I moved to a new team recently at work, and I must accept that I have struggled to find a friend. I never realized how important to have friends at workplace is, in my earlier teams, may be, only because I’ve always had friends. Very good friends, with whom I can be unbiased when I share my personal life or professional frustrations. They always helped me deal with everything with ease by supporting me when I needed them.

The day I moved to my new team, I really felt very lonely. As days and  months passed, I started feeling more and more effected by the fact that I don’t have anyone to talk with. Talking and being able to express our feelings is a basic need and especially professional conversations can be sensitive. It is very important to have a friend who can be trusted for the information you share and he/she is supporting in all the right means to have a happy, fulfilling day at work. I am still struggling with how I can make things better at workplace, it depends on people around us. As all other relationships, friendships are not a one sided affair, it needs two people pouring in the efforts to make the friendship work.

Friendships play a very important role in our lives, both personal and professional. Being a working professional we do spend a majority of our lifetime at our workplace. Though the main objective of being at a workplace is to work, to learn, to excel in what we love doing and to grow as an individual, having a friend at work can lead to greater satisfaction.

Friendships create a more enjoyable workplace, which promote greater engagement and individual productivity.

Professional friends can provide timely feedback to help us perform better

Work gets stressful and talking to friends who have similar responsibilities provides us with positive outlets to release frustrations and reduce workplace stress.

A friendly work environment yields creativity because we feel comfortable being there and are able to think more freely.

If we know the other person well at a personal level, it may help us be more effective and efficient considering what the other person may be going through.

Where workplace friendships can be great, we have to be very careful when sharing our personal information. Sometimes, this may lead to favoritism or negativity impacting our careers in a big way.  

Take your time, don’t be too exclusive on whom you have your everyday lunch with (your boss might be observing or co-workers may get jealous), try to keep your personal and professional lives separate and enjoy yourself!!