‘Return’ is a word that attracts everybody. Who doesn’t want a return? Sometimes I feel we humans live to get returns only.

A man invests his labor and energy at work to get a return at the end of the month so that he can rear his family.

A woman invests her time and labor at home all day to get the return in the form of appreciation and love from her family members.

Parents sacrifice everything and wait for a return when they are old and weak.

Children look up to their parents all the time for a return. They do everything possible to get something from their dad or mom.

A beggar sitting on the road invests his/her time, energy and self-respect to get a return. 

The police man spends whole day on the road catching this biker, that car and invests his power to get a return. 

A TTC in the train invests his authorities and tries to get a return. 

People try to get a Caste certificate to get some concession, some return investing all their contacts and influences, even money.

The list can be as long as I can think and write…

Expecting a return never ends for any individual till he/she leaves this earth… Some returns are duly expected and received. Some are attained through undue means and ways. It is really essential to distinguish the attitudes behind the attainment of a particular return. And follow the right one… 

The means and the ways are needed to be decided well with proper discernment because one scripture portion always scares me:

“There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.”

Be safe and keep reading…

Stay Blessed!!!