As every other day, I was busy in working on my laptop. A hectic day or not so hectic day, I spend hours in front of it at times neglecting my own responsibilities. It just the thought of being working gives me the pleasure of independence. The joy of being a powerful woman in the society. But then suddenly I feel like my inner self-questioning me a lot.

  • Is the job a prime thing in my life?
  • Are my kids important to me?
  • Is family or my work on high priority?

I tend to neglect many tasks either procrastinating or completely underestimating their importance in my life.

As I was working, in my so-called busy schedule, getting interrupted was something I hated the most. I tend to work on my own time-space, and if ever I am not getting the space, then I get irritated for no reason. Most of the times I hated that nature of mine. I get irritated for no reason and shout on others. It was not doing good to me or others connected with me.

It was just my wrong perception that ‘Work’ is important than any relation. Work is needed to sustain life, not to take up life as a whole leaving no space for your family needs.

We all work harder deceiving our own mind convincing ourselves that we work harder to earn better for our family. How many of us can relate to the same scenario? We often misunderstand the basic needs of our comfort and others to bring in more wealth. We deceive ourselves trying to make believe that we are sacrificing for our beloveds’ comfort.

All along, as we keep moving ahead in our career we loose our precious time with our kids, our family who are also moving ahead in their age.We forget to prioritize the needs as a human. As a human all we need is love. Work is important, but when we work harder avoiding the needs of the family we just become the ATM for them, a money vending machine in their life. In bringing in all the world’s comfort to our loved ones, we lose the space in their life as it is filled with the fortune we bring in.

We are actually bringing up a society, who just value money more than relation. Our children just watch us working day and night earning a lot for them. We are betraying them and creating duplicate life as ours in them. The values of relations dwindle in the current society. We are more modernizing our thoughts throwing away the wonderful culture of togetherness of a family.

Happiness is not just providing all the comforts we earned to the family, but making them realize how important love, adjustments, care and other human emotions have in our life. Rather than being victimized by the bucks we earn by neglecting the family’s emotional needs, we need to prioritize our life based on the true needs.

In order to prioritize the needs, we need to understand the basic necessity for our happiness

  • Our happiness comes from our family.
  • Spending time with the family we earn the greatest wealth – Time.
  • Money is just temporary, but Family is forever.
  • Money cannot bring in love but only fake hearts closer.

Once every soul understands and relates to these facts, the world becomes less competitive. It is only the need to be powerful and stand high in the society that one is greedy about money.

In the end, you may not find the wealth beside you, but only the love you earned all the yesteryears.