Love is in the air,

Shout out if you dare,

In the open where all glare,

And foes look out to lay a snare.

Don’t simply blow a kiss away,

Or stumble into someone’s way,

Don’t let the wind give you a sway,

Go slow – watch and pray!

It’s not a sin to be in love,

Rise up with wings of a dove,

Unwanted notions strongly shove,

Bask in the sweetness of moments thereof.

Celebration sure needn’t await a day,

But if it does, don’t say ‘Nay’,

Go out to the beach or the bay,

And in your love’s arms happily lay.

Love’s continual expressions,

Be it petty little obsessions,

Or mind-boggling confessions,

Are the roadways to long-lasting attractions.

Chocolates and roses,

With cute selfie poses,

Are not the lone clauses,

To find love’s pure embraces.

Love all the day,

Love in everyway,

Love till your hair turns grey,

Don’t to sarcasms fall an easy prey.

Be careful to never in love betray,

Your trueness always do portray,

Some life’s lessons are learned the hard way,

Still choose to persevere and not to waste away. 

As you sing your love song,

Remember those who have no one to go along,

Give them a hug and make them feel strong,

As you continue to ring love’s resounding gong.

❤ ❤ ❤