaks of me, I never uploaded them in my social media profiles.

It might be an obsession for others, a weird madness as I term it.I still pursue it, to get rid of my camera shyness. I was from the very beginning a camera shy, always the one who spoils the group picture, hence this selfie madness revived the thought in me “I am also beautiful”, helping me to stand upright and smile in my photos. I am shy to take selfies in front of other scared of being categorized as one among those mad collections.

Yet all these thoughts vanished .. as I went on clicking my own memories.

Selfies are total madness….Memories of Madness as I would love to call it.