I am not a big fan of straight lines.. The skyscrapers, concrete buildings, glasses reflecting all around tire me out. Nature comprises of lines that are curvy, the sea shore, mountains, the rainbow, silver clouds they are beautiful !! Those little imperfections in us make us who we are and those are as beautiful as nature is.

It I find it very relaxing to be able to spend time in nature. I opt for treks, travelling to places on the weekends especially after a monotonous week at work. Another option is to spend time with animals and birds, they love us unconditionally. Love has no boundaries nor requires us to sacrifice a lot. Selfless love is hard to find, but if we can love others unconditionally we will experience what loving is all about !!


The first time I have ever experienced the aurora of northern lights, I had goosebumps. The flares of sun travel all the way towards us in space to create the beautiful display of greenish waves painted all over the sky. Nature has always inspired me in many ways. In times of high and low, I take help of nature to find myself. 


I have a love affair with water. I feel really special when I am near any water body, the sereneness of water teaches me how important it is to stay calm and composed. When I happen to visit beaches, I play with waves a lot, every time the waters brush away the sand underneath my feet, I learnt it is equally important to find our balance and also have fun at the same time. 

When I go for treks I observe that mother nature has it’s own way of reusing itself. Uprooted trees, broken branches, dried leaves decomposing.. Within the chaos, lies its beauty. The same applies to life. Mother nature shows us the beauty of imperfection. It utilizes its own imperfection to create wonders and life. A broken branch is not useless because it is home for many insects.

Dear Nature, 

I wonder how I have fallen for you many times, every time you managed to inspire me in the best of ways. When I was low or experiencing the height of happiness, you are the one who is with me, holding me tight, letting me be ‘me’… I love you so much for all the good you have brought to me… Please be with me forever !