Have you ever dared kidding your mom?

Yes, you must have! A Mama’s child often does that, because that is the loveliest fun on earth.

When I was doing my Intermediate studies, once we had organized a “First-Aid training program”. One-day we were getting trained on how to bandage someone when his/her head is hurt accidentally. In that session few of us acted as victims and few acted as the First-aid givers, I was playing the victim role and my friend who was playing the First-aid giver’s role very nicely put bandage on my forehead. Though the training program ended, I left the bandage intact on my forehead. Before going home, I requested my friend to put red ink on the bandage, so that it may look as if I had an accident. With that bandage on my forehead I entered into my house. Within a fraction of a second, my Mom with slack-jawed, loud voice and unblinking bug-eyed look, asked me, “What happened? Why is there a stitch on your forehead?” And my reply was, ‘LOL’, never laughed that much.

As every Mom does to her such mischievous kids… so did the same with me!

It’s better not to discuss on social sites!

Jokes apart, the worried questions from my Mama at that very moment are enough to say,  ‘how much she loves me’. Isn’t it?

Someone rightly said, “Mother’s love is unlimited & never fades away…”

Several times we have hurt our Mamas through our words & actions. But does their love for us change? No… It ain’t & it won’t as well! Because it’s not the love that we have with our spouse/friend/would be/pets, it is the love that carried us over 10 months in womb, over 5 years in bosom and over innumerable days in heart.

Love is the greatest gift because every other best gift is converged at the point of LOVE!

At the point of love…. There is gift of FORGIVENESS! Which we experience everyday in our mother – child relationship. I can never forget those 3 ½ yrs of my life… when I was away from my father’s love due to my wrong deeds. But in those wilderness days my Mama’s love remained as it is! It’s not her pampering but it’s her unending Forgiveness towards me.

At the point of love… There is gift of HOPE! Which we experience everyday in our mother – child relationship. Though my life was on the wrong track, still my Mama had great HOPE that, someday I will change my life’s track. It was not just her metaphysical assumption but it was her undeniable Hope wrapped in love, which is beyond any exact definition.

At the point of love… There is JOY! Which we experience everyday in our mother – child relationship. The greatest Joy for me was on 5th Sept’ 12, when my Mama smiled because I was restored back to my father’s love as he found me on the right track of my life. It’s not the JOY I & she paid for but it’s the JOY of a Restored relationship.


Yes… there is! We can see more than the above 3 best gifts converge in One Person (JESUS) for One Relationship at One Point called “at the Cross”.

Though He is the Almighty God but still He transcended and took the form of man (Jesus), lived among us human beings, died as the ransom for our sins to set us free from the bondages of sin and resurrected from dead as God (Because death has no power over God).

His promise for you & me in the Bible is – “As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you!”

Just a belief away and an experience away!

Jesus loves you!