I live in a housing complex where there are 64 families living inside it and out of them I meet one or two everyday either while going to my office or coming back to home. And each time we meet we either exchange a gentle smile or few words with each other if we have little time and patience to stand for some time. But apart from occasional exchanges of words we really never tried to build a deeper relationship till now that would benefit us for our life.

So is it a useless exchange of words and smiles between us? NO, not at all…

That ‘Hi,’ ‘Hello,’ ‘How are you’ have so much value in itself that we really cannot imagine. They rejuvenate our minds from a bad mood to good or worst to little better. Somehow it makes us feel that we have people around us and we are not alone. It also makes us feel cared when sometime people ask, “Mr. So and so why do you look so disturbed today?”

These ‘Hi & Hellos’ are like potential seeds for building or establishing a strong tree of lasting relationship if they are sowed at the right way, in right proportion and watered with care time to time with the warmth of concerned heart.

These exchanges of ‘Hi’ and “Hellos” can be in persons or on a virtual platform. A perfect example is my friendship with Prabhjot (& Sulagna)… I know… I know… I have talked about her a lot on many of my articles here… But unlike Sulagna, Nilla Ma’am, Saak, Kalpana and all others the friendship with her took a very long time. All of these friends became very close to me only after we started with a simple “Hi” and “Hellos”.

I don’t remember exactly… I think probably Prabhjot commented first on one of my articles published on a writers’ community 5 years back in 2012. There was no scope for chatting on that community and asking for numbers or Facebook profile link right away was not a good manner. So our interactions were limited to the comment boxes underneath each other’s articles. We understood our values and mindsets. Then I remember that I invited her to write for Candles Booklet which I used to print those days… And finally we got our emails shared though I don’t think we were that good friends to know each other personally. It was still a ‘Hi’ & ‘Hello’ friendship… which continued for couple of years. But… since the time I launched Candles Online in July 2015 our friendship changed its gears.

So never underestimate the power of a common man… I mean Halwaii… Oops… I mean the power of “Hi & Hellos” in our daily life. Prabhjot did not understand when I said I am mentioning her in my article… Her immediate response was, “Am I your Hi & Hello friend?” with an angry emoticon.

We never used to like Hi and Hellos but they are the foundations of every relationship that exists in this world. I like the westerners in this regard because they never cross a person without saying a ‘Hi’ whether they know the person or not.

So friends, next time you see somebody crossing your path don’t forget to say a Hi or Hello with a warm and wide smile.

Stay Blessed!!!