A spring of water in a sun-scorched land,

A pinch of salt in a dish that tastes bland,

A luminous ray in a grimy dungeon,

Thus is tender love for hearts in blanched convention.

A precious hour, a sweet smile and a kind word of understanding,

A gentle touch, a warm hug and a shoulder for all teary unburdening,

Shower heaps of invaluable valuables,

For weary dreary tempestuous fallibles.

The tangible gifts of love speak of feelings intangible –

Sapphires, rubies, emeralds or solitaires,

Castles of gold or villas manifold,

Reveal the bubbling of emotions told or untold.

But alas! Giftings such are sure superfluous,

If the heart underneath calculating and contemptuous,

With arguments contentious and words pretentious,

Serving deceit on platters for many so ingenuous.

Many a passionate kiss showing dreams of heavenly bliss,

And cozy cuddles building secure havens bereft of struggles,

Promises more than four – of a world of happiness galore,

Plummet to the ground thus unveiling the sly masquerade that was till then crowned.

Mere lovey-dovey words and philanthropic records,

Knowledgeable expeditions and ambitious renditions,

Spell emptiness in a world screaming with strife and stress

Should we still plan to simply impress?

Patient trust with doubts never unjustly thrust,

Perseverant hope lifting others from slippery slope,

Honor over dishonor and never a raging demeanor,

Unflinching faith and undying love are never empty charmers.

Brothers, sisters, friends and thinkers –

Love wholly, love truly,

Love with kindness and passionate persistence,

Love without recording each others’ raves and rants.

Love with your mind, heart and soul,

If need be, lay down your life in love and your all,

This is the truest gift that love can grant,

In your hearts this do firmly implant.

❤  ❤  ❤