Ever since I was a little girl, I had a love affair with Valentine’s day and it would continue forever. I really like the entire Valentine’s month. Everything surrounding is painted red, love is all in the air, the couple romances, single dates, the roses, shining exteriors of malls, it just screams lot of happiness. I don’t miss taking a stroll  at-least to a couple of places to enjoy the decor for Valentine’s.  A lot of people eagerly wait for this time of the year,  where as others are just casual about it.

After I grew up, in my late teens, I used to encourage my parents to celebrate this day, doing something special which can be as small as having a coffee together at their favorite coffee shop. 

I am not silly, but it’s important to break the monotony of life. We love to ask, “Why do we need a designated day to celebrate love? Shouldn’t we love each other every day?” Here’s the thing, though:

We are creatures of habit. As working professionals, as homemakers, it’s so easy to get caught up in a daily routine. We wake up, make coffee, get dressed, walk outside, get on the subway, go to work. Time moves quickly, and before we know it, weeks would have blurred into months and we’re marveling at the passing of another year. We’re aware of this, of course. We are constantly acknowledging that we need to appreciate the moment, that we should try to “unplug” more often and embrace the idea of being present.

Valentine’s Day gives us an excuse to do that, regardless of our relationship status. It can be celebrated with a significant other, a friend or even by yourself. I have always loved Valentine’s Day for that reason. I wish each and every person I love this very day. I am sure would have told them that I love them many times, but I don’t shy away from saying the same on Valentine’s day and a little surprise would await them which might bring a smile. 

Life has no meaning without love and celebrating love isn’t wrong, whether it’s on Valentine’s or any other day you prefer. Romantic love is not the only form of love and we are very much aware of it. Celebrate love with all your loved one’s this Valentine’s, re-iterate once more how precious they are and what they mean to you …