During our childhood days, being mischievous kids, me and my younger brother were both noted of doing mysterious works in our home.  And the greatest story from those memory lanes is on my 11th birthday evening when I ran away from my home.

Yes… it’s true! Keep reading to know the complete story.

It was 8th January 2000, on my 11th birthday early evening hours I was playing with an unripe Guava inside my parents’ bedroom. Suddenly the Guava slipped from my hand and hit my Mama’s dressing table mirror and the mirror broke into pieces. As a result my Mama scolded me and started throwing at me a bag of words. But from all those normal words one line was too heavy to digest – “Just wait, let your dad come from office. You will know who he is!” And it was a big bang on my head. My brain stopped working. I started thinking that today would be my last day on earth. I have to do something to hide myself from Dad. But nothing came to my mind except one – “Avinash, run away from home. It can spare you from your dad.” So, without delay I ran away from home. After sometime my Mama started searching for me everywhere but didn’t find me anywhere. Then with my uncle’s help she started searching for me in nearby areas – asking people, elaborating them my appearance but everyone’s answer was ‘No.’ Meanwhile my uncle stopped at a petrol pump to refuel his scooter and as Mama was standing outside the petrol pump looking at every nook and corner of the road for me, suddenly her eyes fell on me and she shouted ‘son… son… here I am’. When I saw her I started running in the opposite direction with fear and anxiety. But somehow my Mama caught me on the middle of the road and hugged me tightly with tears pouring down from her eyes, puffing with tight fist, and lips uttering a single word, ‘Beta… I love you. Don’t leave me. Your Mama is with you nothing is going to happen to you’.

Often when I am alone I visit my memory lanes and come across this story, it truly makes my heart heavy and head hung low with the love of my Mama. I feel ashamed of the mistake that I committed that evening. What could have happened to me, if Mama wouldn’t have found me and brought me back home! My story would have been so different than what it is today!

The above story portrays a beautiful message to about the current topic “Response over Reaction”. As you saw in my story there are couple of major reactions than responses. Firstly, my reaction after breaking the mirror was completely negative and wrong. Secondly, my mother seeking  me was absolutely a positive response on her part. That day my Mama could have done the same thing what now you and me are thinking “Slap on my face, twisting my ears and bringing back to home, teaching some more lessons” but she didn’t do that. She LOVED me in spite of my off-road work and CORRECTED me despite all odds.

Every day we come across different reactions and also give away some. Reactions will always be there consciously or unconsciously but the questions arise here are… ‘Does the story end there???’ ‘Does the other person’s heart feel comforted with our reactions or responses???’ ‘Do my responses in different reactions strengthen my relationship with him/her???’

‘Tell them the truth in love’ – The Bible

Truth is the Content and Love is the Approach! Never forget that…

Keep thinking!!! Keep discovering the answers!!!