Life teaches… true. It teaches in various ways. Recognizing them makes it easier for us so that we don’t reject few things that give us opportunity to learn. As I sat down to write on this subject the first question came to mind was, ‘what are the ways through which I get a scope to learn from life?’

I jotted down as soon as they came to my mind…

We learn from –

  1. The persons we meet
  2. The mistakes we make
  3. The situations we go through

Let’s discuss about the first one today and we can discuss the other two tomorrow on my final note.

Learning from life through the persons meet

The first in my list will be my former boss Mr. Samson Nag. He is one of the most soft spoken men. He speaks softly even when he is very angry. I had mentioned him in many of my articles. He used to tell me “Chiradeep when you speak think ten times because once the word goes out of the mouth will never return back. It will have either positive or negative effect on the persons interacting with you.” I try to implement on his wise suggestions. Don’t know much more still I have to fathom.

The second one will be my uncle, Khristina’s father Mr. Susanta Patra. He never says this or that is mine. He has so many things but he doesn’t mind giving it away when he sees a person in need of something.  He always says, “Never accumulate things. If you already have something then you don’t try to get another thing which will serve the same purpose and get accumulated.” I have learnt that to a certain extent and have implemented it.

The third one will be my own father, Mr. Pradip Patra. He is a humble and most simple person on earth as I haven’t met all the people on earth… Lol. He doesn’t have a crooked mind which we try to acquire to tackle the people of this age. I am still trying to figure out how to be simple.

Apart from the above three persons there are many more from which I have learnt many things in life.

My co-author Prabhjot is our Salman Khan… “Ek baar joh commitment kar diya tho mey apne apka bhi nahi suntha.” I learnt it from her. She always delivers it if she had committed to write a snippet or article. Rajnandini is not behind at all. Kalpana and Aastha are epitome of passionate writers. I have learnt the passion they have for writing.

I have learnt to do things wholeheartedly for somebody from my wife. She has so much compassion for poor and needy. If she sees an old person on the street she goes down on her knees and starts talking to him/her by offering a packet of biscuit or little money. She really goes extra-mile.

The list will never come to an end. But I will end here concluding that we need to value people and should not judge people seeing their status, age, caste and so on. Never stop learning from people whom you meet in your life time.

Stay blessed!!!