My extrovert and friendly personality always worked as an instrument to earn lots of friend! I am emotionally much closer to many of my friends and contacts. They shared their lives and secrets to me and have put their trust on me. First I thank Jesus for making me a channel of blessing to them and with humble heart I thank you my beloveds’ for trusting and giving me such an important place in your life. Along with such happiness I have also some nightmares in the past few years. The Psalmist, Israeli King David (1010-970 BCE) said in the Bible, “Even my close friend, whom I trusted, he who shared my bread has lifted up his heel against me”, in the nightmares of my life, I also find such people! 

I have some fantastic friendship experiences. Some are like, Café Coffee Day Friendship (story ends with last sip); Tissue-Paper (used to throw); Social Media (just chill) but some are really GOOD BOOKS (they make you better every day). In my life there are TWO such GOOD BOOKS among many!!!

Those TWO GOOD BOOKS are my two great and loving friends. One friendship started on the first day of my primary school and another friendship started on my 25th birthday. I want to ping them in their pet names which I have given them… one is my #Party and another is my #sweetTubelight .

God has taught me many things in and through both of their friendship and the most precious thing is God used them as a tool for my recover from my brokenness. With a broken life when I was struggling to keep my foot straight, it was my #Party whose tight hug and a single line counsel strengthened my feet. He said, “Leave everything, move on & do what you’re called to do”! This of his simple counsel brought smile on my face and helped me to see the beauty of tomorrow.

C.S Lewis rightly said, “Friendship… is the instrument by which God reveals to each of us the beauties of others”. 

But here my story didn’t end!

Though I started smiling and living my new life but every day of my new life was a burdensome for me. I used to put smiley on my lips through-out the day but in the darkness of night my pillow was often wet. My past memory started eating me like slow poison everyday. Though then I was living but it was just pretense of “I’m fine of not fine” life. While going through such grisly time I met my #SweetTubeLight on my birthday. After few days of our friendship when she started reading me closely, she always counsels me with another powerful line -“Flush your past. Until you do so, you can’t smell the fragrance of your bright future”! Though it was tough for me to flush my past but it was her scolding and counseling that helped me to do that. The Bible says, “The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense”

Today both of them are miles away from me, but the time we spent, the counsels they did, the emotions we shared and the pious love we have for each other is in our hearts. Nobody can steal it, nobody can snatch it, and never will it end!

Thank you my #Party and my #SweetTubelight, I wrote this because of you both!!!

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