I was in Love, such beautiful feeling. All girls want that, a Valentines with your Someone Special. The one where you give Roses, Cards, Teddy’s, Chocolates and what not to tell that one person how much they mean to you.

I thought what is the one thing I shall do for him that none has done till now is. You know, that urge to be memorable and unique. Now the problem with die-hard romantics is they expect a lot too. So now what I did was like ultimate as far as I saw it. I decorated his doorstep on the inside with Rangoli, I wrote an “I” with colours. Next, I made a Heart of Diyas on his centre table, and lastly a big “YOU” with white Mogra flowers on his bed(don’t get ideas, he had just 1BHK to himself! I couldn’t find another good spot). I hid his present in his cupboard, he was bound to find it when he went to change.

Now I can’t cook so spent an enormous amount to get awesome food and laid the makeshift table, all in all, I did all one can do to make things look Perfecto. Now I was waiting for him to come and be surprised. Imagined how he would just go mad. How he would tell me it was his dream day. There was the turn of the key, and I hid inside, the first thing he did was to step right into my Rangoli, I cringed in hurt, next he opened the fan, and there went all Diyas as they were all extinguished. By now I couldn’t keep quiet and screamed at him. He didn’t know what wrong he did, till he saw all the things I did and realised that it is Valentines. The next thing I did was to pull the sheets of his bed and ruin the flower arrangement. He tried to calm me down, but I could think nothing except the ruined perfection. The gift was forgotten.

I left his house without eating the dinner and cried all night. It was a ruined Valentine. He couldn’t eat it alone and kept calling me. I switched the phone off…gone was my perfect Valentines. Next morning I got up, got dressed and went out like usual. He was there at the corner of my street. I saw him and went to him. He told me “today is our Valentines”, I shouted at him “It is ruined”.

He said he deserves one chance to prove that today was Valentine’s. He took me to my favourite Chat stall, we ate till we could burst, then we went to a movie, my favourite Hero movie, and then he took me Chattarpur Mandir, we stood in long line and talked and talked and got tired, our feet ached and legs felt sore after standing in line for hours. Then we went to India Gate and ate Ice Cream, Papads, Bhel Puri and all the stuff that was being sold by vendors, he even got me Gajra(made of Mogra flowers). Next, he took me boating to the boathouse we ended the day with a cold drink we shared on our way back home in an auto rickshaw. It was the Perfect day. He did everything I loved.

Just before saying Bye, he gave me my gift back. It was a Guess Watch. I looked up at him in confusion, and he told me he finds wrist watches very uncomfortable. I smiled and kept it back in my bag. He asked me what I wanted as a gift as he bought nothing. I requested the thing I loved most, a poem written by him. Cause by now I knew that it was not needed to spend money to be happy.

I learned one imperative Life’s lessons

  1. There is no set rule to making a day Perfect
  2. I don’t need someone to spend hundreds of Rs on gifts and items to prove his or her worth
  3. I don’t need people to shower me with love and affection for me to know they love me
  4. There are 365 days of Love
  5. Just because all are doing it, it doesn’t mean I have to do it too. 

Love me for a reason, and let the reason be Love!