Numerous amount of times I thought, “How did I even make this mistake ? The facts were very evident and only a fool can make such choice. How could I not think of the obvious ? ” But I have learn’t over time that I am making a series of mistakes that are leading to the results I am seeing in life , not just one. The result is some revelations…

You can only take one step:   There are a lot of options out of which many could be apt choices, but still we can make only one choice. No matter how many opportunities are awaiting us, there is only one next step. Thinking about all the steps even before you take this one first step is not going to help us in anyway. We are not even aware where the cross roads may lead us to.

There is no right or wrong: Don’t get judgmental of your own choice. There is nothing called perfectly right or wrong, it’s only whether we can reach our goal or not. Once we start lingering around this thought of getting things right or wrong, it almost feels impossible to come out of it. The more we think, we would feel there are more righteous steps we can take. Put a full stop to those thoughts. Take the step in front of you and allow the next one to unfold naturally from that choice.

Don’t get stuck: Moving on with life is hard. Of course, saying or suggesting someone to move on is easy but its very difficult in practice. Someone said “Life is like journey on a train; people board and de-board at their respective stations, but the train continues to move ahead with the journey”. Many of us would have faced rejections, or are currently living with conditions which essentially don’t make us happy. Handle the situations and let go of people, they may be more happier with someone else. Detachment is a great lesson.

Celebrate often:  Only when I lost my best friend to cancer just before her birthday made me realize the mistake I was making. I made a card for her birthday and was waiting for that day to give it to her, but she never had the chance to even see it. I continue to give gifts, but I don’t wait for any particular day to do so. The very next moment of life is very uncertain, celebrate occasions and people often. People are the best gift life has offered us and more important than that is the time. We don’t know how much more we have. Take every opportunity to make a moment significant than waiting for a significant moment.

Express yourself:  There are a lot of feelings that we just don’t express. Apprehension or may be we think the other person is already aware or it, but it doesn’t hurt to say good things. We may not be saying “I love you” often, but saying “I want to see you smiling” or “Your happiness matters to me” is nothing less. Let people know that you care and are there for them. 

Patience is the key: We may be disliking what we currently have, but if you believe in it, life would offer you what you need when the time is right. Every piece would fall into place.

Every day of life is a gift, indulge in it and make the most you can while you can. Have an open mind and a honest heart.