I was very good in calculation. My friends used feel jealous of me because before they can hold pen and paper to do the addition or subtraction I used to come up with my answers orally. I lost that skill with the advent of calculators, computers and then smart phones.

I am a grumpy riser in the morning. When I wake up I love to be quiet and calm for sometime before rushing here and there. Previously, I used to wake up and sit outside looking at the morning as a whole blankly. That used to make me feel fresh and ardent. That good habit which I had was long lost because of my smart phone or phones… Now when I wake up, I pull out the phone underneath my pillow and look at it for sometime meaninglessly and get tired before going to the office. Yeah, the messages, the chit chats and the screen tire my brain and eyes.

I used to search for people at home or nearby to talk with or to play with or just tease them, irritate them, make them laugh. I never used to sit quietly and never allow anyone around me to succumb to any sorrow or sadness.  Now, I excuse myself for some work – Where… on my computer or phone. I am slowly loosing the ability to talk nicely or pleasantly with the people around me because I am working or busy on my smart machines and don’t want any sort of disturbances or interruptions.

Previously, when I used to hold the pen the words used to flow out easily on the paper which I used to type down on computer at one go later. I lost that exercise and type directly these days and you know what… My arms pain when I type for a long time because I spend more time on computer thinking and typing instead of just typing.

I used to cook or do some painting or read some books or study when I am free at home. I had stopped all that now. Why? Because I am busy with my computer and phones. I feel tired to explore my cooking skills. I don’t have interest in meaningless paintings. And I feel I can read books online which I don’t do when I see my friends online.

What I observed about myself is that I study less and search more. I concentrate less and collect more. I get ideas more but implement less. I think less and imagine more. I get online more and stay offline less. I get disintegrated more because I discipline myself less. I have become more enigmatic to myself and less effective for life’s purpose.

I don’t know how you feel about yourself today. I feel extremely inefficient and ineffective. Yeah, I know you can say I doing this that… blah blah blah… But I know my status very well.

Let me tell you a story. I bought a new phone last year. She bought it for me actually for her own demise… And do you know what happened to my previous phone. It was absolutely a good phone. I slammed it in anger because my wife said, “You don’t listen to me properly but always busy with your phone.” Two of these machine wives have stolen my human wife’s time.

Machines can’t rule me. I have to rule them to stay in the race.

Modernism is how effective I am in my daily lives not how efficient I am handling a machine.

Stay Blessed!


  1. In the same lines – I remember the birthday dates of many schoolmates without technological reminders. But with Facebook reminders and mobile reminders, no need to remember birthdays and anniversary dates – and if you don’t log in to Facebook or keep aside your mobile – no memory to bank on!

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    1. Absolutely… I should have spoken to you before publishing it so that I would have included this ineffectiveness as well. How do you know I became ineffective in this regard too? 😂


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