A short story –

There was a happily married couple and on their 10th marriage anniversary the husband decided to gift a car to his wife. It was an expensive yellow colored Mini Cooper just like she had always dreamt of. He was excited to see her reaction on seeing the car.

Finally the day came – the day of their 10th marriage anniversary. And the husband proudly handed over the keys to the wife and she was just puzzled. She noticed the key ring and her hopes started to get high but she kept her calm till she actually saw her dream car right outside the gate. She screamed with joy, hugged and kissed her husband. Her happiness knew no bounds.

She started to use the car and one fine day while she was driving after a hectic day, she was struggling to keep her eyes open. She was so sleepy that she could hardly concentrate on the road. She stopped for a while and took a few sips of water. Just 4 kms away was her home, so she decided to continue driving and not stop for tea or something. But in no time she dozed off on the wheel and hit the car on the rear of a truck right in front of her.

She couldn’t stop weeping, people collected around the accident spot. Many people offered her help, asking her if she was ok. She did not reply to anybody. She wasn’t hurt physically but her heart broke to see the condition of her brand new Cooper. What would her husband say to this? The car wasn’t even a week old. After a few minutes, she gathered all her senses and she knew that she had to call the service center to take the car for repair. So she opened the dashboard and took out the papers – registrations papers, insurance papers and among all these she saw a red envelope.

“Dear Jane,

If you have opened this dashboard and you are looking for insurance papers or service center papers, I know that you are in trouble. I hope it is not an accident but if it is – then first of all please calm yourself down. Make sure that you are not hurt anywhere. Please ask for medical help if you need any. Also look around if anybody else is hurt apart from you.

And if the car is damaged – DO NOT WORRY about it. It is only a car which is meant to take you from one place to another safely. If the car is broken and you are safe that means the car did a good job in saving you. Do not think a bit about the expense of the car or expense of getting it repaired. Be thankful that you are safe and sound.

Now before you call up the service center or the insurance, I want you to go to the doctor. We will deal with the car damage later.

Your’s lovingly,


Jane started to cry even more but inside her heart she knew that she felt extremely relieved. That tension of “How will Dave react?” had disappeared. She realized that he was right. She hadn’t notice that her right arm was bleeding and there was pain on right side of her head. She heeded to her husband’s advice and took a cab to the doctor.

And they lived happily ever after. One of the reasons for that is Dave’s attitude.


How many husbands today would have done what Dave did? How many of us are guilty of scolding and hitting children when they unintentionally broke our phones, TV or that expensive dinner set? How many of us are always comparing the prices of their own household items with that of their friends? How many of us are more concerned about that little scratch on our car than the person who is bleeding due to the accident?

It is important that we remember

“Objects /things are supposed to be used and people are supposed to be loved” – but very often the phrase is just the other way round – we are too busy using people and loving our things.

Let us try to set this right in our own small way.