“What have they given? They have so much money yet they gave such a cheap Saree to me?” She said.

He smiled and replied, “Some people have that kind of mindset… they don’t know how to give a gift.”


“Look at this shirt? If they can’t give a choice-able gift then why they give in the first place?” He was irritated.

She smiled and replied, “Don’t worry we can give this to our driver.”


“It was not needed… What will I do with this expensive Jewellery when we are struggling for paying our rent?” She asked.

“May be we can sell it off… some people don’t understand the need but just give for the sake of giving.” He replied comforting her.


If we keep overhearing the funny discussions between this husband and wife we will keep laughing holding our stomachs. So let’s leave them alone and get into a serious discussion on the ‘Gift of Love’. 😉

THREE very important factors that I found in the above conversation which makes a gift, a gift in the real sense.

  • It has a cost or value
  • It is choice-able
  • It is meeting the need

Sometimes when we decide to give something out of our stock we tamper with one of the above three factors. When we give a gift to someone which we had received earlier we don’t ‘pay the cost’ whether the receiver knows it or not. Here I want to mention an important thing. When we give something which is very precious to me that we had received earlier we do pay a cost… How? We pay it because we never wanted to give that gift to anybody else but we gift it to somebody whom we love… We wanted him/her to enjoy that precious gift. That’s how we pay a cost by giving that gift.

A gift is not always materialistic. Sometimes we gift our valuable time. When somebody is grieving we go and spend little time with her or him. We pay a cost for it, our presence is desirable or choice able for the person for whom we spend our time and the time we spend meets the need of that particular person. I have gifted my time, my presence, and my listening ears to many those whom I love unconditionally.

The other day my wife Asmita was talking to Saak over the phone and she told Saak that her husband despite of his physical inability had given her that encouragement and freedom for which she moves ahead easily in life though the troubles never ends.

There is a catch here…

If you guys have marked my Whatsapp status then you will see it reads: “Soaked with Jesus’ love”.

So the catch is, if I don’t have that love then I won’t be able to provide that to others. Let me give you an example.

Remember the time when you sprain your ankle while playing and you limp back to your home in pain. Your mother would come running to see what has happened to you. She would quickly bring some warm water in a tub with a thick towel and let you sit on the bed hanging your leg down on her thigh as she keep soaking the towel in the warm water and give the hot fomentation to soothe your pain. And when the towel get cold she would soak it in the hot water again to keep that as warm as possible to comfort you.

Unless we are soaked with that love it is difficult for us to express that love to others. To love it is necessary to be loved first. And that love motivates us to give a gift for which we pay a cost or which is valuable, it is choice able and it will definitely meet the need who receives it. We get a confirmation when we get a response like, “Oh my… it’s so beautiful and I needed it so much… How did you know my need so well?”

I don’t know how many gifts or how much time or love I have given away as gifts to my loved ones till now but I know what I received few years ago when my sin-stricken soul felt God’s love poured on me in the forms of Jesus who never judged me but made an eternal peace treaty with me. And actually that fact prompts me to love the people I stumble upon unconditionally without being judgmental.

“In this is love, not that we have loved God but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.”

Are you ready with your gifts of love? What’s your motivation? Who is your object of love? What is your gift?

Keep thinking and keep sharing…

Stay Blessed!!!