Family is our cocoon. Family gives us strength. And our friends are our life line. Our life is very colourless without friends. Both are very essential part of our life. But at times in this fast paced life we get a feeling that we are being pulled in multiple directions. And we end up giving more importance to only one aspect of our life.

Let’s take an example, on one end of the spectrum is Sukriti. She is a working professional. She has set sight on some lofty professional goals. And rest of her time goes in tending to the needs of her husband, kids and extended family. But then this leaves her no time for letting her hair down with her friends. And leads to frustrations.

And on the other end of the spectrum is Nikita and Sunil. They are a very social couple and have many friends. Almost every weekend they are out with friends or they are entertaining at home. But slowly this led to too much interference of the friends in their household matters and lead to rift between Nikita and Sunil.

And there is a third scenario, like in the case of Ruma and Ritesh. Ruma is a very outgoing kind of girl and Ritesh is an introvert. Ruma always wants to plan movie or party or picnic with her friends and wants Ritesh to accompany. Whereas Ritesh is highly uncomfortable in this kind of a group. His idea of chilling out is relaxing at home in front of the TV.

Are any of these situations familiar to you? Have you ever been in a similar situation. The resolution of this problem is a family and friend balance.  Few suggestions from my side to attain this balance:

  1. Screen your calls. Decide the time you will give to your friends. If your friends are always calling you when you are getting your little one ready for kindergarten then please tell them that you are available only in certain time slots. If they are really your friends they will surely understand. Don’t try to juggle both… You will end up messing up both.
  1. Remember all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So please take time out for that girl’s night out. Occasionally we all need to let our hair down and just chill. So please make time for spending some awesome moments with your friends away from the responsibilities and duties. It is a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
  1. Plan activities that the family can do together. Family time is very precious specially with the kids growing up. Soon they will fly away and we will have an empty nest. Family dinner tradition is usually part of all our childhood memories. Similarly we have to create beautiful memories for our children too.
  1. Husband and wife should respect each other’s nature and requirements. We are different individuals with different outlooks in life. An understanding can always be achieved by talking and doing something for our loved ones. I mean once in a while even if we don’t like outings with a friend we still go as it gives happiness to our spouse. And sometimes we just curl up on the sofa in front of the TV and spend a relaxing weekend with our better half watching movies. Don’t let outsiders have too much say in your family matters.

“Nature chooses our family and we choose our friends”. And they both hold an important place in our life. As we have been reading this whole week life is all about a happy balance between work, family and friends. So guys don’t let it tip too much on one side. And enjoy…



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