He called up his brother at 11:30 pm. He sounded scared and was talking very silently – “Bhaiya, I am stuck at Jeny’s place. There are few people from one of the political parties who are hounding outside her house. They are swearing to kill us.”

It was 14th Feb, few years back and Pramod and Jeny were very happily celebrating Valentine’s Day with a candle light dinner at a fancy restaurant. Then they decided to go to Jeny’s place. As soon as they reached her place, they noticed some boys started following there two-wheeler. They entered the house and 15 minutes later there were loud knocks on the door. Those boys were ready with hockey sticks outside her place to beat up Pramod. Why? Because it is believed by many in this country that celebrating Valentine ’s Day is against the Indian culture and young unmarried boys and girls should never be roaming around openly celebrating their relationship. Huh!

Somehow Pramod and Jeny managed to escape the situation safely. But every year after year, there are so many cases across the country where young boys and girls are harassed to questionable limits for celebrating the V-day.

Well, I personally am quite fond of Valentine’s Day. It gives a brilliant opportunity to celebrate love and relationship by getting outside the regular routine of doing things. Why politicize it?

This is my question to all the people who believe celebrating love is against our culture – since when Love is not part of our culture? What kind of culture is this that encourages killing and harassing people who are full of showing love for each other? Yes, I understand that teenagers get too excited with Valentine’s Day culture which sometimes needs to be watched over. But that is the job of the parents – not some strangers who decide to take law in their hands in the name of Indian culture. And moreover what is the problem when full grown adults like Pramod and Jeny who are living independently are celebrating V-day? And most importantly where is it written in our constitution that only married couples are supposed to celebrate an event like Valentine’s Day?

Well, all this just makes me too sad. Whatever you do, please do not politicize something as pure as love.