Would you please spend sometime with me?” asked silence one day. I accepted her invitation to experience her company… I am an introvert and I do talk very less, but going utterly silent is something I never tried.

Just before I went to bed, she wished me good night and whispered, “It’s gonna be a challenge honey, I wish you all luck…”

I immediately remembered what I had to do, I switched off my morning alarm 🙂 , I wanted my date with silence to be near perfect …

After I woke up in the morning, I started to wake or rather shake my sister out of sleep.. My first victim…  She was about to scream at me and I signaled her to be silent by putting my finger on my lips.

The entire day I continued to talk with people only in sign language and believe me it was so much fun. I tried to irritate people answering their questions by nodding my head in all possible directions and it was getting tougher for them to read my thoughts. I loved expressing my thoughts in innovative ways.

I went for shopping, spent some time in the garden and in no time it was evening… Evening times were devoted for badminton …  Sandeep, my badminton partner, took my bicycle keys and challenged me to ask for them in sign language. I was quite confident with the amount of practice I had since morning, but every time I started to express he shut his eyes.. After a few trials I was upset and sat down. I didn’t know what I can do, to get the keys back.

He walked back towards me and said, I missed hearing you say out the score on the court, the way you say the shot is yours. I did enjoy reading your expressions every time you tried to convey something today. It was fun, but I want you to know why I did the small game with the keys.

Your silence means a lot to the person who loves you, respects you and he/she will do their best to understand the unspoken words behind your  silence. As I have shut my eyes now, if someone shuts their heart for you, do what you just did. Give up on them“. 

That was a crazy idea of a twelve year old, a girl looking for fun, accidentally learned how good silence is and what impact it can make. I love that day even after I have moved ahead with life. 

Silence is an opportunity to hear the inner voice of not only one self but of other’s too. It is very powerful, it can make you heard. It forces people to think and understand the situation much better. The moment you notice someone reading the spaces between the notes in the song of your life is when you start to understand the bliss of life. Silence is one part and finding the right dynamics with the loud moments of life is what succeeds us in life.

Silence is pure, it is that language a new born baby uses to talk with mother, a romance that can profoundly express thousand feelings than uttering a few words, a calming morning sun wishing us a good day or an hour of meditation to discover yourself. What ever it is, silence sparsely used can work magic.

“I’ve begun to realize that you can listen to silence and learn from it. It has a quality and a dimension all its own.”

Chaim Potok, The Chosen