What is real?

What is unreal?

Everything is churned and become the new world around us. The world now we see is the adulterated version of the real world. 

Where are kindness, care, love, affection, and values?

Everything is now a corrupted version of life, that we are living. There is no bond, no empathy, no selfless love, and care. The whole world is centered around greed and the root cause is power or money that we all crave to attain in one or the other way. Emotions are drained and people have become like mannequins standing in the glass house watching the street filling with the colors of violence. 

Friendship is a treasured gift, I always kept close to my heart. During my childhood, if a friend of mine who, never bothered to talk to me asked for help, I used to give them my share of help as much as I could. But in return, there was not even an acknowledgment from their side. I was always taught that a help should be offered with utmost clear heart, without expecting anything in return. Hence I neglected the thought that came to my mind, as it was hurting me. The scenarios repeated, yet all I got in response was complete negligence. Everyone came to me only when it was required until then I was a trash to them, I realized that they were never worthy to be my friends. It was hard indeed to keep away and deck my face with the fake smile. Yet, with years of betrayals, I learned the fact that ” No one really cares”. True faces were totally difficult to be found in our network. Everyone just utilizes the friendship hand we offer and then go ahead to do the backbiting. 

To my surprise, there are friends who without even us expecting, come and stand with us in the realm of our problems, holding us like a single piece and never let us shatter away. These friends are the unadulterated version of Friendship, whom I treasure the most. I am abundantly blessed with such ones, whom I can rely on even in the middle of any circumstance. It is said when we share a secret with a friend, either the friend utilizes it or keeps it safe like a hidden treasure. The latter categories are hard to find and difficult to keep. 

Honesty and trustworthiness have being deteriorated in the present world. Everywhere around us, we find pestilence. The true picture is now faded away , what we see are the remains of the true world. 

Adulteration of Food is very commonly happening in our society. Companies and Manufacturers aiming to attain profit malpractice with the food products, which the common man survives on. Even if it is water, food or anything, adulteration has crossed its limits. 

Once I remember reading that the canned water that is supplied to households and other areas are brought from the contaminated water, without even being purified. It just broke my trust in everything. The thoughts clouded my mind :

” how could ever they do like that? 

If they could not drink it, how could they offer it to others? ” 

Yet that is the world around us now. Everyone aims their comfort and joy. People just show care and love in words, but in reality, they just become meaningless jargons used to win over.  

Even in this contaminated world, I always had my eyes and hopes on to find the true selfless beauty of life. It is like adulteration has clouded the world, hiding the real ones, yet the clouds do not remain in there always. 

Let us believe that there is sunshine ahead of us beyond these dark clouds and hope to be an unadulterated version in this society to at least keep the candle of hope burning.