The arguments went on and on…

There was no end to it

Ego was not letting them stop. Each wants to dominate the other. The fight went on. Finally, she was exhausted and started to cry. He was more adamant after the heated conversation, hence he never turned back. The conversation had crossed the limits, rupturing their relation. There was an intense situation building up, an unhealthy relationship with no compromises, no love, and no interest to listen to each other. 

Even after this fight, their home was not a peaceful stage. Every other day, a new problem arose, the fights and arguments went on.Finally, the kids began to feel the insecurity, their happy home was not a safe place for them to live now. 

What is the sole reason for the fight?  

It is ego. 

Why the fight became worst?

The attitude towards the problem, compelling each individual not to forgive each other. 

It is said that Forgiveness plays a vital role in a relationship. No relation is perfect, but the attitude towards the problem can be modified. Every individual has a different mind, understanding and protecting these values with a forgiveness is important. We all humans are flawed even committed to making mistakes too, but to learn to forgive them is an art. An art that is important for a happy life. 

It is said that the couples who learn to forgive more or less are comparatively living a happy life. Lack of forgiveness is likely to bring on and stir up negativity in the relation. Negative emotions are more impactful than happy moments in the life, making the relationship more vulnerable.In a study conducted by most of the institutes, the importance of forgiveness in a relation  says that if a person holds a grudge : 

Brings in unhappiness and builds up anger in the relations.
The relation lacks the purpose and the commitment
Anxiety and Depression build up.
The joyfulness in the current happiness.
Once forgiveness plays a vital role in the life, life becomes peaceful. To bring in the tendency of forgiving any mistakes, one can focus on these points :

  1. The outcome of the fight: Whether both the parties involved have any benefit out of the fight. One might win over the fight, losing the self-respect. Hence decide on the outcome of any fight.
  2. Do not involve in the blame game: Blame game is a continuous process, this never ends, hence involving in it is time waste and building a rupture in the relation. 
  3. Listen to your rightful inner voice:  Our inner voice is the more powerful in make us judge the situation. The inner voice at times sounds soothing, yet it might confuse the mind. Letting us choose the path in getting victory over the fight but not in maintaining the relationship.
  4. Damages the intimacy of a relation: When we learn to forget, the other person will never be afraid to commit mistakes. Mistakes actually work in favor of a relation, as it brings in closeness in the life. When we learn to forgive small mistakes, then slowly we are building a healthy relation, where one never needs to hide their flaws.

When we keep in mind these all fundamentals of a relation handling, we bring out the best in us to maintain a happy life. Forgiveness is a basic factor for a compassionate life.In order to resolve conflicts in a relation, forgiveness is vital. It helps to handle any relation in a rightful way. 

To conclude, let me quote Bryant H. McGill: 

There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.