SILENCE or Being Silent is the most difficult task to accomplish. At least for me it is near to impossible. Rajnandini said, “Silence is the language of the soul.” But how can the soul speak when the mind and body speaks differently silencing the soul!!!

Yes, I mean it is really very difficult sometimes to held our tongue back.

But there are some states of being silent which are definitely needed attention and care. Let’s discuss about it.

Silence or being silent can mean so many things. Like when the Government doesn’t take any steps towards certain issue then we say, “Why the Govt. is silent about this matter!!!” So overlooking the matter or not responding to an issue can be one type of silence.

So many times we keep ourselves aloof of the matter happening around us. Sometimes we see injustice happening in front of us and we still stay silent as just an observer. That silence is kind of very dangerous to the family, to the community and to the country at large.

When we ignore or delay certain things that is impending at home or in the family or for our loved ones… then that kind of silence is fatal and should be avoided.

When a person is hurt and withdraws herself or himself from life and drowns into the silence of depression then that silence needs to be addressed. That is fatal as well.

A student who is scared to answer his teacher and stays silent, then that silence needs attention and care. The girl or boy should be nurtured with love and compassion to learn and learn for his or her future.

The parents, a mother or a girl who stay silent for the sake of their loved ones… sacrificing their lives for them. Then that silence needs to be taken care of.

When there are fights between a husband and a wife. They stop talking eventually. Closing all the doors of communication and remain silent. But that silent is dangerous as well. As it builds the wall between them. That wall of silence needs to be broken right away or as early as possible.

“Silence is Golden.” No doubt about it. But the silence in the above mentioned scenarios are not golden but deadly pestilence.

Silence is not golden when there’s people who are being trafficked, sold and bought everyday in the country.

Silence is not golden when there are women who are being mistreated at home, in the society and everywhere in the country.

Silence is not golden when the female foeticides are in increasing numbers everyday.

Silence is not golden when the beggary and poverty are on the rise.

Silence is not golden when politicians use foul means to get to the power and exploit the public.

Silence is not golden when bribing is not considered as sin. 

Silence is not golden when the relationships are getting strained day after day.

We need to understand the right time for being silent and when to raise our voice. If we can not judge it at the right time then it will be fatal for us in our life. 

Silence is Golden when we stop preaching and start implementing.

Friends! Choose the right time to be silent or raise your voice…

Stay Blessed!!!